Prepositions used with "version"

of, to, in, down or for version?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 17% of cases version of is used

Preparation and Release of Version 1.

I am proud to announce the release of version 1.

On Monday, Opera Software released a public beta of version 12.

If the dependent bundles import packages in a range of versions, such as 1.

This is an edited of version of a lecture given at the College des Irlandais, Paris, on April 29.

Changes were also the result of experimentation with the EAD DTD that had occurred since the release of Version 1.

And as each new group gets settled in and starts to approach the material, we hear a lot of versions on this theme.

Some of the unresolved or known issues in Google Chrome Windows 8 mode (as of version 23) are: Hangout and Voice chat not working in Gmail, Pinch to Zoom feature also not working.

In 17% of cases version to is used

Better performance compared to version 2.

Now do: Trouble Shooting Upgrading to Version 1.

Internet Explorer is not supported (up to version 8.

Abstract classes provide a simple and easy way to version our components.

Press F1 to open the User Manual and check that this is upgraded to Version 1.

Note that the Data Server requires a working VCP database with an installed schema greater or equal to version 5.

Posted by: GNU/Linux 31 May 2008 Bad performance I have been using AVG for years now, and have been really satisfied with it up to version 7.

Skype for Android has been updated to version 3 with a new user interface for tablets, improved audio for conversations via use of new codec, and few more.

It is very absolve that the Mac OS X Lion shall be amplified through the Mac App Store, however, whether Apple association will release the annex brief to version 10.

In 15% of cases version in is used

Code Reorganizing In version 2.

Again - like it was in version 2.

But then the Web came back, in version 2.

When you create a menu item linking to a slideshow (using the component view introduced in versions 3.

When you create a menu item linking to a slideshow (using the component view introduced in versions 3.

Program: This tutorial is based on a new filter which is only in version Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop CS5.

Seven such semi-local sets are now available, code-named as follows; CEP or SBKJC - available in Version 6.

Cedel now make a travel size version of dry shampoo, available in versions for dark or lighter coloured hair.

You can also add additional filtering parameters, such as the point of view of the storyteller, as I'll show in version 4 below.

Akeeba Backup) b) note down your slideshows c) note down your customizations on existing Frontpage Slideshow templates so you can pass them on to the updated ones included in version 3+.

In 13% of cases version down is used

The Cathedral is meant to be a scaled down version of the St.

The preview is a scaled down version of the actual image so it fits the edit window.

It does not, by any stretch, appear to be a pared down version of an existing Western Star model.

Here is Coldplay doing a slow down version of ' Fight for your right to party ', which seems to miss the point lots.

The original Dev Alpha shipped with the PlayBook OS while the B is running a stripped down version of BlackBerry 10.

At the end of this process name removed and I have been granted a watered down version of what heterosexual couples acquire automatically.

The BB10 Dev Alpha, which is the device that has been given out at the BB10 Jam World Tours, runs a scaled down version of the PlayBook's QNX os.

David Holz so whats the truth is nothing connected, can nobody be right? plus better to learn from a dummed down version than from no version at all.

Some comments worthy of mention (I know they are horribly small so click on the thumbnail to read!) What I'd sharing is just the skinned down version.

In 8% of cases version for is used

My verdict this is as good as most popular paid for versions.

My verdict this is as good as most popular paid for versions.

This benefits the performances in a Tool-kind of way, if you're looking for versions that are faithful to the studio versions.

In Java/Python where Crashes with the python plugin - camio Hello, I've been trying to make a new egg of the python module for version 0.

It has a good email checker too that even stamps your email to show it has been scanned and is free of any virus, something that was in fact lacking with the paid for versions that I have had.

It has a good email checker too that even stamps your email to show it has been scanned and is free of any virus, something that was in fact lacking with the paid for versions that I have had.

Adobe Reader has had a number of security problems so you should ensure your version is fully patched (there have been 14 security updates for version 7) or uninstall it and install the latest one.

In 7% of cases version from is used

Traditional Chinese Support From version 1.

From version 8 onwards it has gone down hill.

UPGRADING Unfortunately, there is no upgrade path from versions 2.

As an example, some Android Gingerbread devices have moved from version 2.

Although K2 can be upgraded using the jUpgrade extension, there is no easy way to upgrade Virtuemart from version 1.

In 7% of cases version with is used

My first experience with Windows started with version 3.

This is the same pattern Google has followed with versions.

Resources Fence materials come in as numerous types, types, along with versions since your creativity comes with.

Currently, apps for the iPhone and iPad are available, with versions for Windows, Galaxy, Nexus and Android in the works.

In 1993, Microsoft began producing a Japanese-language version of its Windows operating system (OS ), with versions that were compatible with NEC and IBM.

Now with version 12 of Houdini, the ability to utilize the openGL view for super fast rendering of projection building has never been as useful as it is today.

In 6% of cases version at is used

Slender is currently at version 0.

As of this writing, CSScomb is at version 2.

The GraffleTopia version is at version 1 still.

So this is what a Windows user tends to expect from software: It starts at version 1.

Linux software, however, tends to get released almost as soon as it's written: It starts at version 0.

I do nt feel like learning Backtrack all over again, last time I used it it was at version 4 by now its.

Now at version 11, it's a mature, sophisticated image editing program that provides 90 per cent of the functionality of the full Photoshop, at a fraction of the cost.

In 6% of cases version on is used

I have used AVG Free for over 5 years, currently on Version 9.

Check version of local apk files This is new feature on version 1.

What we've learned from OSM informs an upcoming contemporary statement on CC licenses and public domain tools for data, as well as upcoming work on version 4.

There are plenty of different versions of the game, with different collectors editions featuring items such as DLC, figurines and flags depending on version and location.

In 3% of cases version into is used

The Facebook iPhone app has just ticked over into version 5.

Even some of those who entered government as reformers have also turned into versions of those they were once against.

Friis and Zennstrom have both been relieved of executive duties by eBay, and will concentrate on IPTV venture Joost, which came out of an invite-only beta yesterday into version 1.

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