Prepositions used with "corner"

of, to, on, in or from corner?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 26% of cases corner of is used

It's lovely pulling out of corners.

It is a very interesting track with a mix of corner types.

Not an endless series of corners with nothing to worry about.

Um, where are we going with this? This is a sort of corner I've written myself into here: best trail off.

Chelsea began to probe, with a succession of corners defended stoutly as the Blues tried to find the winner.

Topchik provide managerial coaching for new occupants of corner offices (or, at least, of cubes with windows).

Fiji, Easter Island, USA, Greenland, Antarctica, The unheard of corners of China, Singapore, Taiwan and much much more.

Communities have felt powerless and angry at the proliferation of corner liquor stores, extended opening hours, and the marketing of cheap booze.

In some hard hitting style fixing we got Josh shifting and getting his weight much further than ever before, with Rett launching out of corners.

As the teams took to the pitch for the second period, Glossop looked to press forward from the off, and forced a series of corners in quick succession.

In 17% of cases corner to is used

If you can play corner, go to corner.

The direct, straight line, measurement corner to corner.

William Regal Show just muscling Regal from corner to corner.

The direct corner to corner length of a side (A to E) is 26524.

They have done their best to corner what rightly belongs to the people.

It is not our character as a nation to corner others in proclaiming a belief in a deity they do not support.

All natural resources in our country should not be for this ulterior motives of the political people in power to corner and loot public money.

The bombshell comes just two days before the winter session of Parliament, in which the BJP was planning to corner the government over retail FDI and graft.

In 15% of cases corner on is used

Alba should not have marking duties on corner kicks besides standing by a post.

I'd going to go to a Mexico City suburb and wait on corner by some nice houses looking for unskilled work.

What's interesting about that first goal Barca conceded was that their system of zonal marking on corners worked extremely well.

What's interesting about that first goal Barca conceded was that their system of zonal marking on corners worked extremely well.

The garden in front &; steps remained till 1931 when my father met with a fatal accident on corner of Rosemary Lane and my mother left.

It was dark when we landed, but the streets were busy with people cycling along, chatting on corners, sugar cane growing in the fields.

The Chris and Jake campaigns felt more like Action games explosions abound, big fights, and running for cover on corners and chest high walls.

Candidates for national and provincial assemblies should rely more on corner meetings, television and radio debates and door-to-door canvassing.

In 10% of cases corner in is used

Lots can be dug up, and all sorts of things can be found in corners, retrieved, and made your own.

She won't do her business in the kitty litter but will peek in there buts prefers to do it in corners of the room when there is carpet.

On the contrary, Trance X 29 has less of the on-top-of-the-bike feel than many 29ers, which allows the rider to feel more stable in corners.

Seeing the world and how we fit into it also increases awareness on the individual level and makes philanthropy efforts possible in corners of the world that would otherwise be ignored.

In 9% of cases corner from is used

William Regal Show just muscling Regal from corner to corner.

If only goals from corners counted this season, Newcastle would be third bottom.

If only goals from corners counted this season, Southampton would be in second place.

Look at us from corners - nothing wrong with the delivery just no prescence and do nt even get me started about Greer.

Yet season after season we see the same near post crossing routine from corners which is now creeping into our outfield play too.

Statistics show that the best way to score from corners is by inswingers but a lot of traditional managers go for the outswingers.

As well as our standard range, we can also make mud bricks to your specific requirements - anything from corners for an octagonal house or maybe round bricks for pillars.

In 7% of cases corner around is used

Nevertheless, as I cycle in situations where they are most required (ie country roads around corners, at night, at speed off road etc) I am sure to keep wearing them.

In 7% of cases corner into is used

Consumerism has crept into corners of children's lives that once seemed untouchable.

The steering (a race-car setup with a tiny turning circle on this particular car) requires just a twist of the wrist to bend beautifully into corners.

In 5% of cases corner for is used

If our last meeting is any indicator, the Buccaneers protect the middle of the field quite well, so look for corner routes, and curls to attack the sideline.

Pack your defense back, have your keeper play a steller game, wait for corners, send long balls over Barca's high back line and watch Barcelona be wasteful of the few opportunties it can create.

The tactic is when your full back (or centre back) goes rampaging down the right wing (or up for corners) like Johnson (or Skrtel) a team mate observes and drops into his ' normal ' slot to cover.

In 3% of cases corner at is used

They are very good at corners and free kicks and they have midfielders who can play at a high level.

Tried at corner of Bdway and Cortlandt St and then at Trinity Pl and Cortlandt, turned away #OWS Photo: Josh Harkinson 9.

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