Prepositions used with "requirement"

of, to, with, during or for requirement?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 59% of cases requirement of is used
    Different kinds of requirements.
    Different kinds of requirements (e.
    Schedule the implementation of requirements (i.
    Several types of requirements are identified in this section and are listed in the following order.
    There are a number of requirements for this transaction to meet the Islamic standards of a legal sale.
    When selecting a photography school, ensure that it is fully equipped with all such kinds of requirements.
    The priorities of requirements will typically change over time because: The business environment and needs change.
    That's my experience anyway:) Kelly Jepsen PGabor The nonsense list of requirements really freaks me out sometimes.
    These loans can be taken for satisfying any type of requirements and can also be taken in addition to the mortgage.
    And in most cases, it is better to tip over the line than be below the level of requirement when it comes to confidence.

    In 13% of cases requirement to is used
    He still gets a game in ODIs and T20s but in tests he is seen to be surplus to requirements.
    When the birth certificate went through he called me up to break the news to me that I was surplus to requirements.
    Andrei Arshavin Russian is certainly surplus to requirements at Arsenal and Reading are said to be interested in acquiring his services.
    Harry Redknapp didn't exactly leave AVB with an easy job with half of the squad deemed surplus to requirements even before the new manager was appointed.
    But do they need to? Given that the APO is arguably meeting Auckland's bread-and-butter orchestral needs quite nicely, perhaps some NZSO gigs are superfluous to requirements.

    In 8% of cases requirement with is used
    Owners who fail to comply with requirements as to menacing dogs can be fined up to $3,000.
    To facilitate cooperation under UNDAP, the UN's planning cycle has been aligned with Government 's, enabling compliance with requirements for the national budgeting process.

    In 6% of cases requirement during is used
    During requirements specification, the requirements team should publish the priorities so that all effected stakeholders know and can use the priorities.
    During requirements management, the requirements team should work with the requirements stakeholders to maintain the requirements parameters as they change.
    During requirements planning, the requirements team needs to convince the stakeholders in the requirements engineering process of the importance of prioritizing requirements.

    In 3% of cases requirement on is used
    Full details on requirements for participating, including how to apply and.
    My experience has been with BA's largely focused on requirements gathering and project definition.
    Similarly, the interaction and postcondition requirements of a use case implement the overall requirement of the use case.
    Thus, if requirement A depends on requirement B, then the priorities of these requirements should be consistent and requirement B should have a priority that is at least as high as A (e.

    In 2% of cases requirement in is used
    Certain requirements depend on other requirements Davis 2003.
    This allocation of requirements to releases and scheduling of releases should be updated with each increment to deal with changes in requirements and resources.
    In all of these cases, the implementation of certain requirements depends on the implementation of other requirements and this implies dependencies on their priorities.

    In 2% of cases requirement per is used
    I would like relocate and travel as per requirement of organization.
    Job Description: Ensure team handles all customer service queries as per requirement.

    In 1% of cases requirement without is used
    Net that without requirements for African collaborations, many EU researchers will be reluctant to work with African scientists, believing it will not help their careers to do so.

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