Prepositions used with "privilege"

of, to, in, from or with privilege?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 71% of cases privilege of is used

A mirror opposite of privilege.

There would usually be sanctions or loss of privileges as well.

The Deputy Chairman is the Chairman of the Committee of Privileges.

It can be seen as intimidation, and could eventually lead to a breach of privilege.

This autobiography affirms him as a man of the people rather than a son of privilege.

That sounds to me like the practice of BMI is setting up an unearned privilege or a new category of privilege.

Many love to hear and speak of privileges and glory, who are willing to pass by the thoughts of work and trouble.

I know what my feminism though, and dismissing the experiences of my fellow women from a platform of privilege ain't it.

February 3, 2009 Casey goes public with the allegations against him by raising a point of privilege in the House of Commons.

In 11% of cases privilege to is used

One was the son of a London blacksmith, the other born to privilege, as minor Scottish gentry.

So, for Rauschenbusch, the Gospel was all about a first century revolutionary movement opposed to privilege and injustice.

However, I don't see Made in Chelsea taking off as our perma-tanned proles don't like pandering to privilege like our Trans-Atlantic cousins do.

In 5% of cases privilege in is used

I guess it is often tied up in privilege.

To the casual eye, leadership is a leisurely ride in privileges.

I remember thinking how good it was that someone steeped in privilege had seemingly decided to dedicate her life to serving other people.

One which does not retreat into isolation or seek to lock in privilege, but which maintains that by sharing it will multiply, expand, benefit all.

In 3% of cases privilege from is used

You can choose from Privilege, Bio Privilege Rooms or Suites to ensure your full comfort.

Even socialism isn't free from privilege and patriarchy, and women's liberation workshops alone are not going to solve that.

The late Bon Scott is the charismatic front man, and while also Scottish his was a very different background -- coming from privilege.

In 3% of cases privilege with is used

But with privilege comes responsibility.

In 2% of cases privilege about is used

This isn't about merit; it's about privilege and payback -- that's the real racism.

This obviously doesn't mean caste discrimination doesn't exist, the whole thing about privilege is that you don't have to recognize it to benefit from it.

In 2% of cases privilege by is used

I suspected everything had been coloured by privilege, materialism, expansion, and basically theft.

In 2% of cases privilege for is used

As for interest, think of it as a simple fee for privilege of borrowing money.

I was told Andrew hadn't completed the requirements for privileges to be reinstated, only to find out from him that he had been misdirected.

In 2% of cases privilege on is used

However, they were rejected in both countries on the premise that the UN Convention on Privileges and Immunities accords the UN and international aid agencies with diplomatic exemptions.

In 1% of cases privilege without is used

Much of it by people without privilege.

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