Prepositions used with "transport"

"of transport" or "for transport"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 56% of cases transport of is used

Terms and Conditions of Transport.

An example is the hiring out of means of transport.

Relations with the Union of Transport Workers are strained.

Investment choices should be based on the effectiveness of transportation programs.

In the floods, villagers were handicapped by the lack of transportation facilities.

EFIP is in favour of the internalisation of external costs in all modes of transport.

Rwanda emerged as the least corrupt of the five EAC states, with only 20 per cent of transporters paying a bribe.

Also, depending on your mode of transport you can also get return journeys and onward transport organised for you.

Although, inbound distance is increased, more economic mode of transportation can be employed for inbound shipments.

The ministry of transport encouraged under-aged, disabled and unwanted people who are operating this okada business.

In 18% of cases transport for is used

John 's, buying up fish for transport to Europe.

Rivers were also used for transport and recreation.

Describe the vehicles you have or need for transport.

Activists say bottling water causes unnecessary use of plastics and fuel for transport.

However our special offer is now over so anyone booking from now on must pay for transport.

Trade developed them, and the increase in population increased trade and the need for transport.

West of town, a cluster of barn-sized buildings hides roaring rice-husking machines, preparing the grains for transport.

Such policies serve as enabling frameworks for transport corridors, job creation and at the same time development of cities.

Regulatory responsibility for the transport of radioactive materials moved from the Department for Transport to ONR in October 2011.

In 1969, the Irish Airport Authority, Aer Rianta, assumed control of Shannon airport as an agent of Ireland's Minister for Transport.

In 8% of cases transport in is used

Paul quoted: ' SDR for pedestrian injured in transport accident 1.

The tremendous increase in transport aggravates the intensity of air pollution.

CCNR was an active participant in Transport Canada's 1999 public comment period.

Dr Glenn Williams specialises in transport psychology at the Nottingham Trent University.

A revolution in transport and communication and the rise of Western Europe and the decline of Asia.

He is presently a Post Graduate Diploma(PGD) student in transport Management with LADOKE AKINTOLA UNIVERSITY, OYO.

I work with a lot of people in transport decision making positions, and there is a clear difference in average response.

This was driven by increases in transport equipment, other construction (eg roads and bridges ), and residential building.

Level-Of-Service (LOS) ratings, typically from A (best) to F (worst ), are widely used in transport Planning to evaluate problems and potential solutions.

In 5% of cases transport on is used

READ MORE for news on transport, parking.

It has also saved the club hindered Thousand of money on transport.

The effect on transport culture is there to see for anyone without bias.

Doubtless they're lovely people too, and with fine ideas on transport policy.

We haven't got to that point on transport yet, and I don't think the UK has either.

This reflects spending on transport, recreation, accommodation, and caf and restaurant services.

By leasing a place in the city, you can lessen the amount of time and cash you would spend on transport.

Public meeting to focus on transport The question of public transport in the Kaipara has long been debated.

The road safety declaration was also adopted at the Ministerial Conference on Transport held in November 2006.

On transport, she said that when she had been out canvassing, it was the one issue that came up again and again.

In 4% of cases transport by is used

Imported Oil Limited by Transport Shortages Mr.

Response to public comment by Transport Canada ' ' A very severe and highly unlikely accident could result in the release of a heavy dust.

IO 6263 was originally owned by an Athy fuel merchant before being beautifully restored (right) by Transport Museum member, John Wheatley.

Already recognised as a classic, in 1974 a 1946 Bedford OL which had been dry-stored for several years was purchased by Transport Museum member John Wheatley.

Energy and electricity will take up about 40% of the total followed by transport at about 25% and social infrastructure for education, health, water and sanitation and other public goods another 25%.

In 4% of cases transport with is used

It is also vastly preferable to be met with transport at Troy.

Always plan your route in advance either with Transport for London or the london.

That's particularly pleasing as we have a large rural catchment area with transport difficulties.

To see why this is appropriate, recall that because UDP is a transport protocol it really deals with transport addresses.

There was a wide variety of cities, big and small, spread and dense, and this had nothng to do with transport mode share.

The lovely stays at your house, but also your help with transport organisation and all the other things you have done for me really made it an easier time.

CUSTOMER SERVICE The Customer Service Desk is in the main concourse and can help with transport, ticket reservations, accommodation and general tourist information.

Random Older Posts About Me My main on-line activity is the Plymothian Transit Blog which covers anything and everything to do with transport in and around Plymouth.

Tan, who is also Penang Wanita MCA chief, said she then took up the matter with Transport Minister Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat to seek his help to save the temple and houses.

In 2% of cases transport as is used

Prices of meals as well as transport have increased a lot, and this is causing the patients to suffer.

Growth in agriculture also induces strong growth in other sectors of the economy, such as transport, processing, etc.

You are a little out on your shipping as you also need to include terminal handling and offloading this end as well as transport department test.

As for decarbonizing other sectors such as transport, the outlook is bleak with little substantial action other than perhaps some improved fuel efficiency.

Is Freedland such a delicate flower that he can't focus on issues such as transport and the functioning of the city? It's an election - not a bloody match bar.

With other Nokia applications such as Transport, Music, Reading and the ground breaking City Lens, from the box millions of apps, music tracks, books and games are available directly to Lumia owners.

In 2% of cases transport to is used

An Authorization to Transport (ATT) is required for all restricted firearms.

The total strength of Joint Task Force 7 amounted to some 230 ships of all shapes and sizes, from APDs of 2,100 tons full load displacement to transports of ten times that size.

In 1% of cases transport at is used

But over at Transport Blog there is an excellently link rich posting about it all, compiled by Rob Fisher.

Two youths were blind murdered on Tuesday late night, one each at Transport Nagar and Khajrana, in Indore.

Among these, he held executive positions at Transport Canada including that of Director General of Safety and Technical Service from 1989-1990 and 1992-1994.

It's not all about the bricks and mortar but rather our interaction with one another in shops and on streets, with authorities such as the police or staff at transport interchanges.

Steven Hartley at Ovum Telecoms Strategy said at the time that, while mobile capacity was being upgraded at transport and crowd hotspots, spikes in demand at peripheral sites could prove disastrous.

In 1% of cases transport including is used

Many of these were destroyed in the attack, including transport and attack helicopters.

Tariff policy, the time is more flexibility with packages and simplicity through forms where everything is included including transport.

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