Prepositions used with "instrument"

of, to, with, about or for instrument?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 68% of cases instrument of is used
    An interesting class of instruments is options.
    It uses a complex set of instruments from orchestra to stand up bass.
    By observing both protoplanets with the same set of instruments, Dawn will provide.
    However, a variety of instruments can detect and measure radiation reliably and accurately.
    Kyei, assisted and the band took delivery of full sets of instruments from Boosey &; Hawkes.
    What you are proposing is very close to mandocello tuning - maybe that's the type of instrument you need.
    Arthritis of the hands is particularly important if manipulation of instruments is a feature of the job.
    However, ' recordings ', were not usually of instruments tuned up, sometimes sounding a full step higher.
    During the early 1960s, the purchasing of instruments shifted to Selmer Company also in the United Kingdom.

    In 8% of cases instrument to is used
    Watch Chad Hugo moving from instrument to instrument.
    The president will be a signatory to instruments of the Association.
    Note, by the way, that the statute applies to instruments issued or purportedly issued by foreign governments, as well as by the United States.
    You could also send robots that could be manipulated at a distance through radio signals to make fine-tuned repairs and adjustments to instruments.

    In 5% of cases instrument with is used
    Curiosity is armed to the teeth with instruments and tools.
    Only very sophisticated investors sell and buy or steer with instruments like options or futures.
    However, S4 and S5 did nearly all of their work with instruments (drafted ), and S6 did no drafting.
    There are numerous ' catalogues ', including those made by the many museums with instruments on display and in their holds.

    In 3% of cases instrument about is used
    Explanation We use with to talk about instruments with which something is done.

    In 3% of cases instrument for is used
    Processing instructions for instruments can be derived from the XML formulation, and the results similarly returned, or passed to software for heuristic (rule based) interpretation or checking.

    In 2% of cases instrument by is used
    As they are mostly centered at the local level, they do not necessarily meet the needs of mobile herders and still have to be complemented by instruments to cover a broader regional level.

    In 2% of cases instrument from is used
    Watch Chad Hugo moving from instrument to instrument.
    If the instrument is relocated, than the calibration process is performed, and errors resulting from instrument relocation are eliminated.

    In 2% of cases instrument without is used
    He makes by himself and without instrument water to penetrate in his digestive tube.

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