Prepositions used with "radiation"

of, to, with, for or from radiation?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 49% of cases radiation of is used

Sunshine is one of the most familiar forms of radiation.

Nobody will by anything from USA as to Japan, because of radiation.

Each step has a different half life, and a characteristic type of radiation.

My mother had a lumpectomy and underwent several months of radiation and chemotherapy.

The same type of radiation which smart meters emit has been shown to damage human cells.

It is a question of radiations and transformation of radiations to matter and vice versa.

Almost nothing else happens in the next 70 minutes or so except for a relentless depiction of radiation poisoning.

Pronounced atrophy of all layers of skin and subcutaneous tissues may be seen as a consequence of radiation damage.

The anti-nuclear movement to which I once belonged has misled the world about the impacts of radiation on human health.

Sadly, this was not the last of the darkness in our family's lives in 2005, when I had only one week of radiation left.

In 15% of cases radiation to is used

When comparing whole body exposure to radiation from a smart meter and a cell phone, Dr.

Eventually these clinging particles continue to expose the neighboring organs to radiation.

Illumination Due to radiation hazards, the colony will have to be completely shielded by means of a composite material.

Even for the radiation workers, the estimated fatal risk due to radiation is still below the average risk among other fatal factors.

Developed by Israeli scientists, this lets users monitor their exposure to radiation by alerting them when they have reached a certain level of exposure.

Stages of embryogenesis are sensitive to radiation, and therefore, although not being gene-based, varying degrees of teratogenic, or in utero, defects can occur.

A clinical component (clinical placement) will introduce you to radiation therapy and will develop your understanding of the complexities of the cancer patient pathway.

On top of this, they noted based on available data from Hiroshima and Nagasaki the fact that this exposure to radiation could cause chromosomal abnormality in lymphocytes.

Tens of thousands of people in each technically advanced country work in medical and industrial environments where they may be exposed to radiation above background levels.

In 8% of cases radiation with is used

With radiation, the voice is unquestionably better.

Are being treated for cancer with radiation or drugs.

The local control with radiation alone in patients suitable for cordectomy was 97%.

Second, if the world didn't get bombed with radiation in March and April, we probably wont.

Other kinds of ionising radiation are used to diagnose ailments, and some people are treated with radiation to cure disease.

The same applies to (transparent) materials that transmit radiation; only absorbing and emitting material interact thermally with radiation.

Following radiation treatment, Nicholl found that up to 97 percent of the tumor cells died, which is a much higher percentage than treatment with radiation alone.

French nuclear research had begun before World War II in continuation of the experiments with radiation that had won Marie Curie a Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1911.

If you can decrease the travel time, you reduce the amount of time astronauts are getting pelted with radiation, and minimize the amount of supplies they need to carry for a return journey.

In 6% of cases radiation for is used

Career opportunities There is a worldwide need for radiation therapists.

Assessor: Then I can't see how you could claim against him for radiation poisoning.

The point being of course that 2600km is a minor distance for radiation fallout to cover, as is evidenced by particles being found on the shores of America from the Fukushima disaster.

The Belarus national academy of sciences estimates 93,000 deaths so far and 270,000 cancers and the Ukrainian national commission for radiation protection calculates 500,000 deaths so far.

The fish, which looks like a prop from a B-grade horror flick, will be tested for radiation to find if fish schools affected by the Fukushima reactor meltdown in Japan have migrated around the world.

In 6% of cases radiation from is used

Thousands in Japan will die within days, weeks and months from radiation poisoning.

This magnetic field produces the Van-Allen radiation shield, which protects the Earth from radiation bombardment.

And into all of this Wades a lone figure, Greig, in flippers attempting to take a swim to show the world we have nothing to fear from radiation.

Assessor: Alright then, Does your employer take measures to protect you from radiation poisoning? Trucker: Yeah, he gives me a lead suit to wear on the job.

Using electrons which had been accelerated by a potential of 54 volts, the experimental results were found to be equivalent to those expected from radiation of wavelength 1.

We wont need to worry about running from radiation Wade, or swimming away from it, a couple more disasters like this, and they WILL occur, and we will be all be contaminated.

Water purification plants across the country have been requested to stop taking in rainwater and to cover pools with tarpaulins to shield them from radiation from the nuclear plant.

Protection from Radiation Because exposure to high levels of ionising radiation carries a risk, should we attempt to avoid it entirely? Even if we wanted to, this would be impossible.

In 5% of cases radiation by is used

Figures 9 and 10 show skin damage caused by radiation therapy.

The body has defence mechanisms against damage induced by radiation as well as by chemical carcinogens.

That report puts deaths caused by radiation from Chernobyl at 64 - including workers at the plant - as at 2005.

The body has defence mechanisms against damage induced by radiation as well as by chemical and other carcinogens.

That is, if a gas does not absorb thermal radiation (like nitrogen) it can't get rid of heat by radiation either.

Connective tissue that has been damaged by radiation is similar to scar tissue, with an extreme paucity of cells, fewer feeding capillaries and atrophy of all irradiated skin layers.

A heat flow by radiation from the cooler atmosphere to the warmer surface does not force a greater flow of radiation out of the surface which is due to the surface being warmed more.

In 3% of cases radiation about is used

People worry about radiation because they can not feel it.

All this, for a third of Japan's energy supply! Perhaps you are correct in your assertions about radiation.

Fact is most of them have not the foggiest clue about radiation, but they are sure good at telling a scary campfire story.

Do your bit Wade: 02 Apr 2011 6:50:46pm Come on Wade, get over there and do your bit, educate those workers about radiation poisoning.

It is also much less reassuring than the figures being proffered by nuclear power enthusiasts and a few risk perception pyschologists, who might not be so well informed about radiation.

In 3% of cases radiation in is used

One of the researchers, Lori Fenton, believes variations in radiation and temperature across the surface of the Red Planet are generating strong winds.

I am happy to report that I graduated from BCU last June, majoring in radiation physics, and currently have no side affects (or ever did for that matter).

If you live in areas where there is granite, Southern highlands in NSW for example, you are currently bathing in radiation from radon released from the rock.

In 3% of cases radiation on is used

Axel 57: 29 Mar 2011 11:33:35am I aggree with Wade and there is clearly a hysterical content to the reaction on radiation danger.

But Professor Christopher Busby from the European Committee on Radiation Risks says that Oyster Creek -- which was commissioned in 1969 -- could pose danger because of its age.

What happens to waste streams from nuclear facilities that pass radiation screening? It is very easy to overlook garden variety problems when everyone's attention is on radiation.

You can't make it impossible for these situations to occur and when they do occur, they can be pretty catastrophic, Professor Christopher Busby from the European Committee on Radiation Risks told RT.

In 1% of cases radiation against is used

However, many planets, including Earth, have a shield against radiation and particles called a magnetic field.

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