Prepositions used with "transformation"

"of transformation" or "for transformation"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 63% of cases transformation of is used

Alchemy is the art of transformation.

We are winning lots of transformation deals in Europe.

The paedophilia scandals oblige us to take a journey of transformation.

So you have to pitch the level of transformation you aim for based on all kinds of factors.

There have been a number of transformations both to security measures and to aircraft themselves.

You would hear of changed lives and powerful stories of transformation because the gospel is advancing.

His economics heralded an era of transformation and his phenomenal contribution to agriculture is legendary.

But it's also about the both the immense pace of transformation and the way the basics of journalism never change.

A breast cancer warrior goddess, she used the 7 Graces as gifts to guide her through the process of transformation.

Indeed, some buildings of the 1905 days are still standing, but there has also been a wave of transformation, of building.

In 17% of cases transformation for is used

Nature is your partner, metaphor and experiential medium for transformation.

This is a time for transformation and renewal, a time for change -- celebrate with us as we party and await the future.

Furthermore, some visions for transformation are presented in a global framework, as pathways to advance from understanding to action.

In 6% of cases transformation in is used

The period for recovery of investment in transformation is 23 years.

Herrnstein and Charles Murray tell the story of a society in transformation.

Leadership in Transformation My five years in the presidency is a study in transformation.

Leadership in Transformation My five years in the presidency is a study in transformation.

In 3% of cases transformation on is used

For IT and BPO industries no need or we can say very less tax on transformation.

In 1828 Abel was shown a paper by Jacobi on transformations of elliptic integrals.

In 2% of cases transformation by is used

The relationship between the separate coordinate systems is specified by transformation matrices.

In 1% of cases transformation at is used

Mr Knight says that business is good at transformation, because when it decides to do something difficult, such as building a skyscraper in the desert, it can be ingenious.

In 1% of cases transformation from is used

The great city was merely something I created from transformation to give you a rest.

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