Prepositions used with "transfer"

"of transfer" or "for transfer"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 34% of cases transfer of is used

Non-liability of trustee paying without notice of transfer by beneficiary 28.

Franchising is covered within the broad definition of transfer of technology.

Significantly less than the number who are net beneficiaries of transfer payments.

AIDS The use of Transfer Factor therapy for AIDS has been hindered by intellectual bias.

Anything affecting the rate of transfer of energy will thus affect the measurement of time.

We've had a number of transfers to Nauru and we will progress the establishment of Manus Island.

For me, pointing out the foolishness of transfer mistakes with the benefit of hindsight is something a 10 year old can do.

Brendan Rodgers has warned Liverpool fans not to expect a great deal of transfer activity when the window reopens in January.

These improvements have been maintained over time, and show evidence of transfer and generalisation to other areas of learning.

Malaysia is in fact the only country where IFF is caused by a comparable proportion of transfer and non-transfer pricing transgressions.

In 26% of cases transfer for is used

A completed Application for Transfer form.

The charges for transferring JPMiles remain as is.

Up to $1 million may be remitted for transfer of assets into India.

Can I set up recurring and scheduled transfers? Yes, for transfers between your U.

I prefer Namecheap and they are offering a great price for transfers made today and tomorrow.

I have a question: I have applied for transfer of my PF from my previous employer in Aug 2009.

You will be able to make immediate transfers between your Bank accounts that are linked for transfer capabilities.

In this event, travellers should know that the going rate for transfers to central Arusha is between USD 50 and USD 60.

Transferring a vehicle from two names to a single name The Application for Transfer of Registration form must be signed by both people.

In 13% of cases transfer on is used

I have none frozen but bfp so hopefully it stays with me! On transfer day arrive with full bladder.

We are probably the only club to get near breaking even on transfer business so why do we need a sub.

On transfer to the second CCS provider, the child's CCS funding allocation will not increase from that originally applied e.

Fifa has form, jumping the gun on transfers before which is the problem when an official website relies on a news agency for their information.

Fifa has form, jumping the gun on transfers before which is the problem when an official website relies on a news agency for their information.

Kitts, Nevis, Montserrat, and Dominica have become ' remittance societies ' with large numbers of children and elderly dependent on transfers from abroad.

The recent financial crisis in Europe has stopped clubs there cherry-picking Brazilian players and forced the country's teams to rely less heavily on transfer fees.

The greetings card function gives you four different card types and the T-shirt function will automatically reverse your text and images for printing on transfer paper.

They sign him now and Arsenal have x million to go out and replace him with, do it at 5 minutes to midnight on transfer deadline day and we have a healthy bank balance.

So the decision on transfers shifts from the manager to the technical director -- but you've still got only got one person, or perhaps two people, making that decision.

In 9% of cases transfer in is used

From the sale of the quartet, HJK got an estimated total of 3 million in transfer fees.

HJK show foresight in transfer policy HJK's dominance has been staggering this season in the Finnish league.

We have been in Transfer Market for many players and we have already signed many of them like Cahill, Mata and Oriol Romeu last season.

What I am saying is that if Arsene does engage in transfers from within the EPL they are not going to come as cheaply as we would like.

In five seasons, Stoke have received a remarkably low figure of 8m in transfer fees, despite signing 35 players and breaking their record transfer fee six times.

In 8% of cases transfer to is used

There is no right of appeal from a decision as to transfer.

This applies only to transfer and not for receiving JPMiles.

Simply log in to your RBC Bank account and go to Transfer Funds.

He had to be diplomatic and use subtle words to transfer his message.

They seemed to have a scatter gun approach to transfers and it hasn't worked.

Fortunately, if senior management are to be believed, our approach to transfers may be.

Due to the changing nature of services, CCS providers may at times be overpaid over the course of the year due to transfers, closures etc.

Similarly, the International Crimes Tribunal bearing all characteristics of a ' trial court ' should, on principle, not be empowered to transfer cases.

I did not get any information as to transfer of this shop? Question: Did you ask anything as to this shop to Mahbub Haolader? Answer: I did not get any information about this.

In 3% of cases transfer by is used

It will help to reduce an IPv4 address block fragmentation caused by transfer.

Residents voted by transfer to join Toynbee Housing, which failed miserably and was basically disestablished and subsumed into Community Housing, which became One Housing Group.

In 2% of cases transfer as is used

Relevance is automatically assessed so some headlines not qualifying as transfer news might appear.

Of course, optional services &; activities, food &; shopping as well as transfers or other means of transport are optional, so they are not included and to be booked separately.

In 2% of cases transfer from is used

The weakened NK cell activity would benefit from Transfer factor.

This rumor keeps appearing from transfer window to another but never anything happens.

This decline has resulted from transfers of engagements (mergers) and demutualisations.

In 2% of cases transfer with is used

Lunch time, arrival in Selous with transfer to Sable Mountain Lodge, where you will check into one of their Stone Cottages (full board).

According to this definition a finance lease is? a lease with transfers substantially all the risks and rewards of ownership of an asset to the lessee?

In 1% of cases transfer after is used

There after transfer to Dambulla via Kurunegala with English speaking chauffeur guide.

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