Prepositions used with "traffic"

"of traffic" or "in traffic"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 44% of cases traffic of is used

It will help you to generate lots of traffic.

I was very the ' kiasu ' afraid of traffic jam.

Certainly it will generate lots of traffic for you.

When I went back four years ago I noticed how much the volume of traffic had increased.

Forum Posting To generate lots of traffic to your site forum posting plays a vital role.

That was actually the biggest driver of traffic growth and declining walking and cycling.

Upon arriving at the scene, the CHP officer moved the carcass out of sight of traffic before calling Fish and Game.

This is a wonderful way to promote your site and will help you get a ton of traffic to your site in no time at all.

Using this new configuration our server can now handle a sustained level of traffic of more than 3,000,000 hits/day.

All the reports up to now have said it is only smokers that cause problems and never a mention of traffic pollution.

In 22% of cases traffic in is used

Very dangerous when in traffic.

If you have not seen a drop in traffic.

Growth in traffic helped China surpass the U.

If we had streetcars every five minutes stuck in traffic, I might have some sympathy.

She was hit at 70mph in the number 1 lane while coming to a complete stop in traffic.

DO N'T JOG OR CYCLE IN TRAFFIC You might think you're giving yourself a healthy workout by cycling to work or jogging.

In traffic, for example, you push the accelerator and the response is immediate, with no wait for the turbo to kick in.

I got car delivered back and drove less than a mile before car cut out and stopped dead in traffic whilst driving along.

They then spend the next 15 minutes stuck in traffic just 15 feet ahead of the car they so desperately had to over take.

In 7% of cases traffic for is used

The same goes for traffic in general.

The Drayton Rd is appalling for traffic.

You did this for traffic and engagement.

That would have been when I was looking for traffic alerts before going on a journey.

When you go out into the world, watch out for traffic, hold hands, and stick together.

Otherwise you'd be a milllionaire already and you wouldn't be DYING for traffic every day.

I needed to go straight through it, so I waited on the leftmost lane (outside lane) for traffic on my right to pass.

The Association chairman Dickson Mbugua stated that aspects such as the penalty set for traffic offenders should be revised.

Having the combined expertise of both lawyers and paralegals is a huge asset in building a defence for traffic ticket matters.

Google Maps was not perfect either and that is why I use Motion X GPS Drive for navigation and Sigalert for traffic conditions.

In 7% of cases traffic to is used

Route 9 was closed to traffic around 7 p.

Now apply this same scenario to traffic cameras.

This is due to Westmoreland Street being closed to traffic between 8.

I would love to give it the finger but my compensation for PTB is partly tied to traffic.

Over population in small areas has given birth to traffic jam and poverty, which destroys the people.

Like it or not, you are subject to traffic reports and crime rates much more than you are to Paul Ryan.

It began in the 1980s when the Omotesando Street in Harajuku was closed to traffic and turned into a pedestrian way.

Aircoach Journey Times Estimated journey times are provided as a guide only and may change due to traffic conditions.

The first 15 miles of the park road are open to traffic and the vehicle parked buses are available for visitors to go on.

Police media spokesman Ajith Rohana said that these buses idle or move slowly in the Kandy town which paves way to traffic congestion.

In 5% of cases traffic with is used

Trails across Canada fight with traffic on The TransCanada Highway.

It is the only area where players can drift along an open road with traffic.

Does your router constantly need resetting? Make sure it isn't overheating or clogged with traffic.

The town has become so congested with traffic, much different from the days when I attended High School.

Like many other states with traffic cameras, Maryland banned the sale and use of anti-camera technology.

Without effective rapid transit this city would grind to a halt as the road system would be completely choked with traffic.

Imagine my dismay then (and yes, out comes the soapbox again, sorry) to see the street clogged with traffic due to a motor survey.

Motorists avoided driving near the Olympic and Paralympic Route networks with traffic levels in central London reduced by around 15%.

As this picture shows the three lanes of traffic are a bus lane, an Olympic Lane and a lane with traffic going in the opposite direction.

Concrete jungles, factories spewing smoke, crowded roads crammed with traffic -- certainly, humankind have come a long way from its humble beginnings.

In 3% of cases traffic about is used

The argument about traffic is mainly a distraction.

Even if the argument were solely about traffic, it would still be wrong.

Being realistic about traffic accidents doesn't automatically equate to fear mongering.

I am talking about traffic that is flowing reasonably albeit slightly slower than most of us would like.

I should of added that I am not talking about traffic that is banked up for hundreds and hundreds of meters.

Finally, while Maps does show traffic, we never saw it give a warning about traffic along a route currently being navigated.

When I explained to them that I didn't have to worry about traffic because I live in DC, they'd look at me like I had three heads.

All the residents there were voicing the same concern about traffic but these ' suits from Bristol ' clearly did not see or were not interested in that problem.

That simply could not happen in a contemporary terrace setting next to a road; parents would be too worried about traffic to allow children aged one or two to walk outside unaccompanied.

In 3% of cases traffic as is used

Hopefully this further encourages the use of secondary metrics, such as traffic by keyword or page.

To generate the need for helmet laws the danger of cycling (inherent and from external sources such as traffic) was intentionally over-stated.

His previous senior positions have involved airport planning, operations and marketing as well as traffic and transit research, and environmental engineering.

It covers the information exchange between vehicles and roadside infrastructure equipped with wireless communication technology such as traffic lights or warning signs for road works.

Making the articles be more authoritative web property will contribute online article marketing is effective because the search engine level as well as traffic management is well developed.

In 3% of cases traffic at is used

Never stop at traffic lights there.

The bells jingled merrily, silenced only at traffic lights.

Back links should be setup to get more people to look at traffic.

I also saw poor people stealing off of trucks stopped at traffic lights.

The higher the ad's position, the more that traffic is important to them.

They also continue to not bother themselves to signal or stop at traffic lights or stop signs.

Officials of the Tanzania Bus Owners Association (TABOA) in a meetinmg with police force at Traffic police in Dar es Salaam.

Giving a damn means stopping at traffic lights, or giving way to cars on your left at a roundabout, or stopping at a zebra crossing.

I don't understand how I will get any work done, by pretty much driving back and forth, waiting in car parks and screaming at traffic.

Vehicle doors should be kept locked and bags kept out of sight to prevent opportunistic bag-snatching from vehicles stopped at traffic lights.

In 3% of cases traffic from is used

Evidence was offered from traffic accident dispute resolution (Ramseyer, 1989).

So far this year, Des Moines has taken in $1,565,631 in fines from traffic cameras.

Officials from Traffic International told The Citizen that Tanzania and Kenya are the largest exit points of illegal ivory in the continent.

So we should place bike lanes on the sides of suburban streets rather than concentrate on separating cycling from traffic by creating more bike paths.

AVOID THE KERB The chivalrous man who walks on the kerb side of the pavement to protect his companion from traffic might also be protecting her lungs.

Deaths from prescription drug overdoses in this state have skyrocketed nearly twenty-fold since the mid-1990s, and now outstrip those from traffic accidents.

In 3% of cases traffic on is used

The mini-van cost 80 Thai Baht a head, and the ride is about an hour, depending on traffic.

It's essentially spending money on traffic, and the traffic is targeted because the ad should only show with a relevant website.

There is an express bus service from Brunei (Bandar Seri Begawan) which takes about 6 hours plus depending on traffic conditions.

Google, this is pretty much of for the businesses that live-and-die based on traffic that is generated by facebook web design a big deal.

Stuart September 8, 2012 at 9:09 pm Any idiot can see that the effect on traffic on the Drayton rd will be substantial -- and it's beyond bad already.

After spending a whole lot of money on traffic, you see some conversations (if you are so lucky!) Now what they all are doing is faking the blogsphere.

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