Prepositions used with "god"

of, to, in, with or by god?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 51% of cases god of is used

It is of God and it is perfect.

I am rich, I am a child of God.

Christ is the very heart of God.

That's the Word of God revealed to His servants, God and His Word is the selfsame Person.

Jesus is the son of God and he can not deny what he is even at the risk of his own death.

The people with the seal of God are protected from the plagues, but not from persecution.

The principle is an important part of right human relations, but it falls short? far short? of God? s perfect standard.

In fact, the rest of this story in Genesis of Abraham and Sarah having a son shows the faithfulness of God to His Word.

The first time Steve met Graham, he told Graham that he wanted to believe in God but that he needed proof God was real.

It is not my words that I have set forth in Latin, but those of God and the apostles and prophets, who have never lied.

In 14% of cases god to is used

So I want to say thanks to God.

Pray to God for his forgiveness.

I'd fully surrendered now to God.

These scribes knew fully that Yeshua was claiming an authority that belonged to God only.

Jesus is the Victim and the Priest and offers Himself to God again in an unbloody manner.

But thanks be to God, pastor touched me and prayed for me the last time he came to India.

It is something maybe I should have expected, yes, and it is, certainly, something I wish to God had not happened here.

I think one day, these people will have to answer to God for the desecration of his grave and the removal of the cross.

Above all, you'll cultivate a spiritual unity that draws the two of you closer to each other as you draw closer to God.

Fasting, if made with the intention of closeness to God, ascends one from the kingdom of animals to the realm of angels.

In 8% of cases god in is used

A majority don't believe in God.

They are created in Gods image.

I love taking in God's creation.

A devotee always tries to cleanse his consciousness by strengthening living faith in God.

If you do not believe in God, then that does not make any difference to what God expects.

Norenzayan's studies suggest antagonism toward outsiders is not a result of belief in God.

You will soon find the effects in your recovery, which we often delay by putting greater faith in medicine than in God.

The first time Steve met Graham, he told Graham that he wanted to believe in God but that he needed proof God was real.

He does say he is an atheist and makes it very clear that he has no use for religions or those of us who believe in God.

Even Satan and demons believe in God! It is foolishness to even think that there is no God; even demons know this truth.

In 6% of cases god with is used

Let your bond be with God alone.

With God everything is possible.

He was in the beginning with God.

Our task is to work with God in making his will our own and in building up the Kingdom.

Though taking time to be alone with God is the ideal, we don't have to limit ourselves.

Don't you think because you belong to that organization you got anything to do with God.

The goal of the Christian leader must be to go to bed every night with a clear conscience and a right heart with God.

For the Christian, the more time and longer period they invest in their relationship with God, the more they will see.

Jesus Christ is considered as the ultimate sacrifice who puts us right with God and is ever making intercession for us.

Worship may be expressed in forms and rituals, but those forms must be expressions of our actual relationship with God.

In 5% of cases god by is used

The narrator (Ibn Umar: By God.

It is a privilege allowed by God.

But, they were amazed by God's offer.

He claims to have been told by God himself, the Holy Ghost himself to teach these things.

You know, real Christians are given many things by God to work for the benefit of others.

He had a plan, by god, and he was going to kill two - possibly three birds with one stone.

My destiny has already been planned by God ahead of me cause am His heir and a partaker of His blessing in its fulness.

My religion is something handed down by God, and is not for post-Enlightenment man to twist and alter any way he likes.

The SAME general definition was used in my church in defining who was to be cursed by God to never hold the Priesthood.

And he advised me to repeat, ' there is no power and no strength except by God, ' because it is a treasure from paradise.

In 5% of cases god for is used

Yes, for God wants to help you.

For gods sake -- i am being sincere.

He wanted to wait for god knows what.

Borders made sense when we stopped roaming the planet as hunter-gathers, for God's sake.

These are people able to do great things for God despite themselves, despite their flaws.

But, we have God's word itself; therefore, it would be unnecessary for God to warn us again by way of another prophet.

However, most saints are those we never hear about -- an unheralded part of the body of Christ doing their bit for God.

This is in effect, the old moral argument for god which claims we can not know right from wrong without divine warrant.

Gays may be the lowest priority for Rick Warren, but not for God, for there has been too much injustice and for too long.

In 4% of cases god from is used

Possibility is a hint from God.

I will believe we came from God.

My strength comes from God's Word.

We give to one another as we together come to receive from God our soul's satisfaction.

We are closer now then we have ever been, but truly it was a miracle straight from God.

In Biblical terms it gives us an open heaven whereby we can hear from God in a real way.

If all religion teaches us to be good, it must be from God through HIS messengers and prophets since time immemorial.

Grandparents came from God's breath and their hearts were made from the truest gems no diamond can ever compete with.

Lucifer, of course, hearing from God how awesome he is, believes it - and goes for the throne when God does said hiding.

No coincidence - as we get further &; further from God and his words, our country continues to decline at alarming speed.

In 3% of cases god under is used

First, the words ' under God '.

It is a choice to say under god or not.

Under god should remain and I'd agnostic.

All new citizens have the choice of making the pledge with or without the words ' under God '.

And it tells me the government feels they are under god when they make decisions, which scares me.

And since this country was founded under God and the Ten Commandments in mind, it needs to stay in.

Of course people from other countries with other religions would not want our country to be under God, they're not Americans.

I strongly believe the phrase ' under God ' and the Pledge itself is an uplifting expression of support of the United States.

It doesn't matter if you are a believer or not, since this is the land of the free, we have the right to say under god, or not to.

In 2% of cases god about is used

Nor do we know everything about God.

Belshazzar cared very little about God.

After all its all about God's decision.

When I was in Tonga, the booklet always helping the Islanders to learn more about God.

That experience, tradition, or societal mores should never be the final word about God.

For the most part, we don't know what Mitt believes to be true about God and Mormonism.

Television set, radio and even social networking are being used in letting people know about God's dwelling worship.

I also thought of the general idea among Filipino youth about not getting too serious about God in this age bracket.

Sad that the somewhat negative comments are all about God and Sin and how anyone who isn't anti-gay wil burn in hell.

I don't think I've ever even spoken to her about God, and watching my Grandfather prosthelytize to her pissed me off.

In 1% of cases god on is used

Instead, fix your attention on God.

This places the focus on God's people.

But let us pray that we are on God's side.

The book is therefore on God's right hand -- the place at which Jesus is to be glorified.

The one thing, or set of things, that caused or cause us to come close to giving up on God.

During those two and a half years when I turned my back on God, I was so aware of His presence.

The sins of the high priest and a nations sins were considered more heinous on God's sight than those of an individual.

Come to corporate worship on the lookout for feeding on God and his grace, and on the lookout for giving grace to others.

With his colleague Cynthia Crysdale, he has written a book on God and evolution (forthcoming from Fortress Press in 2013).

Jesus himself took me to see GOD! And guess what, Mom? I got to sit on God's knee and talk to Him like I was somebody important.

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