Prepositions used with "core"

of, to, in, with or on core?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases core of is used

It is the core of the nature of core.

If you don't believe me, make a list of core Christian beliefs.

It is called Samadhi, which still carry seeds of nature of core of the objects subtle.

It is beyond the grasp of core nature essence or conscious mind state of nature essence.

In the process to fulfill the goal, the whole team had to unite in the culture of Core Values.

He was beating medicine balls off my chest, fighting through a load of core work and foot work.

VSS VSS includes the overall framework of core modules, requestor (Requestor ), Writer (Writer ), and the provider (Provider).

The second situation pertains when meeting the needs of core clients requires increased footprint, depth and/or range of skills.

X XOf course, I was sorely dissapointed to see a member of core on a Xmailing list say far worse than I ever have, and of course.

That is because Silicon Valley is good at productizing but does not have the patience needed for long gestation of core technologies.

In 16% of cases core to is used

Given that, it can't hurt X to express it to core.

X XI have no idea what else I need to say to core.

Everyone was still none the wiser why they where all there so Potter put in a call to Core.

You probably need to improve your core muscles, your balance (related to core muscles) and then just lots of practice.

Being able to get to core issues to solve problems (while also a good general rule) is definitely useful in this area.

Critique The positions that one holds on such questions are reciprocally related to core convictions about God and revelation.

It sickens me to core when old men glare at girls who must be their daughters age with such disgusting expressions on their faces.

He wrote his Epistles to core groups of Jews at various congregations in the Diaspora to hold doctrinal authority and to be used as liturgy.

A small E-Learning Team takes care of Moodle and Mahara clients and will look more closely into contributing to core Mahara from about September of this year on.

Since then, our students have worked very hard to achieve new qualifications; from units in reading, writing, speaking and listening, to Core Skills units in Communication.

In 14% of cases core in is used

But banning tourism in core areas is definitely not the right answer.

I would love to see that functionality in core and combine it with the plans.

Cities like Coimbatore and Ahmedabad are coming up in core engineering vertical.

But of course, that is a tough target, banning tourism in core areas is much easier.

The Supreme Court on Wednesday extended the ban on tourism activities in core areas of tiger reserves.

JDK provides two classes to support mutable strings: StringBuffer and StringBuilder (in core package java.

Grade A landlords is preferred given flight to quality as well as only 52% of supply is in core CBD locations.

Second, the larger the balance sheet policy, the more likely the US will face a noticeable uptick in core inflation.

Economics programme provides students with advanced training in core areas, while also enabling them to specialize according to their interests.

In 12% of cases core with is used

You may have fewer patches with Core but they are probably still every month.

X Xyou asked if i would communicate with core -- as has been seen i have Xbeen trying.

X X> you asked if i would communicate with core -- as has been seen i have X> been trying.

X X X> you asked if i would communicate with core -- as has been seen i have X> been trying.

XI am supposed to communicate with core, but apparently core (besides you Xand chris) do not wish to communicate with me.

When you are using Windows XP, you have only 3GB maximum RAM capability although your hardware have 10GB with Core i3/5/7.

Everything has that precision and snap you'd expect, with core apps like Gmail and Google Maps offering the latest Android experience.

We are endowed with core knowledge systems that emerge prior to any formal instruction and that serve as a basis for mathematical thinking.

How do you now authentic when you hear or see it? You feel it for it is a power that is seen by actions that are aligned with core value followed by action.

Is it more likely that we will see a two, or even three speed, EU emerge with core countries taking on a more ' federal ' sheen while others retain their previous situation.

In 11% of cases core on is used

Day 3 is total body, focusing mainly on core muscles.

The second thing about them is the focus on core experience.

Instead, focus on core activities that will give the greatest return.

It expounded on core material that was already hot and turned it into something blistering.

Volunteers also worked on core, but were also encouraged to extend the platform in their own ways.

However, transactions were driven by the client side and involved restructuring and refinancing, in a bid to focus on core assets.

The 1990s saw a fresh wave of media indifference to writing on core aesthetic, appreciation and criticism, when art came to be viewed as a lucrative investment option.

Why not tell this up front? It's clear the folks in Cupertino are sick of people trying to draw conclusions based on core count and gigahertz goals, so they're just sitting this one out.

In 5% of cases core for is used

TRX was my favorite class at the club, and is excellent for core strengthening and flexibility.

In theory move was better motion control for core games, as it is simply more precise and you had the joy stick to move in the world.

Months have passed Xand it has not been possible for core to take a public stand or even Xnegotiate in good faith! Why has this happened? Because of political Xturmoil within core itself.

You then check his line of reasoning in coming up with his conclusion and assess whether they're in rhythm with the basic core principles you surely know (thus the need for core principles).

Part of my problem with gyms, other than they are not a long road outside, is that I would only use them intermittently for core strength work and the membership contracts make that expensive.

In 4% of cases core from is used

Second, we need a strong Xstatement from core about how people will be treated (e.

We have so many opportunities inside, learning new technologies, working in almost every area (from core OS to games, from compilers to IP telephony ), if you don't feel like fitting here - leave.

In 3% of cases core into is used

However, I wasn't ready to dive into core text, which has many things that I don't need.

The most successful organisations co-create products and services with customers, and integrate customers into core processes.

In 2% of cases core by is used

The truth is Xthat the average point-of-view expressed by core ' does not always Xcoincide exactly with the opinions of each individual member.

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