Prepositions used with "travel"

"of travel" or "for travel"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 44% of cases travel of is used

I owe my love of travel to him.

It also serves to reduce the wear and tear of travel.

Easy access to highways will save alot of travel time.

A bearded Jedi and his young boy companion can choose from a variety of travel options.

These tips can be incorporated into your trip regardless of any mode of travel you use.

Other benefits include no need of travel, completed at any internet connected computer.

The good old ramen noodles cost close to nothing! You not only have to consider the costs of travel, but saving for.

Getting some sort of travel profession is a terrific way to make capital while experiencing the the joys of pursuit.

One of the key rules of travel insurance is that customers must declare all major past and ongoing health conditions.

Arrival - Thursday, January 19 We've arrived in Moshi, Tanzania after a long day of travel half way around the world.

In 25% of cases travel for is used

You can not use your found passport for travel.

They are designed for travel, not for home fill ups.

Passports are required for travel outside of Canada.

The other ticket windows are open at all other times selling tickets for travel today.

Ask for travel info/ tour enquiry Jal Mahal Sawai Pratap Singh built the Mahal in 1799 A.

Stagecoach Group and affiliated company passes are not valid for travel on megabus services.

It must be stressed that the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung does not offer any mo-netary compensation for travel expenses (e.

Universal Adaptor -- handy for travel to destinations that use a different electrical voltage than what you use at home.

For travel within KL, a combination of taxis, buses and trains provides a cheaper, safer and less stressful alternative.

Search for travel companies that can arrange your transport (reviews for many of them are available on this forum itself).

In 9% of cases travel in is used

All it has is a sink and a plug in travel oven.

The blog also reflects his enduring interest in travel writing.

Actually, it's something that is advised a lot in travel forums.

I have flown millions of miles and have endured the worst of situations in travel and it is not FAs.

These days I work in travel which is wonderful because I get to see the world and soak up inspiration.

There are those who have trained for months, paid thousands of dollars in travel, and are now stranded.

In travel, in culture -- understanding why a culture behaves a certain way does not mean you're supposed to condone it.

The Bishop of Chester, who attended the House on 97 days, claimed 27,600 in attendance allowances and 7,309 in travel expenses.

It will result in changes in travel behaviour -- more services to regional airports, more frequent short trips, new travellers.

In 7% of cases travel on is used

And trust me, I have an opinion on travel blogging.

I'd also ultimately like to become an authority on travel in the Middle East.

Look up on travel forum, read all the reviews which may help you to select the reliable one.

We spend 150m a year on travel, I think there is maybe scope to tighten up some aspects of that.

In our statistics, spending on travel is attributed to the quarter when visitors leave New Zealand rather than when they arrive.

When an employee is on travel status, an injury is nevertheless considered work-related if the travel is in the interest of the employer.

We employ local young men and women to work with us, providing them skills training and on-site accommodation, so saving on travel costs.

It has been made public that they spend nearly 70% of these donated funds on travel expenses, media, and propaganda rather than directly on the cause.

It is essential to leverage the overall corporate spend to maximize returns on travel investment, and this can only take place with a well managed travel programme.

Amita and Pranay the couple who run this organization are kind and always would fix something if it wasn? t right and offered us advice on travel and anything else.

In 4% of cases travel with is used

Resident visas are usually issued with travel conditions for two years.

Win a Sail Croatia, Split-Dubrovnik-Split tour for 2 people with Travel Talk.

Prosecutors said Omar helped with travel arrangements and supplied cash to some of the men who joine Al-Shabab.

Patients with travel insurance If you have travel insurance, the insurer's emergency support centre will assist you.

He/she finally realized that he/she was in way over his/her head, and substantially on spending, starting with travel.

The only data I have been able to track deals with travel speeds no greater than 13 km/h, due to inadequacies in the available equipment.

If this fact interests you or you will be traveling to some other part of the world, having a phone with travel apps will be of great benefit.

After booking i was horrified at some of the reviews for the frigola so i thought i would confirm with travel company which hotel i was defo in.

During and after the recession of the late 2000s, that trend has continued with travel sites like Priceline growing faster than travel-industry suppliers.

So at this point, we're discussing around when will we be traveling to Barcelona and if we will be booking our hotel online with travel deals like this site.

In 3% of cases travel to is used

An Underage Waiver Form must be filled out and authorized to travel prior to deposit.

You can pay for travel at any of our local retail agents prior to travel or at any NZ Post Shop.

This is my submission to Travel Photo Thursday, which is organized by Nancie at Budget Travelers Sandbox.

The driver will have the name and reservation number of the passenger booked to travel on his/her manifest.

For instance, if you want to see the Great Migration, this tends to travel through Kenya between June and October.

Asian and other races come here not just to travel but also to attend language school and learn English in London.

HJK fans will most definitely miss Johannes West who decided to have a year off from football to travel the world.

You should also obtain medical advice prior to travelling to ensure that all recommended vaccinations are up-to-date.

You can print a copy of your ticket if you wish to help you remember the departure time but it is not required to travel.

They will, however, definitely rue losing Johannes West who decided to have a year off from football to travel the world.

In 2% of cases travel about is used

Ask them about travel? They tell you about their kid.

And there's a lot you can write about travel fiascos.

Bob then admitted that he'd never heard Sue say anything about travel.

Clear enough? A:So what do you do? Me:I write about travel and adventure.

Since I know little about travel insurance, I decided to do a little research.

Talking about travel tourism Canada, this country is a very beautiful country.

Whether you have traveled near or far, there is much to learn about travel still.

As part of his teaching approach he maintains a blog about travel and writing, **34;8088;TOOLONG.

This has obviously nothing to do with those producing material about travel and writing and everything to do with me.

The library pretty much became my home for the next year or so; I think I must have checked out 15 books about travel every week.

In 2% of cases travel as is used

They say Google is skewing the market to help its ventures in specialized searches such as travel.

Current accounts with fees offer extra services, such as travel insurance and breakdown cover, for a relatively small fee.

If, however, they have incurred costs such as travel or visa arrangements, you may be required to repay some or all of those costs.

In 2% of cases travel by is used

Some are put together by airlines, others by travel companies.

The best site we have so far found on the Internet for accommodation in Ukraine is run by travel experts TUI.

In 2% of cases travel from is used

From travel maps to blank maps, Maps.

They have issues from travel: urinary tract infections, skin problems.

Delegates heard from travel experts and hostel owners on a wide range of subjects as well as from the most important people - the customers themselves.

Don't believe me? Let's have a look at some of the most popular advice taken from travel advisory websites, forums and some old favourites to prove my point.

A kaleidoscope of Indo-kitsch awaits, a maze of little rooms each beckoning you to linger over the curios amassed from travels within India and across Europe.

Would you have any treaties with the United States? Would you allow travel to the US? What if the US, upset you left, banned your citizens from travel into the US? 5.

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