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of, to, in, on or with gdp?

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In 68% of cases gdp of is used

As share of GDP, went from 27% to 42%.

In 2010, it was negative 20 percent of GDP.

Old debt as a percentage of GDP will go down.

Bauxite and alumina are Guinea's main exports -- contributing 40 per cent of GDP in 2008.

Last year, per capita income stood at US$5,414 and trade accounted for 65 per cent of GDP.

These costs - debt servicing - are close to a fifth of GDP, a potentially crippling burden.

The last two quarters of GDP before this forecast begins (2007:Q2 and 2007:Q3) were both above-average growth rates (4.

Tourism revenues account for roughly 10% of GDP, and both arrivals and revenues grew in 2010, up 4% and 6% respectively.

It is a demonstrable fact that the greater the share of GDP is consumed by government, the lower economic growth will be.

The financial underrecoveries on petrol, diesel, kerosene and cooking gas in 2010-11 are little over one per cent of GDP.

In 12% of cases gdp to is used

This results in a boost to GDP.

Total debt to GDP has surged from 155% in 1971 to 350% today.

This industry's contribution to GDP has risen by 1 percent since 2007.

Contribution of services to GDP during postwar recessions is clearly recorded in Table 4.

One person referred to GDP per capita, his ignorance and living in denial must be saluted.

As with most other developing countries, the share that agriculture contributed to GDP declined.

Agriculture's contribution to GDP peaked in 1973 and 1980, boosted by soaring commodity prices and record sheep and beef exports.

While it is promising that the aid was approved, it is important to consider that lowering the country's debt to GDP ratio will take time.

In the current Five-Year Plan (2011-2015 ), the government hopes to increase the contribution of services to GDP to around 48 percent in 2015.

Initiated the establishment of Tourism Satellite Account to ensure accurate measurement of the sectors contribution to GDP as well as its economic impacts.

In 9% of cases gdp in is used

Manufacturing's share in GDP gradually rose from 4.

In 2002-2008, Africa ranked second in the world in GDP growth.

It is estimated that the costs are equivalent to a 4 per cent loss in GDP.

The biggest drops in GDP come significantly after the oil price shock itself.

Impact on GDP: Being job dense, this investment would increase in GDP by 350 million.

Given its weight of 15pc in GDP, the impact of the revision on GDP is therefore less than 0.

One striking result is the collapse in GDP after male organ exceeds the length of 16 centimeters.

The worst losses will not be visible in GDP statistics because much of the damage has come to wealth as opposed to output.

This pays us all sorts of dividends in reduced crowding and less pollution which are mostly not picked up in GDP measures.

According to the World Bank, a one year increase in education for women corresponds to an increase of US$700 in GDP per capita.

In 4% of cases gdp on is used

Most peaceful countries allocate 2% to 4% on GDP on defence.

Lets look behind the numbers, and quit focusing simply on GDP.

Impact on GDP: Being job dense, this investment would increase in GDP by 350 million.

Given its weight of 15pc in GDP, the impact of the revision on GDP is therefore less than 0.

For example, increased tax rates on the proceeds of investment have a more deleterious effect on GDP growth.

The latest figures on GDP and its major expenditure components up to the first quarter of 2009 are presented in Table 1.

But since driving less in a lower price environment has less effect on GDP here and more on the GDP in countries stuck with our in- elasticity.

The effect of shrinking PP means a lower price rise in oil will have some shrinking effect on GDP here with $55 (my hunch) being the price where Americans drive less.

It should be noted that the estimated (as opposed to observed) effects on GDP and the unemployment rate are more gradual, usually taking place over the course of about two years.

The most user-friendly distribution of the main international database on GDP components (consumption, investment, public expenditure and net exports) for 136 countries and 42 years.

In 3% of cases gdp with is used

These inventories historically have had a negative co-relation with GDP growth.

But for the salaried you and me, we desire a happiness that was not bought with GDP.

Male organ was found to experience an inverted U-shaped relationship with GDP in 1985.

Ivan, We always do unemployment, along with GDP, CPI and Current account from Stats NZ (the big four).

Do not expect double digit growth anytime soon which was unsustainable, but get used to a Chinese economy with GDP growth 8.

Yes, listening to the team led by Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi for the last four years, the story is rosey, with GDP growth rocking at 5.

In 1% of cases gdp about is used

If you find that ESRI or others only want to talk about GDP, they are most assuredly trying to ' spin ' a PR line for the policies Ireland has adopted.

In 1% of cases gdp between is used

The next biggest slice is ' indirect taxes '; which essentially make the difference between GDP at factor cost and GDP at market prices.

In 1% of cases gdp by is used

We need to reduce public debt, which is soaring past the $15 trillion mark (in a $15 trillion economy as measured by GDP).

In 1% of cases gdp for is used

Especially in the last decade, they have pushed for GDP growth based on cheap imported labor.

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