Prepositions used with "ownership"

of, to, with, in or on ownership?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 73% of cases ownership of is used
    The garland and the acid both are marks of ownership.
    The change of ownership requirements have also been clarified.
    The Minister for Finance has asked both banks to prepare for a change of ownership.
    This is a secondary argument: privatisation is really just a transfer of ownership.
    We the Mortgage Account Servicer, maintain evidence of ownership for the mortgage debt.
    This date marks the official date for change of ownership and is used for accounting for long or short positions.
    Some progress has been made in storage with TCO (total cost of ownership) data but this is just the tip of the iceberg.
    The team members who suggested these ideas will begin to feel a sense of ownership in the design and notice it in others.

    In 6% of cases ownership to is used
    However, there was no consensus on whether or not those rights amounted to ownership.
    Both players and people tied to ownership I've spoken to have thought that there would be a partial season.
    SpeechBubbleT is a trademark and a proprietary business name of the Owner who asserts its exclusive right to ownership thereof.

    In 6% of cases ownership with is used
    Also thanks to Carey as well for what he has given to me with ownership.
    With ownership comes responsibility and with that comes greater care for something.
    It is a true reflection on our whole organization and everything that's been taking place in the last two or three years, starting at the highest level with ownership.
    Clearly it was a lack of regulation in the media, both with ownership and with regards ethical journalism that led to the current issue with the very ineptly named News of the World.
    But with ownership finally in sight, Allan said the Chinese company was now able to make progress on its options to process milk to create a range of high- value consumer products for sale in China.

    In 5% of cases ownership in is used
    Since the change in ownership, the place has consistently improved.
    There was a massive shift in ownership from council to housing associations.
    We need new leadership from the top, interest, passion, investment from the top, a future and pride in ownership.
    The loss-making company (under the then Ceylinco umbrella) underwent a major in ownership last year with new investors taking over.
    We welcome new information regarding changes in ownership, but please remember that headline stories about brands being sold do not usually give all the details of the deal.
    The two largest Irish banks have also become involved very substantially in ownership of banks in other countries and this is a major determinant of their overall profitability.

    In 3% of cases ownership on is used
    Some commentators have argued that we should put limits on ownership by SOEs.
    What I oppose is anything that would inexorably lead to prohibitions on ownership.
    Obviously, as a minority in the Persian Empire, Jews were forbidden weapon ownership.
    Although there was no outright consensus on ownership, opinion was heavily weighted towards holding that Maori do own water.

    In 2% of cases ownership for is used
    Mr Burgess disputes this and applied to the Land Registry for ownership of the land - infuriating the National Park.
    The organizations that make them have traditionally adopted the habit of bringing new ones out every season and charging the top aspect of 60 for ownership.
    Because of the deaths, maulings and serious injuries inflicted by Pit Bulls, many countries worldwide ban these dogs altogether or require licenses for ownership of them.

    In 2% of cases ownership over is used
    They are taking it to the next evolution by taking over ownership.

    In 1% of cases ownership from is used
    This is a mandate from ownership.
    No one from ownership has told me anything.

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