Prepositions used with "training"

"of training" or "in training"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 39% of cases training of is used

After years of training, he was ready.

The peak of training has come and gone.

THEN, all my years of training kicked in.

Lack of training? Lack of stamina? Of heart? Prior to Round 9, AJ didn't look beaten.

The level of training and direction of the artillery was and remained relatively high.

He beat some of the top fighters in the world on a relatively brief period of training.

For example, using internal or external sources of training to raise awareness of cultural customs and courtesies.

But his lack of training took a toll on the young Martinez; he limped home huffing and puffing in the long program.

However, this period of training is considered crucial to success next summer in events such as the Tour de France.

But one of his biggest contributions, his son insists, was actually to reduce the amount of training Sebastian did.

In 19% of cases training in is used

In training i ran 20 miles in 2.

Sharing discouraged in training.

This is true in training as well.

He averages 125 miles per week in training, with a peak weekly mileage of 150 miles.

Banks is the guide dog in training that i met as part of the official matching visit.

Karl said Koufos consistently has been one of Denver's best players in training camp.

Six years ago I trained for Team In Training to do the Disney Marathon to celebrate my five year cancer remission.

I tend to go by feel during an actual race (based on how I've done in training, where I would test more regularly).

Occupational psychologists look at the performance of people at work and in training and apply psychological knowledge.

Discussion Appendicectomy continues to be the emergency counterpart of inguinal hemia repair, for surgeons in training.

In 15% of cases training for is used

Just getting ready for training.

You needed to go for training beforehand.

All this makes it useless for training purposes.

I introduced the latter at MIIS in 2011, and it is indeed a great tool for training.

People get forcibly nominated for training programmes by their bosses but fail to show up.

He also called for widening access to graduate students for training and research purposes.

They first asked for $50 a week for training camp expenses and a payment of $100 for each exhibition game, totalling $500.

All four managers with on-the-job training as opposed to formal training expressed a need for training in technical skills.

At that point, Emily Maguire went off to join the rest of the squad for training, her hair shimmering in the London sunshine.

While serving, he studied English at the Luoyang PLA College of Foreign Languages, responsible for training intelligence agents.

In 7% of cases training to is used

And even fly over as a group to training camp.

But he always came back to training, to boxing.

If she didn't assume, then she needs to go back to training.

The people of any age are very interested to training can practice to achieve their goal.

There is a high, consistent level of success with this approach to training and learning.

Thankfully, most people will respond fairly well to various approaches to training volume.

So the timeline is that you will be cleared to return to training in 4 weeks? Yeah, 4 weeks of rehab and I should be good.

This is the fourth Islamist insurgent group in recent weeks that has been linked to training children for the battlefield.

Mostly, this means that soldiers are subjected to training teams that present courses describing how deeply racist US white people.

In addition to training, we are also focused at empowering our staff to broaden their networks and keep a healthy work-life balance.

In 4% of cases training on is used

I do nt think Wenger is working hard on training.

While I can learn through books, I learn best through hands on training.

If they don't ask to go on training sessions, suggest some suitable courses.

In this heartwarming film, Angus returns to Mongolia, intent on training so that he.

The stress on training and human resource development for the Police is most welcome.

Surveys or one-on-one interviews can offer feedback on training, problems, and matchmaking.

Uncontrolled mood swings The first mental processes to be altered are those that depend on training and experience.

The company collaborates with Microsoft on training and helps install the Microsoft Enterprise Project Management system.

It offers information, advice and guidance on training, education and careers for adults who are interested in returning to education.

Some TLM hospitals in India are closed as projects focus more on training, skills development and income generation for leprosy-affected people.

In 4% of cases training with is used

Websites with training programmes to download.

So we came up with a franchise package of $25,000 with training.

Yoga For Posture Yoga exercises begin with training in erect posture.

Indeed people may get some headache and feel tired but with training you can do it.

I do one offs with trainings like Rand said and always bundle them into a project if I can.

Pumpkin Pie is the family delight! We were able to find a bike with training wheels for Praise.

It would have been the perfect time to acquire some new trophies what with training camp opening up in a couple of weeks and all.

For those that survive boot camp, actual military service runs them ragged, with training, exercises, deployments and long hours.

SERVICES AND TRAINING CENTERS: Training centers should be promoted in economy to equip the labor with training and technical skill.

Protection measures against FGM must be comprehensive and criminalisation of the practice must be complemented with training and community involvement.

In 3% of cases training at is used

If you try to ID them at training, they are very distinct.

And not just 30 seconds into his first shift at training camp.

He is brilliant at training and inspiring other people and is the best in the business.

For two months, we geared every single exercise at training towards man-to-man marking.

A distinct lack of motivation at training will soon be followed by intermittent attendance.

Jagdish Singh knows how to motivate his wards, nobody understands boxing better than More and Hooda is good at training.

Navy vessels in the Arabian Sea lobbed cruise missiles at training camps in Afghanistan, hitting their targets -- 80 minutes later.

Graham will compete for the number two wide receiver position at training camp, but he is still trying to adjust to the professional game.

I have found that once you have their reasons for being at training on a regular basis you have an opportunity to maintain a low level of attrition with students.

In 3% of cases training by is used

Placement First, followed by Training and Support The traditional approach of assessment, training and placement is reversed.

In the enticing woods of Quebec, Bill Nowell, a biologist by training, is Fairmont Kenauk ' s Manager of Recreation and Fisheries.

A maths teacher by training, he taught for some years at Richmond High School, and while still a teacher founded the Centre in 1976.

Reagan fought a proxy war with the Soviet Union by training, arming, equipping, and funding Islamist mujahidin fighters in Afghanistan.

Time to get scoring again, Fernando: Torres has a heart-to-heart with his new Chelsea boss ' If we can improve by training hard, we will.

Rao, a nuclear physicist by training, has a long-standing career of 37 years in the Indian Administrative Service, the premier civil service of India.

It must be stated at the outset that author Valliant is a prosecuting attorney by training, and he behaves exactly like one in his pitiless pursuit of the Brandens.

A cultural anthropologist by training, neuroanthropologist by passion, Greg studies sport and dance as methods for perceptual, neurological, motor and phenotypic change.

In 3% of cases training during is used

I'd learning and understand what's said during training.

The members of the group are motivated and stimulate during training.

Candidates who fail any paper will be allowed to re-sit it once during training.

There are many soldiers who have died during training, especially during the head-dunking affair.

We prepared carefully to break their defence but, in fact, our men didn't play as they did during training.

The 25-year-old has spent the past two seasons with the Leafs but has failed to assert himself during training camp.

During training, we coach new hires not to think of themselves as telemarketers, and we never refer to inside sales reps as such.

Skiing in Chile has always had allure for ski enthusiasts and is the chosen destination for many racing teams during training months.

Discouragement of sharing during training also showed a similar significant association with verbal withholding and with publishing withholding.

To fly solo during training, you have to be at least 17 years old and must have Medical Certificate issue by a HK CAD Authorized Medical Doctor.

In 3% of cases training through is used

Pippi is halfway through training to become a Pilates instructor.

That's crazy that you even have to go through training that has to do with going to the bathroom.

Transcription requires a level of skill that is achieved through training and a level of course work.

We attempt to create a career path for all of our team to progress through training and sponsorship opportunities.

To drive any vehicle on the ice you need to be put through training -- for the 4WD thats a cruise over to McMurdo and back.

ASEF provides learning opportunities for the youth of Asia and Europe through training, research, ICT, and volunteering projects.

There are many instances where underperforming teachers are returned to former levels of performance through training and support.

New entrepreneurs can be produced and existing entrepreneurs can be stimulated to greater efforts in their business through training.

Speak to accessplanit today to find out how your learning and development team could be inspiring employees to learn through training management software.

Equality/Diversity We will increase the levels of knowledge in the Department about equality and diversity through training, information and communication.

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