Prepositions used with "lake"

of, to, in, on or at lake?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 31% of cases lake of is used

People watch on the shore of Lake Louise.

Environment Conservation of Lake Victoria.

A beautiful spot on the shores of Lake Wanaka.

The Ojibwa of Berens River claimed their ancestors lived west of Lake Winnipeg in the 1770's.

Visit area waterfalls and enjoy the beauty of Lake Michigan and the Hiawatha National Forest.

Around the barn-like home perched on the edge of Lake Erie, a gentle breeze stirred the trees.

In Glendalough and Clohoge Valleys a series of lakes formed at the bottom of the valleys after the ice had melted away.

Overnight -- Udaipur Day 10: Udaipur -- Delhi (By Flight) Today morning drive to Udaipur, Also Know as the City of Lakes.

I send you loving greetings from Siavonga, on the shore of Lake Kariba, which creates a border between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

It is far quicker and easier to reach Mars then it was to arrive on the shores of Lake Tanganyika a century and a half ago.

In 17% of cases lake to is used

After lunch proceed to Lake Nakuru in the south.

The really intrepid folks can hike up to Lake Agnes.

DAY 2 Drive to Lake Nakuru arriving in time for lunch.

The Kagera River, which forms much of Rwanda's eastern border, flows into Lake Victoria.

After breakfast game en route to Lake Natron through the Masai bush land at Wasso plain.

It was sold to a Canadian Company providing the boat could be delivered to Lake Ontario.

DAY 1 Safari briefing, depart around 08:30hrs to Lake Manyara National Park with a lunch box for a full day game drive.

Depart with a lunch box to Lake Manyara National Park for a full day game drive, dinner and overnight at the Lodge/Camp.

I agree with you regarding kargil war but we have lost so many brave soldiers in that war due to lake of our preparedness.

I left the lake as soon as my headlamp was no longer necessary and skied back down to Lake Louise in the morning twilight.

In 14% of cases lake in is used

Night game drives are permitted in Lake Manyara.

The level of water in Lake Baringo has been rising.

I played in Gary's Dungeon Shoppe in Lake Geneva (i.

Uganda and the DRC have previously clashed over the small island of Rukwanzi in Lake Albert.

The Great Rift valley that makes the mountains of Rwanda and Burundi also takes in Lake Tanganyika.

The Norwegian, Aksel Lund Svindal, won the men's downhill in Lake Louise, Canada, in emphatic style.

The most common ions in lake and river waters are the same as those present in rainwater, but at higher concentrations.

Two days after that, a 65-year-old woman took an overdose of prescription pills and drowned herself in Lake Washington.

Over 300 species of birds can be found in Lake Manyara including flamingo, long-crested eagle and grey-headed kingfisher.

After Aspen, the women move on to their first speed events of the season in Lake Louise on 30th November and 1st December.

In 10% of cases lake on is used

Join a skating party on Lake Louise.

It had looked like Heart Attack Island on Lake Heinz.

They are in awe when they reach Fort Chipewyan on Lake Athabasca.

The Mimico 20/20 project is for the portion of Mimico that borders on Lake Shore Blvd West.

Fredo and his nephew, Michael's son Anthony, developed a relationship and were to go fishing on Lake Tahoe.

We're supposed to be appalled that he brings his family along to his property on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire.

After breakfast there is the opportunity to take an exciting boat ride on Lake Naivasha or a guided bird walk along the lakeshore.

She showed me his four adjacent apartment buildings on Lake Shore Drive and said they looked as new today as when they were built.

The TTB's second event is a Special Walk from Mwanza on Lake Victoria to Butiama in Mara Region, where Nyerere was born and buried.

The Pat Halcox Allstars did make a recording of their own during a Chris Barber Band summer break, now re-released on Lake Records as a CD.

In 8% of cases lake at is used

His 15-year-old is a student at Lake Forest High School.

The oldest habitation site is at Lake Minnewanka dated to 9,000 B.

The oldest habitation site in the Bow Valley Banff is at Lake Minnewanka.

James came to the Chicago area from his native Connecticut to study at Lake Forest College.

While these measures were in train at Lake Success the United States government was in emergency action.

The day will end up with hot shower, dinner and overnight at Lake Nakuru Lodge or other designated accommodation.

To really get the adrenaline pumping, optional excursions include canyoning, at Lake Bohinj National Park, and paragliding.

Techs at Lake Appliance Repair treat their customers the way they would want to be treated and present the truth to their customers.

I was less than 10 years as a journalist at Lake House when I won this fellowship to participate in a programme at Honolulu's East-West Center.

As one of the directors at Lake House advised me when I was forced to write something pro-govt which was utter fallacy, Lake house is a snake-pit.

In 7% of cases lake from is used

Coral I am sorry to hear sad news from Lake Isabella.

The Seta River flows out from Lake Biwa to Osaka Bay through Kyoto.

Barrick pipes water over 50 kilometres from Lake Victoria to Bulyanhulu.

Then there is the range of products you get from Lake Victoria in a variety of sizes and quality.

I now live in the Great Lakes Region of Africa, a little over three hours ' drive from Lake Tanganyika.

Some sixty canoes a year are going West from Lake Superior and these probably excluded many free traders.

Take the Walk in the Past Trail from the Kicking Horse Campground, Yoho National Park (20 minutes from Lake Louise).

Development of the water jet near Lake Tekapo A short distance from Lake Tekapo is sheep station, Irishman Creek Station.

In the ' 80s, over a hundred people have already died when volcanic activity unleashed the CO2 from Lake Monoun in Cameroon.

Peter Pond (1740-1807) grew potatoes and other vegetables at Pond's Fort, 30 miles up the Athabasca River from Lake Athabasca.

In 3% of cases lake around is used

In Kenya, the Luo reside in the regions around Lake Victoria.

Am I choked that my entire exhaust fell off somewhere around Lake Louise? No.

There were many lagoons around Lake Biwa, but most of them were reclaimed in 1940s.

DAY 10: After breakfast, go for a morning game drive in the Park and around Lake Manyara.

The parks at the south, the area around Lake Victoria and plenty of hiking opportunities in the highlands.

Morning game drive around Lake Nakuru, famous for its abundance of flamingos and large variety of water birds.

It's a nice walk around Lake Merritt along the Lakeshore Drive side to get to Lincoln at 11th and Jackson streets.

Visit the Jiangnan-style gardens built around lakes in the northeast corner, take in the hot houses and climb the hill past the waterfall to the pagoda on the top.

A half million strong, they matched their faith with fervor and out-matched the Moslem and Christian tribesmen around them to rule the mountain highlands around Lake Tana.

To maintain its Athabasca monopoly the NWC competed, at a loss if necessary, with its opponents on the Saskatchewan River, around Lake Winnipeg and north of the Great Lakes.

In 3% of cases lake for is used

Afternoon depart for Lake Manyara National Park.

Day 3: Samburu? Lake Nakuru National park After breakfast depart for Lake Nakuru.

Day 2 LAKE MANYARA NATIONAL PARK Leave Arusha after a buffet breakfast for Lake Manyara National Park.

DAY 5: After breakfast, depart for Lake Nakuru National Park with a visit to the Hyrax Hill Neolithic site en-route.

Take the Trans-Canada (#1) west of Lake Louise for 10 minutes and turn left to join the #1A (also the turnoff for Lake O'Hara).

There after drive west to view point and down the escarpment to the Rift Valley floor heading for the famous for Lake Nakuru National park.

As I understand there is an extensive plan, which was developed with some level of input from residents of Humber Bay Shores, for Lake Shore Blvd.

Day 4 -- After breakfast and the morning gamedrive, depart for Lake Nakuru National Park, a bird and rhino sanctuary, famous internationally for it's flamingoes.

Looking for Lake Chaya Fifty-five kilometres beyond Itigi, we turned off the dirt road to look for Lake Chaya, where I had calculated our route would again join Burton's.

In 3% of cases lake into is used

Of all the aircraft that crashed into Lake Victoria only 1 Wirraway remains missing.

The Kagera River, which forms much of Rwanda's eastern border, flows into Lake Victoria.

Some jump into Lake Union and others jump onto the adjacent parking lot of Adobe Systems.

Efforts to prevent soil erosion must be made to reduce run-off of phosphorus into lakes and oceans.

It takes a long time for changes to show More than 30 streams and rivers drain into Lake Taupo from the catchment.

Boat -- owners also need to carefully wash down boat keels, motors and trailers before putting boats into Lake Taupo.

The native plants and trees now growing on its banks have greatly reduced the amount of sediment getting into Lake Taupo.

On my phone and then also in another app and want -- all shared between I do nt have to have an amazing act signed into lake actually think.

Crashing through hedges, over walls, across busy public roads and even into lakes and rivers, the terrified creature does everything it can to stay ahead.

In Florida, Dale Volkert, who owns about 20 acres in Ocoee, just outside Orlando, decided to convert his property into Lake Meadow Naturals - a small, free range chicken and duck farm.

In 3% of cases lake near is used

The mountain lies near Lake Manasarovar and Lake Rakshastal in Tibet.

Police found 18 dismembered bodies in May in the same region, near Lake Chapala,.

Legend says that it lives near Lake Katavi in a twin pair of trees (Tamarindus indica and Faidherbia albida).

Development of the water jet near Lake Tekapo A short distance from Lake Tekapo is sheep station, Irishman Creek Station.

The central region has two vast game areas: Kasungu National Park in the west and Nkhotakota in the east, near Lake Malawi.

And as we know from the Gospels, people who lived near lakes and rivers ate broiled fish quite often (see John's Gospel 21.

In 1907 the British organized the territories near Lake Nyasa under the name of Nyasaland that later became the Republic of Malawi.

Kalinka was found dead in her bed at the home she shared with her younger brother, her mother and Krombach and their two children near Lake Constance in southern Germany in July 1982.

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