Prepositions used with "trade"

"of trade", "for trade" or "in trade"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 51% of cases trade of is used

That's the -- in terms of trade.

Agreements in restraint of trade 54.

The State credited of trade and industry.

A collapse of trade would severely damage the lifestyles of people living in the country.

Founded in 1845, the Toronto Board of Trade is Canada's largest local chamber of commerce.

The event was a collaboration between Imagine Arts Festival and the Council of Trade Unions.

A common rule of trade was that individual merchants had to live above the compartment they had hired for their cargo.

The BATEXPO has been playing an important role in the promotion of trade of local RMG and textile products since 1989.

From this time Zanzibar became the epicentre of trade in Azania, especially with the rise of power of the Omani Arabs.

In the years following 1988 three distinct waves of trade agreements were being enacted in Central and Eastern Europe.

In 12% of cases trade for is used

But silver or gold will always be accepted by someone for trade.

Guru/ disciple sowed the seed for trade union movement in Kerala.

Once you have logged in you will be taken to your IPONZ INBOX for trade marks and designs.

Trademarks: India's trademark legislation provides protection for trademarks and service marks.

The relaxation of trade rules should reduce -- but not eliminate -- the need for trade ballast.

This in turn made it desirable for trade and commerce, celebrated for its inhabitants, treasures of silver and gold.

Stop settling on land you do not own in the West Bank, and allow Gaza proper access to the ocean for trade and import.

You have to make a lot of tools to get good at it, which implies both a division of labor, and a wide cachment for trade.

Some ships would be assigned to fish in one place and, later in the same season, to another for trade with Native groups.

In 11% of cases trade in is used

It's like being in Trade or something.

Frenchmen and Lebanese also engaged in trade.

The stock in trade was bought on behalf of Mr.

Gradual strengthening of other currencies and more diversification in trade baskets and.

Many online companies allow you to call or fax in trades if you can not get to the Internet.

MikeH: This article is O'Neill and Spiked (formerly Living Marxism) magazine's stock in trade.

One thing that isn't clear to me is the nature of favours owed, specifically what mortal mages are offering in trade.

Therefore floating charges are usually used to cover such assets as stock in trade or the bank accounts of the company.

Jobs are often advertised in trade journals; often they also include specialist recruitment agencies that work in this field.

Tibaijuka has been responsible for strengthening the capacity of LDCs in trade negotiations with the World Trade Organisation.

In 8% of cases trade on is used

Much of the China-bashing this campaign has focused on trade.

With his long experience on trade and employment related issues, Mr.

Hawke's Bay employment vacancies advertised on Trade Me increased 25.

If a Govt decided to put on trade embagos or duties then other countries will follow suit.

On trade, we need the rules-based system of the World Trade Organisation to work in our favour.

Car can only be moved on trade plates so you'll need to pay to borrow or pay someone to move it.

ECOWAS and UEMOA have developed a common plan of action on trade liberalization and macroeconomic policy convergence.

Earlier this year, over 40 African heads of state and ministers travelled to energy-hungry China for the summit that focused mainly on trade and investment.

It is also crucial that this debate is conducted within the framework of the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS: see < http: **34;6466;TOOLONG >; c.

The project will be implemented by the UN Cluster on Trade (currently ILO, ITC, UNCTAD and UNIDO) and for a smaller segment by the national counterpart in the country.

In 5% of cases trade by is used

Munday is a diesel mechanic by trade.

I am a social worker by trade and make candles on the side.

The Jewish tribes of Banu Qainuqa were goldsmiths by trade.

I'd a jeweller by trade, and in school we were givin a course on pricing our work for sale.

Here can be found the tale of Mallen and Tomas Cael, Men of Kalborea and metalsmiths by trade.

Rating: 9 Rafinha (24/1/1 ): The Brazilian is a winger by trade but played at right-back for HJK.

James Moeller of Vancouver, who is a drug-abuse counselor by trade, noticed a strange thing happening in his practice.

A lot of estates are used by tradesmen too since they are huge, handle well, look tidy and, with a diesel engine, last for years.

The result of this is a squandering of the vitality of the soil, which is carried by trade far beyond the bounds of a single country.

Is there an infographic that SEO's can provide to clients? Hi everyone, I am not a professional site designer or SEO expert by trade.

In 4% of cases trade from is used

Also 6 month? s computer course from Trade Testing Board.

It is possible to achieve the same benefit from trade without beggaring other countries.

To be successful and profit from trade, one has to be cognisant of the interests of others.

They are due to pay 35,012,000 to creditors and are owed back 83,693,000 from trade debtors.

What makes trade in GMOs different from trade in other commodities is the biosafety dimension.

Workers in Limerick would enormously benefit from trade unionists as committed as Arthur Scargill.

Adam Smith was able to show that it was not necessary to have a trade surplus to benefit from trade.

The mercantilest were wrong when they insisted that a trade surplus was necessary to benefit from trade.

Israr Nawab says: 3 / 5 Sir I have completed a Diploma in Information Technology from Trade Testing Board Peshawar.

Dompok said he has received complaints from trade bodies on impact of export duty cut in Indonesia on Malaysia's trade.

In 4% of cases trade to is used

Did you ever go to Trade? Yeah I went there a lot.

Learn how to trade price action today with my easy to understand,.

But as long as the country is subject to trade shocks, the companies that borrow are vulnerable.

Placing a stop order will put an end to trades once the amount invested falls below a set amount.

In 2006, seaborne trade reached over 30 trillion 2 ton-miles (an increase of 49% compared to trade in 1996).

By 1919, a law was passed which sought to give legal status to trade unions, but that alone could not stem the tide of mounting difficulty.

With the community that we are building up on How To Trade Binary Options Profitably, this gives us collectively quite a strong unified front if we.

The CBD contributes about 25% of the metro's total gross domestic product, which, according to trade promotion agency Wesgro, was R179-billion in 2010.

About the Author Daniel Martinelli - I'd a 28 year old full time Forex, Futures and Bond trader and made this website to teach people a better way to trade.

In 3% of cases trade with is used

One to normalise, open up relationships with trade on one side and then start a dialogue on Kashmir.

With trade, energy and enhanced cultural/education exchanges, Pakistan-Russia relations have a full potential to develop.

The building began slowly and subconsciously, first with trade with former British trading partners, and European nation's part of the Marshal plan.

With trade and current account deficits ballooning to multi-year highs, the rupee is under enormous strain having plunged to record lows for days together.

Cab Direct rip you off with trade - in value by giving you thousands less than they resell your car for and are only interested in you as a potential buyer.

Along with trade and investment ties, until relatively recently NZ had also been a military partner of the Suharto regime, training personnel and selling equipment.

HOLD Not a great night for Swan Adam Goodes ($427,900) and his SuperCoach form is a little concern, but with trades at a premium right now, it's probably worth holding tight and backing him.

With trade volumes expected to recover somewhat in 2013, it is no surprise that increasing numbers of reports out of China say that the markets should expect further widening of the currency band.

In 2% of cases trade through is used

The said they had more furs than they can carry through trade with others.

Instead, Bergevin will have to creatively find his man, most likely through trade.

The coattails of China's ascent has lifted the rest of the region through trade and aid.

Yes, you CAN acquire talent through trades or through free agency, however you can also acquire talent through the draft.

There are a lot of issues with the team and unfortunately you can't fix all of them in an off-season even through trade or FA.

An individual who attempts to be self-sufficient loses all the benefits that have come through trade and the division of labour.

For example, with the wine produced, Portugal can buy more cloth through trade than if it used its resources to produce the cloth.

According to historians, all transactions conducted between these ancient communities made through trade of food, tools and crafts.

Regardless, Atlanta is likely to add a couple of impact pieces to the lineup this offseason, whether through trades or free agency.

They will act, and when they do, whether by imposing a tax on remittance or through trade embargoes, the effect will severely impact the law-abiding majority.

In 1% of cases trade as is used

Also on display is the earliest form of trading system, known as trade by barter, which is the exchange of goods such as yam, cocoyam, metal and textile.

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