Prepositions used with "understanding"

of, to, in, for or with understanding?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 56% of cases understanding of is used

Frustration comes from lack of understanding.

Tadabbur is the other category of understanding.

There is lack of understanding of CAT from many.

Your complete lack of understanding and obvious hatred show through completely.

Differences are created due to our short-sightedness and lack of understanding.

The ego-sense is resolved as a result of understanding, not via edict or choice.

This lack of understanding was then found in the survey to be widespread among doctoral students of all ages.

A principle is born out of understanding; an understanding of who you are and why you are here on this earth.

Science that should commute to the science of understanding has been commuted to the science of manipulation.

Establish an ease of understanding index, a scale for measuring the complexity of each Tolkien-specific word.

In 11% of cases understanding to is used

It's critical to understanding morality.

Which is useless to understanding poetry.

We don't understand the route we must take to understanding.

We may limit philosophy to sense-experience, to understanding, to reason or to intuition.

Yet, despite this, the urgent need to devote yourself to understanding the Qur'an remains.

Even though widely scattered, you may find very useful aids to understanding in such works.

Once a key to understanding is given for a song, it's obviously easier to catch the under meaning of some sections.

Everyone Will Come To UNDERSTANDING God will not allow anyone to suffer such a fate without having made a deliberate choice.

This is not a cultural conceit, but a moral truth of the utmost importance to understanding what took place on the battlefield.

Business Reference Model - A (usually computerised and diagrammatic) key to understanding and using a Business Architecture Model.

In 9% of cases understanding in is used

Hoefer follows Elga in understanding ' fit ' as ' typicality '.

But that spiritually, they are one in understanding, purpose, work.

Mediation should take form in understanding what's at the heart of the conflict.

Can you see why I say most people are a day late in understanding what's going on.

One of the most intriguing pictures of Jesus is found in understanding the tabernacle.

The more you deposit in understanding, the better and faster you improve the life-lot of everyone.

I do not see it as addressing the nature of intelligence as in understanding what it is and why it is.

We have over twenty five years? industry experience in understanding what is required for a character to be successful.

We concentrate so much on learning what to do with our money, but spend less time in understanding what we must avoid doing.

If one is interested in understanding the operation of the universe, then multiple inventions of the mind are not acceptable.

In 8% of cases understanding for is used

Thanks to all the fans, bands, and crew for understanding.

Now she has breast cancer, she continues to fight for awareness and for understanding.

Hence the entire corpus of Hadith and Sirah forms a rich source for understanding the Qur'an.

A framework for understanding and integrating community-based and national land tenure systems in Africa.

She listened, provided encouragement, prodded for understanding, and provided helpful and pertinent strategies.

Science as pure science is knowledge of our natural environment for its own sake, or rather, for understanding.

Faramir could not help but notice the look in his father's eyes, a silent plea for understanding and forgiveness.

She is a gem, and should be promoted to hotel manager forthwith, merely for understanding what service actually IS.

Good stories deal with our moral struggles, our uncertainties, our dreams, our blunders, our contradictions, our endless quest for understanding.

In 4% of cases understanding with is used

That can only come about with understanding.

You did this with understanding and without complaint.

May Allah (swt) bless your husband with understanding and patience.

When confusion is penetrated with understanding what remains is peace.

What type of person will get disgusted with understanding? The person with Yata Bhuta Nana.

Imagination and wisdom demand that the state responds to them with understanding and tolerance.

As this healing process progresses, the holes in scientific knowledge begin to be filled in with understanding.

The final sections of this little book, highlight how to respect the Bible as literature and read it with understanding.

Equip the participants from with understanding of new technology and knowledge about trends in the Globalization process.

And yet, when I encounter someone who has greater issues with this than I do, I respond not with understanding but bafflement and anger.

In 3% of cases understanding on is used

And the hackers -- they spend their entire budget on understanding security.

Firstly, all mainstream teaching methods place a high value on understanding.

You don't do that for physics, since physics is more on understanding physics concepts.

These include everything from introduction sessions, to sessions on understanding measurement, to post-campaign debrief sessions.

Ali Fisher presented on digital and social media insights, Joe Bonnell presented on understanding impact, and and Max Richman presented on mobile innovation research (specifically mobile money).

In 3% of cases understanding without is used

Memorizing anything without understanding is a waste of time.

Haresco did not become successful in business without understanding business.

Currents, it seems you live in Nigeria without understanding what is happening.

Edebee keke so Party members clap and applaud without understanding what has been said.

But we don't want to support symptoms, without understanding and addressing the root cause.

We planners are still too keen to jump to an answer without understanding what the problem is.

The British company may be tarnished by the accusations, but HP is a mess, switching from one disastrous strategy to another without understanding what is happening to it.

Even family members who love and care deeply for a person with depression can find themselves without understanding - bewildered by what from the outside seems such a minor thing.

In 2% of cases understanding about is used

It's about understanding where these positions are coming from, what hopes and fears lie behind them.

It's more about understanding what the customer's expectations are from us and to respond with relevance.

On a design level, it's really been about understanding talent around the world including India; understand how that talent can complement each other.

Pg 252 We have spoken to you many times about reality and about love and about understanding, and yet you do not seem to be able to overcome the illusion.

It was not about understanding, it was a matter of forcing and coercing people to give up their own religious traditions under the threat of violence and terror.

This is about understanding what the core of your situation is and developing it thematically, so the audience achieves an understanding of what they are seeing.

In 2% of cases understanding By is used

By understanding nature, we understand ourselves.

By understanding which areas obtain total, partial or no sun through the day, it will be easy to choose the vegetation probably to succeed with your distinct outdoor area.

By understanding and harnessing the opportunities that are revealed during times of struggle, we often discover the fuel that will enable us to reach goals we never even imagined reaching.

In 2% of cases understanding from is used

She would come from understanding.

Furthermore, some visions for transformation are presented in a global framework, as pathways to advance from understanding to action.

A fake bubble of certainty that has imprisoned us in the west - and is now preventing us from understanding what is really going on in the world outside.

But even in the potential stage, the theorist should be able to project all effects that will ever be observed merely from understanding his or hers own starting point.

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