Prepositions used with "daughter"

of, to, for, with or on daughter?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases daughter of is used

Relationships among families are built on the flow of daughters in marriage.

With its headquarters in Sweden, Orwak has an extensive worldwide network of daughter companies and business representatives.

I love little boys and I adore their energy but if I had only been a mother of daughters, I am certain I would have thought I was a perfect mother.

Empowering the girls of her village A man at one of the NGOs told me about the low sex ratio in the valley and how Muslims too making use of the sex selection clinics, to get rid of daughters.

In 16% of cases daughter to is used

He left the talking to daughter Tamara who helped organise the event.

I always wanted my blog to be about beloved books passed from mother to daughter.

Jamdani Saris are passed down as heirloom from mother to daughter and defines the craftsmanship.

In 15% of cases daughter for is used

Smart parents, huh? Daughter, Make Sure the Guy will Buy You a House How about for daughters? It's the opposite.

Dodo Be advised that fathers are allowed (yea, required even!) to do things for daughters that would normally be disallowed under the Code of Conduct for Guys.

I have already filled a number of shoe boxes for daughters school, but would be only to willing to help ease the stress and worry of Christmas for any family this year.

Lastly for India where Gold has great social value and it's integration in common life (Gold obligations for daughter's marriage ), affordable Gold prices is highly desirable.

It works well if it's a mother for daughter, father for son (this allows that any questions or conversations can be talked about with no fear that the gender-difference will be an issue).

In 15% of cases daughter with is used

You went to prep school in Cambridge, With daughters and sons of the privileged elite.

So this incident happened in Year 2006, when I was about 8 months pregnant with daughter.

In the months before her death she noticed baby girls everywhere and avoided her friends - particularly those with daughters.

Since September last year, when Fedeli moved in to her two-bedroom, off-the-plan city apartment in The Hyde with daughter Kelly, 23, she has had the sense of being a tourist in her own town.

In 9% of cases daughter on is used

Sons were preferred on daughters.

Mom insists on daughter being dropped off to her, before school - ex.

While you wait, you can hear a number of stories from domestic violence to distilling illegal alcohol to practicing incest by fathers on daughters.

In 4% of cases daughter in is used

The Yoruba words in Daughters are italicised, which sets them apart as a foreign language, and some readers questioned her decision to alienate her mother tongue.

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