Prepositions used with "topic"

"of topic", "on topic" or "off topic"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 31% of cases topic of is used

The breadth of topics, ideas and.

His work spanned a wide array of topics.

This is best number of topics to start with.

Greater importance of topics is correlated with higher OPQOL scores in the health (rho = 0.

With your handful of topics in mind, set a timer, open your browser and just start writing.

I apologize for getting too wordy and out of topic in my last response so I rewrote it below.

Courses of lectures and seminars are offered on a very large range of topics, for both undergraduates and graduates.

The Reddit community is one of the most active on the internet, allowing you communicate on a vast number of topics.

Lee continues to regularly air his views on all manner of topics in Singapore, including race, religion and politics.

The topics covered will generally follow a classification of topics close to those covered in an algorithms course (e.

In 27% of cases topic on is used

On topic, this girl sounds like trouble.

Not really on topic, but the author's full of it.

Anyway, back on topic and having kids = more responsibilities.

However, all comments &; trackbacks on topic will be accepted, apologies for any delays.

Lots of fallacies in that assertion but in the interest of staying on topic I will resist.

On topic: I really like racial bonuses, but I understand why Bioware would not want them in the game.

Quote: Originally Posted by Truthowl The guy went out of his way to be polite and try to keep the discussion on topic.

During practices and rehearsals, English teachers taught them vocabulary and gave essays on topics related to the play.

I hope you continue to write on topics like building good relationship with the in-laws and living a life with fear of Allah.

In 21% of cases topic off is used

That's getting off topic really.

Oh I'd sorry I'd getting off topic.

Maybe they felt they were off topic.

By they way, forgive Damecia &; myself! We sometimes get waaaaaaaaaaaaay off topic here.

I'd not here to drive threads off topic, and I realize it probably comes across differently.

This comment is off topic but the persistent claims from Leif re the GSN need to be addressed.

He was trying to help the original poster by sharing his experience and he was straying off topic by asking new questions.

Feeding discus mainly a meaty diet is also a mistake made with the intend to maximal growth but that would bring us off topic.

Comments I'd not a scientist so forgive me if I'd off topic There is a lay explanation of the physics underlying climate alarmism.

Off topic: I rung Dabs, who the order was through to try and get a refund on the extra delivery charge I paid for next day delivery.

In 4% of cases topic about is used

Even better, I now write about topics that inspired me.

One of the biggest problems I've discovered is that sleep is such an overly-talked about topic.

It also refuses to get unduly sensationalistic about topics that seem to demand sensationalism.

Envisage a blog as your online business diary that helps you reach out to consumers by talking about topics of interest.

Hit on a topic they want to talk about Shyness makes it harder to think of things to say, but most people have an easy time talking about topics they're interested in.

I am especially impressed with the way HOW TO TALK TO ANYONE ABOUT ANYTHING encourages us to converse smoothly about topics we really love, sharing our enthusiasm with others.

Posted by: Charlie on December 10, 2009 1:29 AM Yes, back to the toilet thing (which seems to be rivaling chips and mayonnaise for the most talked about topic here) Think about it logically.

In 4% of cases topic to is used

Although not entirely related to topic.

You can not reply to topics in this forum.

Back to topic: There are OVER 1000 BILLIONAIRES in this planet from everywhere.

I am not an authority when it comes to topics like government financial regulations, policies etc.

In the past, the focus of syllabuses has shifted from structure to situations, functions and notions to topics and tasks.

She continues to add value to topics even 14 pages in, and we found her thread on game restrictions particularly intriguing.

Then we put out a call for ex-vegetarians through Internet sites devoted to topics like health, nutrition, and the treatment of animals.

The nurses were exposed to topics such as infection control, medical ethics, trauma of change, traumatic brain injury, among other topics.

The second method for accessing information on the WWW is simply to link from topic to topic by clicking on words and phrases until the information needed is found.

In 4% of cases topic with is used

Harleena -- I always wonder how you come up with topics for your posts.

Meanwhile he came up with topic of Islamic scholars who fool his audience to convert ignorant mass into Islam.

These sites deal with topics similar to that of your own site and may be willing to publish information about your project.

Once you have their interest, involve reading by recommending books with topics similar to the ones about which they wrote.

After a rigorous week of training, with topics covering small business and health, members created their own business plans for their enterprises.

We discovered that whenever we get together, we talk about nothing with topics raging from rants, deals, sports, the Internet links we send each other, and more nothings.

In chats / forums / message boards /discussion boards with topics related to your products, you can easily find people who may be interested with the products you are promoting.

It is based on the idea that pages should be ranked not by their global link citations, but by how they are cited among pages that deal with topics related to the particular query.

With topics like learning the alphabet, word families, spelling, comprehension and vocabulary, the series focuses on the adventures of four friends who transform into reading-powered superheroes.

In 3% of cases topic by is used

Links to these resources were grouped by topic.

LocalScore is the rating of a page among the set of pages that are related by topic.

It is both aggregation by topic and curation by the people in the network who care about something.

Wouldn't the clinic guide idea make more sense? Entries by topic rather than by date, and all that? Every time you want to consult your past wisdom you'll have to hunt for the right entry.

But if I had my preference, I'd write up an article like this, and it'd seamlessly glide into a clean, simple stream of my writing, organized by topic and sorted with the newest stuff on top.

In 2% of cases topic for is used

When writing a paper, use the text to get ideas for topics.

Local networks and tech groups can help with advertising, cheap venues, ideas for topics.

In total he won the Grand Prize of the Paris Academy 10 times, for topics in astronomy and nautical topics.

However for guys to do the same, it takes a little bit of effort in looking out for topics and talking sense on them.

I too search net for topics, but rarely save ebooks, as soon as I find a worthy point from net I just note it down in my notes.

It's great way to encourage interesting discussions and gives ideas for topics students can research themselves to present to the class.

In 2% of cases topic in is used

They ranged in topic from LGBT to Snow Sports, Athletics to Biology.

Participants received structured training in topics delivered via PowerPoint presentations.

For the fact is that, Pathways to Bliss is rich in topics, concepts, and philosophies that are relatively new to me.

Hi, like in topic - which producers is better? I don't want do any upgrades in my gun, and very important for me is reliability.

If you join our community, you'll be able to use many member-only features such as posting in topics, customizing your profile, sending personal messages and voting in polls.

In 1% of cases topic from is used

We make it a rule to not shy away from topics.

Content will range from topics such as selecting a summer camp to sibling support to new research findings.

Not one to hold his tongue (Taylor Swift can testify ), West never shies away from topics and scenarios that can potentially make others uncomfortable.

The second method for accessing information on the WWW is simply to link from topic to topic by clicking on words and phrases until the information needed is found.

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