Prepositions used with "discrimination"

of, to, from, about or without discrimination?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 55% of cases discrimination of is used

Life is full of discrimination.

This madness of discrimination must stop.

I think that it's a form of discrimination.

Islam brought a revolutionary change and abolished all types of discrimination.

The highest levels of discrimination occurred in employment, it was pointed out.

Latin Americans who emigrated to the United States are also victims of discrimination.

Re: Which country do you think is more racist to Asians Sounds like you are a real victim of discrimination.

We would need to do the experiment, getting rid of discrimination and social pressures, in order to find out.

This is a clear admission that same-sex couples - who can not get married in France - are victims of discrimination.

In 12% of cases discrimination to is used

Hate speech amounts to discrimination.

They get used to discrimination at an early age.

Ethnic minorities have low political, economic and social positions due to discrimination.

Further, people with HIV in low-skilled jobs were considered more vulnerable to discrimination and firing.

However, due to discrimination of his physical disability, he would experience many hurdles along the way.

In this respect women can be subject to discrimination on different grounds in different social environments.

The percentages of various demographics would make for some interesting discussions in regards to discrimination I bet.

Needless to say, more than ever Muslims of Middle Eastern origin and above all the young, are subjected to discrimination and distrust.

However, people should not be subject to discrimination provisions for requiringh the wearers of full headwear to remove it when on private property.

Apart from them, officers of lower ranks like additional SP, ASP, inspector and sub-inspector had also been subjected to discrimination, said sources.

In 8% of cases discrimination from is used

To be free from discrimination; 4.

The practice or policy of refraining from discrimination.

Every Canadian is legally protected from discrimination by the various levels of human rights legislation.

From discrimination I found out that some people get treated differently because of their race, age, gender or status.

You should always make sure you are working in a healthy, safe environment where you are free from discrimination and harm.

Even those Muslims who try to be secular and completely absorbed by the western values are finding out that even they are not immune from discrimination.

In addition, by making them engage in these traditional folk games, it was also expected to make them free from discrimination including gender bias, ethnic and age discrimination.

The ratio of the Supreme Court's Judgment in principle places a serious and overreaching limitation on discrimination law by denying self-employed persons protection from discrimination.

Despite the presence of UNHCR, Rohingyas continue to suffer from discrimination on the basis of their ethnicity, and various restrictions and abuses at the hands of the local Myanmar authorities.

In 5% of cases discrimination about is used

Gentleman asked about discrimination.

They also investigate complaints about discrimination and harassment at work.

See ' Complaints about discrimination -- frequently asked questions ' (link below).

It is not to constantly complain about discrimination when alien practices are denied.

You may also be discriminated against if you are victimised because you have tried to take action about discrimination.

I recall having rows at conferences with them when they spoke about discrimination in grounds as a factor in putting black and asian fans from coming.

On the points Rob made about discrimination it is only my opinion but you may be able to question the language but you can't do it by baseless assertion.

In 5% of cases discrimination without is used

A culture may accept orphans and integrate them in the society without discrimination.

Directors are chosen without discrimination as to race, creed, color, or national origin.

The UK fully supports equality in the enjoyment of human rights without discrimination on any grounds.

Today, we at Habitat join members of the international community to commit ourselves to creating a world without discrimination and to cities without segregation.

That's the reason verses of Quran and the prophet's saying regarding children rights, include rights of provision, protection and participation without discrimination.

Any rating organization may subscribe for or purchase actuarial, technical or other services, and such services shall be available to all members and subscribers without discrimination.

In 4% of cases discrimination against is used

I am not against discrimination in any way what so ever.

So it isn't arguing for sameness it is usually arguing for diversity and always against discrimination that has no justifiable basis.

I just think that choosing your battles in terms of fighting against discrimination is important and this is a very small and harmless fish.

The legal position The 2010 Equality Act helps protect job applicants against discrimination, by disallowing questions about a candidate's health or sickness record before offering a job.

In 4% of cases discrimination for is used

Recommend And the liberals only blame conservatives for discrimination.

Just having a Muslim name is enough for discrimination regardless whether a person practices Islam, or not.

Sexual orientation has recently been recognized as a prohibited ground for discrimination under the Charter.

I see ' Positive ' discrimination as a euphemism for discrimination which is negative and unpleasant however and whoever dresses it up.

In 3% of cases discrimination on is used

Critics of the controversial expulsions are examining the internal memo to establish whether it breaks international human rights laws on discrimination.

The ratio of the Supreme Court's Judgment in principle places a serious and overreaching limitation on discrimination law by denying self-employed persons protection from discrimination.

In 2% of cases discrimination by is used

No one should be blamed or blame themselves for having been affected by discrimination.

It most often is accompanied by discrimination towards said other (legislated, physical, verbal, etc.

However, members of the police service are covered by discrimination law members of the armed forces.

So much of OUR history was stolen from us by the need for silence that was inflicted upon us by discrimination that we MUST try to reclaim it whenever possible.

In 2% of cases discrimination in is used

The cortex seems to be involved in discrimination while the latter two areas are involved in long term memory.

Secondly, Lord Carswell pointed out that mala fides was no longer required in discrimination cases in the United Kingdom since the decision of the House of Lords in James v.

However, in other purchases, current procurement practices can result in discrimination against foreign suppliers when goods or services of comparable quality and price are available locally.

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