Prepositions used with "center"

of, to, in, at or with center?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 26% of cases center of is used

Begum's struggle in life Begum is a member of Centre no.

Writing about this place has been a sort of center for me.

He is the Founding Chairman of Centre for Liveable Cities since 2008.

The current style of centre dominated politics has lost the ability to do justice and serve the people.

Hmm, been having a look around for examples of centre bus lanes, and I think it might actually be a winner.

At the moment I'd argue given prevailing economic orthodoxies it tilts strongly right of centre, but it isn't entirely so.

He won a four way race with Jesse's Independence party (sort of Center Left) The DFL (Left) and the Green Party (far Left).

Also the rear touch pad used for L2/R2 is kinda of centre either side so annoyingly u can't just touch the very left/right side.

The main aim was to review past activities and plan future programmes in order to reinvigorate the role of Centres of Excellence.

In 18% of cases center to is used

Set up your telescope to center on the Mizar/Alcor pair.

Morse continues his hitting streak with the bomb to center.

Practice your swing until you have learned how to center your shots.

It was to center in on being healthy, focusing on my family, and prioritizing my work.

Therefore, we need to use some methods to center the text around this point for centering.

The differences seem to centre around some pretty fundamental technical issues and approaches.

These were far-sighted objections on an issue which, when it later returned to centre stage, would lead to Civil War.

The pitch is viewed from above and to one side in perspective, the screen scrolling continuously to centre the action.

Eliade discusses many different manifestations of this pole, employed to centre existence in the vastness of unwelcoming space.

Mattawa's netminder tried to call Borko to centre ice to trade fists, but the Elliot Lake goalie kept his head and waived him off.

In 16% of cases center in is used

I like Werth and Harp in center.

It's his defense in center that is the question.

We don't want this corrupt, impotent government in centre.

It looked as though the DMK chief M Karunanidhi is enjoying being in centre of attention.

You could do that in centres like Tamworth, Port Macquarie, Ballina and Dubbo once a year.

AES believed -- mistakenly -- that the adjusted cost base of its shares in Centre was $1,217,029.

She claims Labour's children's centres crowded out half of all childminders: in fact, many preferred to work in centres.

If the Red Sox decide not to trade Jacoby Ellsbury this winter, he'll remain in center field, but Boston still needs to fill the corner positions.

Teachers in Centres for Adult Education in Flanders and in the VDAB must have a certificate of pedagogical competence delivered by the Flemish region.

Eventually that little girl passed away, and then the nine-year-old, ten-year-old, and 12-year-old came to our drop-in centre here, and they were an absolute mess.

In 14% of cases center at is used

Expect Carrick to play at centre half.

The President's House's surviving eastern wall is at center.

It was tied 2-2 when Volpatti took the puck at centre ice for the final shot.

In a typical day 140 pounds of glass and 60 pounds of aluminum are deposited at Center 1.

Josh was presented with his own replica jersey in a ceremony at centre ice before the game.

The two captains faced off at centre ice for the puck drop at Vancouver's Pacific Coliseum.

Fernando Torres has been poor, and Daniel Sturridge is untested at center forward and entering the final year of his deal.

Problem: Field at Center of a Square The magnetic flux density at a distance r from the midpoint of a conductor of length l is: Q.

Make Rectangle At The Centre of The Working Page Select the rectangle box and enter p, now your box will be at centre of the page.

Last Friday, I went to the red carpet premiere of Bench's Benchingko Films at Center Stage, SM Mall of Asia with Moe, Adly, and Gian.

In 6% of cases center with is used

He too refused point blank and spoke animatedly with Centre Point's bellboy.

In particular, the officials raise issue with center referee Sylvester Kirwa who is linked with the military side Ulinzi.

This makes sense where the purchasers are seeing value for money compared with centres and prices are re-adjusting upwards.

Ireland have new potential caps with centre Luke Marshall, forward Iain Henderson, prop David Kilcoyne and hooker Richardt Strauss.

However, while you're having trouble with Center Fixation and wish to enhance your eyesight, there are about a belongings you can do to realize this.

The only thing wrong with the M5000s is that they should have been originally designed with centre sections and platforms should have been built long enough.

Your health insurance firm most most likely has a buyer service get in touch with center exactly where you can speak to somebody with regards to your policy.

Recently, Daystar students in conjuction with Center for study and practice of democracy(CDD) held a leadership cafe at the main campus in Athi River to discuss leadership and integrity.

In 5% of cases center on is used

They had a florist shop up on Centre Street.

The pair step on Centre Court today to begin their campaigns at SW19, to.

Ian Barratt Maldon, Essex SIR -- I regarded Mr Murray's tears on Centre Court as unedifying.

Unfortunately for Murray, beating Roger Federer on centre court at the All England club isn't as easy as riding one.

The 25-year-old's despair was clear to all as, his voice cracking, he attempted to address the fans on Centre Court.

The pair step on Centre Court today to begin their campaigns at SW19, Raonic brought his best game in Barcelona, betting.

A trip to Wimbledon is a fantastic day out and now with the cover on Centre Court, play lasts right into the late evening.

Strawberries and cream, lush green grass, players wearing white, Roger Federer breezing through his first round match on Centre Court without breaking sweat.

In 4% of cases center from is used

Do multi-centre trials and select for publication only those results from centres that are favourable.

In other countries, in areas away from centres of population or economic activity, the HPI could be lower.

Anecdotal reports do indicate that people seek this facility from centres abroad in order to fulfill their desire for selection of gender.

Stereo gold label versions are badly rechanneled, with a watery echo that smears from center to left soundstage, and all else slighly right.

But as usual, everyone moved from center of the ring to their respective corners and the fight ended the way it always does in DC: the old guard wins by a mile.

In 4% of cases center under is used

The only noticeable difference is 75 percent of those injuries this season have come under center.

Eubank looked good in limited snaps against USC, but a full game under center would not be a good experience for ASU.

The Golden Gophers are averaging 34 points a game, but expect a slowed down, more balanced offense with Shortell under center.

Joey Elliott will replace Alex Brink under centre for the Bombers when they play host to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats this Thursday.

Cameron Coffman has been the starter when healthy, and will be under center tomorrow, but he's coming off of his worst game of the season.

He is not going to be front under center, they are mainly going to run him, out of the halfback spot or in shotgun, mostly goal line and short yardage.

Roethlisberger insisted all week the offense wouldn't change with Leftwich under center and offered to do everything he could to help Leftwich keep Pittsburgh's four-game winning streak alive.

In 3% of cases center between is used

Coalitions between centre right and centre left parties are nothing strange in a number of member states.

Decentralization deals with the allocation between center and periphery of power, authority, and responsibility for political, fiscal, and administrative systems.

If you want to take action and change your life for the better, join us on the call and see if membership in the Space Between Center Lawyer Mastermind Program might be for you.

In 3% of cases center off is used

HALT: Slight increase there? This is slightly off centre toward the one -- two side.

I fear people from both sides of the debate, you are all off center and need to get a grip on reality.

Edwina McNeil From Chapter 21, Peddlers and Stores Paul Gore Street was a long street off Centre Street.

I have a friend, who walked into the Off Center Cafe in Salem, Oregon (Yes, it still exisits and has customers who would feel the same way that I do about your subject).

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