Prepositions used with "press"

of, to, in, by or for press?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases press of is used

So please don't think that freedom of press is.

I just wanted to flag a couple of press releases.

We stayed at the ground and I had quite a bit of press to do.

By 1972 these subsidies represented one-eighth of the total turnover of press enterprises.

If freedom of press helps the improvement of standard of living of masses, then its a good thing.

A lot of press has gone out today wondering why the iPad mini even exists in a market this tight.

In 1995, the amount of press imports almost equaled the amount of press exports, in million dollars, 550 against 446.

Then one company got a lot of press because they were selling a usb thumb drive with all the files needed to just plug-in and go.

She did tons of press to promote the upcoming release of Unapologetic, including an interview with EXTRA correspondent AJ Calloway.

I came back to Press Colony and was enjoying tea in a stall, located in Middle of Press colony which also serves a meeting point for journalists.

In 15% of cases press to is used

Walker was unavailable for comment prior to press time Friday.

According to press reports, locked doors blocked some avenues of.

All information are accurate at time of going to press but are subject to change.

The 2009 Annual General Meeting will have taken place by the time this issue of AT goes to press.

It? s about to go to press so if you care about the future of our country, get a copy and read it.

Monroe sought out Henderson's help as a reader before the first issue went to press in October 1912.

Note that we have given approximate prices; no information on possible increases was available as this guide went to press.

He referred the paper to the acting commissioner for customs, who, however, we could not reach up to the time we went to press.

I came back to Press Colony and was enjoying tea in a stall, located in Middle of Press colony which also serves a meeting point for journalists.

According to press reports, a bomb was planted at Khatak's shrine in the Akora Khattak village, which destroyed the dome and walls of the structure.

In 8% of cases press in is used

His book The Things We Do and Why We Do Them is in press.

It's always so crazy to me to be featured in press outside of China.

The time of relationships in electric girl foods in press that destroys then when coded.

Often the reference in the submission is labelled as ' paper submitted ' or ' in press '.

The new study appears in the April 4 issue of Biology of Reproduction -- Papers in Press.

Please be informed, that we do not publish makreting materials and are not interested in press releases.

Metacognition is also linked to progress in science (Adey &; Shayer 1993) and in maths (Shayer, in press).

Director Kim YongHan participated in press conference for film ' Don't Cry Mommy ' on October 15, at Lotte Cinema.

The print adverts, which first appeared in press and posters in March, were found to breach the CAP code on two points.

The ' self-censorship ' of the media plays some part in this; continued agency influence in press circles is a factor too.

In 7% of cases press by is used

You can obtain it by press *#*#8255#*#* on your phone.

Eshom by press time, but the District Attorney promised an update.

If there was only Government by press statement, people would soon complain, and rightly.

Published on Nov 10, 2012 by PressTVGlobalNews First the BBC got itself in to hot water for NOT airing an episode of current affairs programme, Newsnight.

Working with the Kabbalah Centre International she raised a reported $18m for the school and, in 2010, she laid the first brick at a ceremony attended by press.

Incompetent hackers Social Network buttons Media Gallery Published on Nov 25, 2012 by PressTVGlobalNews We ask whether president Obama is out of his depth on Palestine.

Tattam did give permission to distribute a time-locked version of the software, but as the time-locked version was not available by press time, OzEmail distributed the unlocked version instead.

In 7% of cases press for is used

I left my home for Press Colony -- in Lalchowk -- for my daily routine work.

The last day to register for press credentials online for pick up at the Show is Nov.

MY GOD! WHO 'D kiss Brittany Spears on stage for PRESS? LMAO drphibes Absolutely inspiring.

We said in an editorial that this was a dangerous day for press regulation - and so it's turned out.

The below press account has that chain of communications taking place in February, with Crump engaging Julison for press advocacy on March 5th.

Unfortunately, that figure is probably crap in the way that all optimistic engineering estimates produced for press releases are probably crap.

I can't tell you how many laughs we have had together over the years waiting for press conferences to start or sitting on buses and dodgy planes travelling together on campaigns.

In 6% of cases press at is used

At press time, he had not been identified.

At press time, three daily express trains run to KL (9.

A spokesperson for the estate had no comment on the actions at press time.

And, at press time, Dem challenger Joanne Ferrary had a 12 vote lead over GOP State Rep.

The book, sold on Amazon, has garnered (at press time) roughly 100 reviews with an average rating of five stars.

The limited-edition Fenway Boat and Totes are currently sold out online, but a few can still be found in select stores (at press time).

In 5% of cases press on is used

For more information on press conditions in Pakistan, visit the CPJ Web site at www.

Because it appears he is having an impact on press coverage of the former governor of Alaska.

Witness the many callers to his phone-in on Press TV (both Zionists and anti-semitic Muslims) who attempt to bait him into anti-Semitic statements.

Sources in both parties said Cameron and Clegg agreed that the status quo on press regulation was unacceptable and that they needed to move quickly.

As the deadline approaches for Lord Justice Leveson to make his recommendations on press regulation to the government, the public debate gets more strident.

Scott puts a lot of emphasis on press releases, which is good if well targeted otherwise PR can just become clutter and noise to an already crowded internet.

That has perhaps obscured the fact that he earned some of that money presenting shows on Press TV, the English-language broadcaster owned and controlled by the Iranian government.

Richard Ure says: 11:20am 09/02/10 Journalists can have it over the rest of us when it comes to putting a spin on press conferences longer than doorstops because they are there and we aren't.

In 5% of cases press with is used

Three months ago Naser became a reporter with Press TV, an Iranian-owned station loathed by the rebels for its pro-government position.

I was just wondering whether I could potentially be doing damage with press ups that will come back to haunt me later in life? (I'd 27).

Of Peter Coe's remarks after his 800 metres defeat, Seb said that he was less annoyed with his father than with press criticism of their relationship: ' I found that insulting.

Moncler Vos Coats by using a funnel neck fastened with press studs, extended sleeves, two facet pockets, logo patch at upper arm, hidden double breasted button fastening from the front.

In 2% of cases press about is used

Today it's only about press releases.

Just because the Internet is a wizzo, electronic world does not mean that all those important lessons you learnt about press advertising or sales promotion are not important.

In 2% of cases press as is used

After that opt for ' drive selections (sophisticated) ' as well as press ' Format ' together with ALL RIGHT.

The Information Unit is in charge of the Ministry's external information such as press releases and media inquiries.

The majority of our content is created by others, such as Press Releases, Features, Shared Content, and Blog Stories.

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