Prepositions used with "tradition"

"of tradition" or "to tradition"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases tradition of is used

These points are mentioned in a number of traditions.

I guess that a lot of traditional music today is ego driven.

On the other hand, i hate people with this sort of tradition.

Theirs is a folk music outside of tradition, something new and really rather beautiful.

The former chief's portrait hung on the wall and a distinct smell of tradition in the air.

Quote: Was this directed at my post? Anyway, I'd say it's because it's a break of tradition.

Wright recognised the value of tradition; however the weight of his emphasis was clearly on social modernisation.

Eisenhower's am- bition was to run the White House in the best interests of tradition, dignity, and good housekeeping.

In 19% of cases tradition to is used

According to tradition, on different guest (i.

Some turned to tradition as a n eternal consoling category.

According to tradition, a woman does not ask her husband for talks.

This allowed him to be an independent voice in the church that prizes conformity to tradition.

According to tradition, the body of Jesus was laid on this stone after removed from the cross.

If things go according to tradition, Xi and Li would be expected to be in office for 10 years.

According to tradition, one may practice the Eight Precepts on the Full Moon, New Moon and two Quarter-moon days.

But Shirkuh, according to tradition, killed the commander of the castle guard who had insulted the honor of a woman.

He liked portraits of himself facing to the left, even though, according to tradition, he should have faced to the right.

It symbolises the responsibility they have to new life, their duty to set young people on the right pathway to tradition and wisdom.

In 10% of cases tradition in is used

So along with that comes a clash of cultures and a change in tradition.

In tradition, it has been narrated that one should not name the child Y? s? n,.

In tradition with most Italian destinations, there is also tons of culture to experience in Cortina.

For many families who aren't steeped in tradition, choosing the type of funeral is not an easy process.

The modern period is the age of reason, not of faith? faith in tradition, in the past, in epics, in authority, in parents, even in oneself.

Find flights to Bergen Parma from 30 Famous for its traditional food industries, Parma's cobbled streets and piazza's reflect a proud history steeped in tradition.

The Pakistan Army today has many old Regiments which are very rich in tradition and history as for instance this year the elite PIFFERS mark the 150th anniversary since their formation.

An exclusive Daily Telegraph survey of hundreds of single Australians proves that, while society is on the move, our hopes and values surrounding relationships remain planted firmly in tradition.

In 9% of cases tradition with is used

My father broke with tradition by not becoming a miner -- he became a headteacher in the West Midlands.

In keeping with tradition, the new portrait continues to show the Queen in profile facing to the right.

At the same time, I accept that there are some things linked with tradition that must be followed through on.

We can not, however, reconcile facts and history with tradition as regards the disposal of those estates by the family of Williams.

The Masters Golf is the most sacred event with tradition, presents all of the greatest golfers in the game of a miraculous spring setting, the absolutely stunning.

Breaking with tradition, new Clio will be available solely in five-door guise, but with a coup-like silhouette incorporating hidden rear door handles and a sportier profile.

Likewise dissatisfying is the middle-ground position of trying to pick out in each case as soon as possible the answers from modern exegesis which are more in keeping with tradition.

It seems more that the system suits Arab men, at the expense of women - it's selfishness, mixed in with tradition and self-delusion, and the continuing power to maintain the situation as it is.

In 8% of cases tradition by is used

By tradition, new moms aren't supposed to leave their home for a month.

The ceremonial clothes sometimes worn by ministers, are just like a uniform, by tradition.

Mindfulness of breathing 14 was, by tradition, the subject used by Gotama in his efforts to attain Enlightenment.

The people whom by tradition we think are enlightened, are people who have become more myths than real human beings.

Having three cultures; Canadian, Irish and First Nations to draw upon has made me a better writer with unique perspectives bound together by tradition and family.

These survivals were manifested specifically in the division into tribes which honour common ancestors and were united by traditions of mutual assistance and joint ownership of pastures.

In 5% of cases tradition from is used

They use styles and rhythms from traditions that already exist elsewhere.

In 4% of cases tradition for is used

For tradition they had one musician and three backers.

In 2% of cases tradition about is used

The chuckwagon races are also about tradition, guess hundreds of years ago, this is what cowboys did for sport.

In 2% of cases tradition between is used

The subsequent battles that raged between tradition and modernity in the art schools and art journals broadened as the reality of war became imminent.

He saw in these Third World countries a clash between tradition and modernity, and he hoped, with the best intention in the world, that the forces of modernity would win out.

In 2% of cases tradition on is used

Spanish bullfighting is based on tradition, a long-held tradition that nobody has to support or enjoy just because you are in Spain.

He spent some time assisting an American researcher studying baboons in the crater, and now he is Rian ' s advisor on traditions and practices here.

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