Prepositions used with "seat"

of, to, on, for or with seat?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 57% of cases seat of is used

Quite a large place with plenty of seats.

A number of seats with lifting armrests for ease of access.

He gained the second largest number of seats in parliament.

Jet Airways reserves the right to limit the number of seats available for Award travel.

This may mean that state laws regulating the use of seat belts may not even be necessary.

My reading is that he'll go with the number of votes cast as much as the number of seats.

In the case of a restaurant, the organisation considers the number of seats and calculates the annual fee accordingly.

At the most basic level, you need to know the current number of seats the majority party holds and the expected national vote.

In almost one-third of seats in the lower house of Parliament, Muslim vote can make the difference between winning and losing.

In 9% of cases seat to is used

Results vary from seat to seat.

Just as a comparable reference the Scott Peterson case took 11 weeks to seat the jury.

A moment later an usher, plainly embarrassed, asked us kindly to move to seats in the back of the church.

The bar has been opened for events but remains closed like the giant restaurant that seems to seat like 100 people.

Any change will be subject to seat availability in the allocated class and the terms and conditions as applicable 10.

Like all permissive but well meaning parents Maher has learned that it is a mistake to seat children at the adults ' table.

According to Seat, the choice of Andalusia and Malaga for this release is due to its optimum tourism infrastructure and its preparation to host events of this size.

The sign at the entrance directed us to seat ourselves which we did, and honestly, sitting was about all we did for the next ten minutes after that without menus, water, or being greeted.

It was the mode among the courteous ancients to flatter whenever it was in their power: accordingly it was a sign of illbreeding to seat themselves immediately on entering the house of their host.

In 8% of cases seat on is used

To increase our match day revenue we have to get more bums on seats.

On buses, trains and park benches, Jews had to sit on seats marked for them.

This is just CA not wanting to drop their Gen Y bums on seats marketing tool which is all Warner is.

I don't feel quite so sorry for a moneygrubbing ' bums on seats ' system where standards drop year on year to process young people like cheese.

The situation has become so bad that patients have to come in the evening, place objects on seats to mark places in queues that will be form the next day.

The party will contest all the 182 assembly seats and is likely to have a major impact on seats having Patel population in Saurashtra and Kutch and also in Surat in South Gujarat.

In 7% of cases seat for is used

Fares will vary by reservation date, day of travel and demand for seats.

He was put on a waiting list for seats that could become available earlier.

We need good people to start running for seats in the local &; state levels.

Here are some of the democratic organisations jostling for seats with the long-established parties.

Not all Members expressed joy at having to return, but several budget airlines reported a ' scramble ' for seats on planes home.

Turkish Airlines offers the most premium economy legroom with 46 inches, while Virgin Atlantic came top for seat width in premium economy with 21 inches.

Airlines are making it much more difficult for groups of travelers to sit together -- unless they want to pay extra for seats with more legroom or those near the front of the plane.

Airlines are making it much more difficult for groups of travelers to sit together -- unless they want to pay extra for seats with more legroom or those near the front of the plane.

The same report also forecasted that the demand for seats and cargo space aboard these SRVs will grow significantly over the next decade, from 370 seats/cargo equivalents to 533 in just ten years.

Products manufactured using technical textiles such as: baby diapers, adult diapers, polypropylene spun bound fabric for disposables, wipes, protective clothing, hoses, webbings for seat belts, etc.

In 7% of cases seat with is used

All seats on the coaches are provided with seat belts.

Virgin Atlantic did better on both counts, with seats at 17.

They were now accepting passengers with seats at the back rows, and I had to go ahead.

For real, this was a small chapel the size of a large living room with seats about 50 people, maximum 70.

The Dubs are big business -- the GAA's biggest and everyone realises that it makes sense from a financial point of view to have them perform where most bums can be paired with seats.

In 6% of cases seat in is used

But here I was, sitting in seat 25D on Northwest flight 1641, waiting for take-off.

Agents can sometimes put families in seats held just prior to departure for disabled passengers.

It is with such a reading that the current tussle between the Chief Justice and the oligarchical tendencies of the government in seat has to be taken into account.

You can be the most skilled actress in the world, but if you can't put butts in seats for your movies because people believe you're a despicable person, no one is going to want to use you.

If you accept a lot of money to do a film in Hollywood and you have a huge budget, they're going to expect a lot of asses in seats, as you would if you had to write a cheque for a lot of money.

Even before the election, the LNP showed that its vetting procedures were rather less than fail-safe, with three candidates in seats it looked certain to win forced to withdraw at various points.

In 2% of cases seat into is used

If this is the case it may be more difficult for them to translate a good poll lead into seats.

Any person who attended over the age of 18 was pushed into seats in the Old Press Gallery Box, and told that they wouldn't be able to contribute to the discussions.

In 2% of cases seat per is used

That's like, what? Ten cents per seat at most games? Perhaps we can collect it at the gate, with little boxes like the March of Dimes.

In 1% of cases seat from is used

Results vary from seat to seat.

I do not think you got from seat at the ranch.

Also my seats for thursday is in the H row from seat 13-8, are these really good seats for watching the movie.

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