Prepositions used with "tourist"

"of tourist" or "for tourist"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 39% of cases tourist of is used

Fairly busy with lots of tourists.

It does attract a number of tourists.

In this area you will see a lot of tourists.

All arrangements are done as per the convenience of tourists of all parts of the world.

Also, In the absence of tourists it will be more easy for poachers to trespass and hunt.

The historic district draws crowds of tourists to Fredericksburg during the summer months.

Fraser Island, Australia is visited by a lot of tourists annually, with the number ranging from 350,000 to 500,000.

Similarly one of the favorite destinations of tourists when visiting Asia are the beaches at Malaysia and Thailand.

Fraser Island, Australia is visited by a lot of tourists annually, with the number ranging from 350,000 to 500,000.

Similarly one of the favorite destinations of tourists when visiting Asia are the beaches at Malaysia and Thailand.

In 24% of cases tourist for is used

This place has been set up for tourists.

Nepal Could be main destionation for tourist.

The US is now Tanzania's #1 source for tourists.

It's a popular destination for tourists and locals, as we found out one sunny Sunday.

Also, it may seem peculiar for tourists to notice the Latin flair in Filipino culture.

HOTEL The Capannelle is a business hotel however they do cater quite well for tourists.

KWPC aspire to infuse some spiritual aspects while providing a landmark for tourists, local and abroad, to visit.

Credit Cards: For tourist services the most widely accepted credit cards are Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Strategists must, however, focus on the positive achievements and attractive aspects for tourists and foreign investors.

In 10% of cases tourist with is used

It is always crowded with tourists.

It is very popular with tourists and locals.

But crawling with tourists they are (see above).

Otherwise you may have to face trains crowded with tourists later in the afternoon.

Pub street is a very short street at down town Siem Reap that is alive with tourists at night.

This is partly due to the fact that these ' lovers ' make a living out of affairs with tourists.

It's released a clever video with tourists and New Yorkers in Times Square struggling to pronounce the company's name.

With tourists increasingly looking out for new thrills, ballooning is taking off? literally? in different parts of the country.

Stanley The coastal village on the south side of Hong Kong Island is a popular weekend location with tourists as well as locals.

The group fanned out in the city, attacking targets including two luxury hotels, a bar popular with tourists, and a Jewish centre.

In 9% of cases tourist to is used

Wasting not time we went straight to Tourist Information.

Therefore, they could not give the right advices to tourists.

Do not expect every beach to be tailored to tourist expectations.

The state of Sabah has plenty to offer to tourists and holidaymakers.

This view would be a major attraction to tourists and a shame to waste.

Shakatak is a place where local girls make a killing, selling sex to tourists.

In order to profit from his success, Lussier began selling off pieces of his rubber ball to tourists.

Q: When you drive around the towns that cater to tourists you see the same type of painting everywhere.

To earn money, she dives deep into the reefs to take underwater pictures of fishes and sell the pictures to tourists.

A humorous story about a young boy Mustafa whose father is teaching him to help sell beautiful Moraccan carpets to tourists.

In 5% of cases tourist by is used

Kizimkazi is most visited by tourists for its dolphin tours.

Yet they are not usually recognized as part of the local community nor seen by tourists.

And some of the verses had been written by tourists while standing and some from the seated position.

And perhaps the ones most often seen by tourists outside the Central Police station on Arsenal Street.

It's rather good and not made up by tourist offices (or people that love the tourist office and want to marry it either).

Situated at an ancient crossroads where the Esker Way and the Shannon intersect, Clonmacnoise is not overrun by tourists.

Making me promise I wouldn't tell others about him, (lest his privacy be shattered by tourists ), he told me how to contact him.

But due to rugged terrains, it has been isolated from the rest of the province and can only be reached by tourists via a ferry boat.

The ballooning hotspot, not surprisingly, is Rajasthan, the state that? s overrun by tourists who head there for its rich historical legacies.

Although their way of living may not be understood by tourists, on the surface there seems to be a fierce sense of loyalty and pride toward the government.

In 5% of cases tourist in is used

Similarly do not barge into the homes of locals in tourist sites, respect their privacy.

They are a great way of bringing in tourists and providing economic value to the country.

These restrictions led to a significant slowdown in tourist arrivals and reduced the pace of economic growth.

In Tourist Trap - Build the Nation's Greatest Vacations, you become the mayor of a small Middle American town.

Where should I exchange my money? Moneychangers can be found in Colombo and the major cities, as well as in tourist centers.

Now, however, the sharp decline in tourist numbers - down to 200,000 in 2007 from almost 600,000 before the millennium - has been arrested.

In tourist areas, the department spends most of its energies on VIP tourism but the forest department has to keep away from the horrors of such tourism.

The bauxite/alumina sector was most affected by the global downturn while the tourism industry was resilient, experiencing an increase of 4% in tourist arrivals.

CURRENCY AND EXCHANGE MONEY EXCHANGE: Money and travelers cheques of all major currencies can be exchanged at hotels, banks, and licensed money changer in tourist areas.

In 3% of cases tourist from is used

I can meet any requests from tourists.

I deal with it all year round from tourist.

As you join in and learn, you will turn from tourist to friend.

Personally, I think Starbucks would do well in Italy -- even if its only from tourist business.

They also got revenue from tourists from other jurisdictions which hyper inflated debt / credit / deposits.

The ONLY way to protect the tiger and the entire pyramid of the wild ecology is to let local people make a profit from tourist monay.

In Stone Town the entrepreneurial poor of this Eastern African archipelago congregate in the hope of reaping financial gains, especially from tourists.

After having tried &; tested buses, we do not find them tough enough for our itineraries on the African roads (this aspect is very true during rains and on routes away from tourist traps).

In 2% of cases tourist as is used

He said the event serves as an athletics promotion as well as tourist attraction.

This is where we as tourists can help change the world one person at a time -- each time we travel, we can ask someone how you can help the local community.

To enter Japan how much time does it take upon signing the contract? It takes 30 days if you are entering as tourist, and within 80 days to change to 1 year visa after entering Japan.

In 2% of cases tourist at is used

The economic impact of these single use casino destinations is considerably different than at tourist oriented destination resort casinos.

RoofNRide also offers packages where the flights are arranged by Sky Waltz and Wanderlust at tourist hotspots like Ranthambhore, Pushkar, Neemrana and Pench.

However, in the last few years Egypt and its capital have seen a number of terrorist attacks aimed at tourist areas and no one can predict whether these will increase.

In 2% of cases tourist on is used

You can find good up-to-date information on tourist services virtually everywhere once you're in the state.

The blues came rolling and tumbling out of almost every open doorway, casting its spell on tourists like Ben Harrison from Rome, Ga.

Sri Lanka also has its fair share of touts who prey on tourists, offering services that might appear voluntary and asking for tips afterwards.

However, although there is a high correlation between casinos and tourism in these? resort? destinations, not all casinos rely on tourists, or cause expansion of tourism markets.

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