Prepositions used with "phrase"

of, to, with, in or between phrase?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 64% of cases phrase of is used

And you are right about the reporter's turn of phrase.

Commas can also be used to separate a series of phrases or clauses.

Gyles has a turn of phrase like the Monte-Carlo Fairpoint hairpin bend.

Attenuated sentences occur when a series of phrases to delay or disrupt grammatical progression.

You've been at it for awhile, but you've got a nice turn of phrase and it's a pleasure to read your writing.

Hefty doses of scholarship affect everything from the shapes of phrases to the articulations of single notes.

In conclusion, your turn of phrase is laughable and your inclination to use it demonstrates a clear lack of common logic.

They all use the same type of phrases such as I didn't think anyone would believe me or I was afraid of what might happen to me.

In 8% of cases phrase to is used

Silence also adds colour to phrases by removing the clutter.

Pay special attention to phrases like you and I, you and she, and so forth.

The same argument applies to phrases that imply it's OK to use violence against a girlfriend.

Around the adhering to phrases i will search through with regards to in all likelihood the easiest reasons why you are switching to Ms ' office ' 2010.

Virtually all marketers will agree that backlinks are used by search engines to determine how important your web site is to phrases that online users are looking for.

In 7% of cases phrase with is used

For many years, people have been playing Scrabble, wanting to participate one another with phrases.

Green tends to preface his grievances with phrases like ' let me know if I'd being unreasonable here.

And sure, Obama is sending out emails with phrases that allude to Clinton's lack of judgment on authorizing the war, without naming her.

Subjects in sentences with phrases and clauses that function as subjects We have seen above that prepositional phrases can function as subjects.

It doesn't take an intellekchewall to come out with phrases like: words can't express how I felt! or a picture is worth a thousand words! or, it was, like, so, yuk / cool / gross.

In 3% of cases phrase between is used

It is usually the initial parts, the segments between phrases and the end parts of the captured signal.

Causality and connection between phrases are almost always implicit; this form runs throughout the poem.

In 3% of cases phrase for is used

The choice of 2011 could easily have been not one but several words of the year, (or, more accurately, lexical items, for phrases are on the shortlist too.

In 2% of cases phrase by is used

I'd not sure if they do it subconsciously because it's how their own language works or if they translate phrase by phrase then write it backwards.

In 2% of cases phrase per is used

But we only create 1 page per phrase.

CCC is with four characters per phrase, covering 50 subjects of up-to-date knowledge and no repeated characters.

In 2% of cases phrase through is used

He spent hours secretly combing through phrase books and dictionaries.

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