Prepositions used with "library"

of, to, in, from or for library?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases library of is used

This award was given to me by Darcy of Library Lounge Lizard.

Loss of second hand books, books in libraries, loss of libraries.

The ensuing discussion highlighted the essential role of libraries.

Two sets of Library of Congress cards were sent regularly to Brussels beginning in 1902.

It's abstracted from a lot of libraries, usually, but it remains imaginatively physical.

In the case of libraries, we have to consider where our users are and where they're getting their information.

A sample is a lure, a taster to tempt the consumer to purchase (or in the case of library books, borrow) the whole thing.

The Peoples of developing countries are not aware about the contemporary society, because of the limited number of libraries.

Disch, 334, 1972 The University of San Diego is at the fore of library technology, which can digitize an entire library in hours.

Included in this theme was a provision of library resources for online students, which was also a requirement by all regional accrediting bodies.

In 17% of cases library to is used

Questions applicable to libraries Where a mediated photocopying service (i.

Once printed, the book is then catalogued and made available to library members.

It will also be distributed to libraries and other organisations in Cambridge and beyond.

Right now I feel we need to resort to libraries, polyfills and shims for far too many things.

That sent me to libraries to read the now-aging psychological literature about Morse training.

There are thirty eight (38) computers in both libraries and these are designated to library use only.

Access to Library Services There is access to library services for all students and staff working or affiliated with CASE.

Access to Library Services There is access to library services for all students and staff working or affiliated with CASE.

Excellent internet connection and access to library facilities allowed me to complete one chapter of my book on software testing.

In contrast, most statically typed languages defer most such data types to libraries; consequently they are rarely as consistently or frequently used.

In 16% of cases library in is used

Loss of second hand books, books in libraries, loss of libraries.

The book is out of print but you may be able to find it in libraries.

But I can tell you I spend average 8 hours in library learning about economics.

However, some critics considered his work too violent for use in libraries and schools.

Dorothy holds an MSc in Library and Information Studies from Loughborough University of Technology, U.

Assistant Librarian (2) Advanced diploma in Library or related fields with experience in the same field 10.

There is a brand new force in library advocacy and those of who fight in the budget trenches are ecstatic that it is here.

Which does not, to my mind at least, invalidate the position that e-books in libraries, free or otherwise is a Good Thing(tm).

Cameron in Libraries &; the Academy, which provides essential historical context for any IF discussion: http: **35;8595;TOOLONG.

Just as we have different levels of cataloging in library science, we also have different levels of completeness in metadata schemes.

In 11% of cases library from is used

From Library and Archives Canada.

Choose Picture From Library: Use an image from your device's library.

From Library Journal In this continuation of her diary, Bridget again recounts the ups and downs of the single life.

Inter-library lending services were regularly used by about a quarter, and assistance from library staff in finding difficult research resources by about 10%.

However, Generation Y doctoral students were more likely than older students (33% and 21%, respectively) never to use this kind of support from library staff.

The Internet also differs from libraries and data archive in that information is not stored centrally, but distributed across inter-operating computer networks.

Also, students can benefit from libraries because with power outages at their peak during examinations, they can study there instead of waiting for electricity to come back.

In 7% of cases library for is used

E-Learning Lab Located on the G/F of the Main Library, the E-Learning Lab is a multi-purpose mini-theatre designed for library instruction, conferences and seminars.

Good candidates for library items include advertising banners, company slogans, copyright messages, and any other feature that appears many times across your Web site.

In 5% of cases library as is used

High-use buildings such as libraries and leisure centres are being given priority.

Many public offices, such as libraries and museums, will have a complimentary phone for visitors.

You pay, so you should have appropriate space to be able to do your work and resources, such as libraries, journal collection access and so on.

In 5% of cases library by is used

Findings -- Koha is a very simple but complete ILS, to be used by libraries of every dimension and kind of specialization.

NCBI's library would like to increase its own production of accessible books to meet the growing demands by library members.

Unfortunately, the IF is a measure required by libraries to decide whether or not to subscribe, and so is an integral part of the marketing toolkit.

The NLA also administers the **25;9112;TOOLONG (CiP) database, which is used by libraries both in Australia and around the world to catalogue upcoming publications.

Electronic Data in Cyberspace The Internet is a flourishing channel for information dissemination which combines many of the functions traditionally fulfilled by libraries and data archives.

In 3% of cases library at is used

Fire at library occurred one week later.

This is the same as someone who spends 2 days at library and create a story about found photos.

Identified over the web or at libraries, this can give you a good idea just how long your insurer is going to be around.

The newsletter is available at libraries in Israel, in the Occupied Territories, and in universities throughout the world.

In 3% of cases library including is used

Student facilities, including library and computing Ulster students have access to high-class learning facilities.

Arts and humanities students sourced their information from a wider spread of online and offline sources, including library catalogues.

Calendars can also be found at most municipal facilities, including libraries, community centres, the Municipal Offices and the Operations Centre.

In 3% of cases library on is used

Street parking will be available on Library Place.

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