Prepositions used with "bible"

of, to, in, on or from bible?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 32% of cases bible of is used
    To the credit of bible scholars like Prof.
    His knowledge of bible references was obvious.
    How many of you couple a Eucharist, perhaps, with a time of bible study or prayer? Ian J.
    You decided to try some sort of bible read through and set to reading four chapters a day.
    So count yourself lucky you got away with just a bit of bible bashing, instead of been kidnapped.
    Constantly on the pages of bible you are earnestly besought to surrender your will to the omniscient will of God.
    The tour created an opportunity to giveaway hundreds of bibles and the formation saw around 300 people being saved.
    There he met his wife to be, who had just finished studying midwifery and had entered her first year of bible College.
    Sister Sarah wrote in her article that the head covering in discussion was the veil worn by the women of Israel and probably most women of bible times.
    I do like your use of bible quotes, however, their willingness to stomp on the values of the bible and their arrogance to use God as a cornerstone sickens me.

    In 15% of cases bible to is used
    That night, my family and I left to go to bible camp in Tennessee.
    One such cipher, known to bible scholars and translators of the Dead Sea Scrolls, is the Atbash Cipher.
    On a personal note, I have desired to bring great training to bible Quiz nation since I began coding websites.
    I went to bible school, which was a part of preparation and mission school was a consolidation of the preparation.
    One very big deliverance occurred when I was a new Christian and all I could seem to be able to do was read the bible and go to bible studies.

    In 13% of cases bible in is used
    In bible times, oil had many uses.
    With this partnership, I see great things for the future of training in bible Quiz.
    I agree with it's thesis and remember vividly the many arguments in bible College over this issue.
    I was in bible college with people who grew up in strict Presbyterian backgrounds in Northern Ireland and Scotland.
    Most marriages in bible times were arranged, and any contact between two prospective spouses was strictly monitored.
    I invite you to look at it closely and it may help you to recognise your own life in bible stories that you hear or read.

    In 11% of cases bible on is used
    We are not perfect and there are disagreements on bible passages.
    The plays were based on bible stories and were meant to instruct the people.

    In 9% of cases bible from is used
    Trying to shift from bible to scriptures.
    But our issue at hand is to see whether Qur'an copies anything from bible or not.
    In fact, the stories have always been used to transmit ideas and knowledge, starting from bible and Jesus of Nazareth, whose parables were a way to educate in a very practical style.

    In 5% of cases bible with is used
    With bible in hand, I looked up every verse I could find that pertained to choosing wisely.
    A good experiment would be to replace the free time we have with bible reading for a month inclidung tv time asnd see the difference.
    They are equipped with bible teaching and participate in many different types of outreaches using books, tracts, CDs, DVDs and other bible-based resources developed by the ministry.

    In 3% of cases bible at is used
    And, and that bible said, in fact the amplified translation translates the Hebrew text that way.
    Shared it with the gals at bible Study today on 1 John 3 in the context of seeing someone who needs help and that God's love should spur us to act.

    In 3% of cases bible by is used
    Majority of them refuse to marry outside their religion, carry out conversions for cash, are actively lobbying Govt for law provisions guided by bible.
    I was approached on the playground after school several times by bible college students telling me that if I wanted to go to heaven I had to believe what they did.

    In 2% of cases bible about is used
    Hussein's forked tongue is not allowed in our living room, I'd rather hear Jeff Foxworthy drawl about bible stories.

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