Prepositions used with "rule"

of, to, with, by or under rule?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 53% of cases rule of is used

She too got a taste of Rule (3).

Simplicity and clarity of rules.

There has never been a shortage of rules.

The morality of duty is a matter of rules or standards, which are regarded as obligatory.

It is not clear from the story that they ever completed the establishment of a set of rules.

Two reaons: These tools are too new for there to be a definitive set of rules about anything.

Mining companies pushed for a relaxation of rules governing their industry during a review of the Crown Minerals Act.

No restrictions on what kind of forum software can advertise here, as long as you read our very short list of rules,.

Grammar is, it is a set of rules that are to be followed in order that we may convey our thoughts into words properly.

They became a rigid set of rules and regulations and believed that they knew better than anyone what was right and just.

In 11% of cases rule to is used

An amendment to Rule 34 was also made.

They will treat people older than them that expect them to conform to rules with great derision.

Yet this political party has never allowed electoral defeats to stop it from seeking to rule from below.

This is why youths are running away from deeper life, you can't force them to adhere to rules, Yes, sin is sin.

And truly, no body in the Deeper Life is forcing anyone (member or newcome) to adhere to rules and regulations.

From learning to rules to why things happen to and around him, once he sees things a certain way then that's the way it is.

A Dear Sir, Can I appear in two degree at same time in same university! what ever is your answer please provide some refrence according to rule.

I then realised that shouting toot toot here I come and barging your way around the course with no regard to rules or regulations was quite normal.

Very faithfull, keeping their promises with all Puncutuality, a kind of itching desire to Rule and Sway where he comes: Prudent, and of incomparable.

You need JavaScript enabled to view it According to Rules and Regulations of Ukrainian Immigration Department if Representative of intermediary firm i.

In 10% of cases rule with is used

We would then have some meta-universe with rules outside our own.

The two rules sets deal with ancients rules and a second with rules for modern gaming.

A world with rules for men and where women know their place? I am a wife with no husband.

They are learning about ' right ' and ' wrong ' and enjoy making up and playing games with rules.

Another connection I keep seeing throughout these Sandman stories -- since you asked -- is a preoccupation with rules.

Many contrib modules now include integration with rules by providing events, conditions and/or actions that interact with their module's functionality.

That Coiste Camgaochta Cairbre be accorded representation at Cork County Board level and Cork County Board Annual Convention in accordance with rules 4.

That Coiste Camgaochta Cairbre be accorded representation at Cork County Board level and Cork County Board Annual Convention in accordance with rules 4.

That Coiste Camgaochta Sheandin be accorded representation at Cork County Board level and Cork County Board Annual Convention in accordance with rules 4.

In 6% of cases rule by is used

Such examination shall be carried in a manner prescribed by the Commission by rule.

These values determine the norms which are guided by rules and determine human conduct.

Authorization Recent Articles There is nothing more simple than to play bingo, by rules.

By rules an supervisor can usually hire a job candidate because of the credit historical past.

In the past, guerrillas have fought politicians trying to stay in power and armies playing by rules.

In the Customer Development model, feature requests to an MVP are by exception and iteration rather than by rule.

These incentives given through credit notes are outside the scope of discount covered by Rule 9(a) of the KGST Rules.

The men and women on the naval vessels are keen to fight pirates but hampered by rules of engagement, the locals on land are ready but frustrated by lack of money and support.

Rights are not the same thing as standards of behaviour punishable or required by rules, which can be fundamentally unfair to individuals, or used to oppress minority interests.

In 6% of cases rule under is used

In discussion under Rule 184 in Lok Sabha, there is a voting following debate as well.

The then Boundary Commission accepted the recommendation under Rule c, and most would admit that it is a fair point.

Then the first (10 point) space is suppressed under rule 1, and the second (4 point) space is suppressed under rule 3.

A total of 314 notices under Rule 71 of the Rules of Procedure were received, of which, 18 were accepted and were discussed during the.

But that is of no significance as the issue in the case was in regard to the nature of discount admissible to exemption under rule 9(a).

More notices on the subject from other opposition parties are sure to follow in the days to come, all under Rule 184, which makes voting mandatory at the end of the debate.

In 5% of cases rule in is used

If so The second party in rule, Syriza will attempt to form a government.

I like some of the kids in Rules of Attraction and Clay I have empathy for.

They believe in rules that make themselves rich and everyone else be damned.

I liked the French page in Rules of Attraction, I thought that was brilliant, do you remember that? B: I do.

In this connection the Shari'ah has legislated certain rules which result in the ultimate freedom of the slaves under reasonable conditions.

We find nothing in rule 9(a) to read it in the restrictive manner to mean that a discount in order to qualify for exemption under its provision must be shown in the invoice itself.

In 3% of cases rule about is used

For me, religion isn't about rules.

I understand the Sufi complaint about being too fussy about rules of speech.

The idea is probably either an idea about rules, or an aesthetic idea, an experience.

We talk about rules for packaging (see the very simple caramel packaging sheet) and off they go.

We'll update this post with a confirmed list of participants and more details about rules, prizes and entry details over the next few weeks.

Its one thing, and excusable, to not understand all the rules, but to come onto a forum, and babble on about rules, just makes you look like a muppet.

Weird thing about Rules Of Attraction, I've read it five times since my late teens and every time I read it, I find myself identifying with a different character.

In 3% of cases rule on is used

I mean, I'd REALLY not big on rules.

A system, on the other hand, is based on rules.

But the skippers, who vote on rule changes, can not agree among themselves.

It's up for grabs like anything else and I have no doubt there will be a lot of submissions on rules underlying whereabouts for the next code.

We are perceived by many of the Western countries as being a jurisdiction that places a heavy emphasis on rule of law, which is something important to them.

In 2% of cases rule for is used

Most MBA students are used to mathematics and look for rules and research that will clarify life.

Breaking the rules Referees will be looking out for rule infringements including violations and fouls.

Sadly our country has been hijacked by those unpatriotic, visionless leaders who have no respect for rule of law; they are actually not the real Law makers but law breakers.

The report gave hard knocks on security agencies which, it claims, had acted with little regard for rule of law and human rights in their actions targeting Boko Haram elements.

HSBC said lower scores for rule of law in Latin America constrained its per capita income projections for the region though it noted that Brazil was making headway in this aspect.

In 2% of cases rule per is used

The billing dispute should be resolved within a month by operators as per rule.

On further scrutiny, power pilferage was detected at the unit, he said adding fines as per rules had been imposed on the unit.

It had spelt out that as per rules (Rule 64 C of the Mineral Concession Rules, 1960) when tailings or rejects are sold or used, they attract a royalty applicable to the current iron ore rates.

As per Rule 10 the tax has to be deducted at source before giving you the money, but I heard that usually they only deduct 10% of the tax! I have only read those portions of the Income Tax Act.

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