Prepositions used with "claim"

of, to, for, with or on claim?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 51% of cases claim of is used
    In her statement of claim, Mrs.
    They use the law to uncover the fraud in Proof of claim.
    It's the kind of claim more often associated with pseudoscience.
    According to the PPP's statement of claim, the voters register brought into being by C.
    Therefore I request that you just forget about my statement of claim in the high court.
    The Team made a number of claims in the Report which they must have known to be false.
    In California, over the last 7 years, the three LARGEST insurance companies have ROUTINELY denied over 32% of claims.
    Scotland Yard has admitted four police forces were aware in the 1980s of claims against the former TV presenter and DJ.
    Denmark is planning to be fossil-fuel free by 2050 An examination of the real figures soon blows this kind of claim away.
    Pool claim Management Committee (subset of Executive Committee) decides legitimacy of claim and if satisfied pays the insurer.

    In 13% of cases claim to is used
    It is our policy to promptly respond to claims of copyright infringement.
    Contrary to claims made by the PNP, jueteng is flourishing under P-Noy's watch.
    More complex forms of association or organization of data might give rise to claims.
    Worse still, he cast the blame on previous editors, according to claims in a book published this week.
    This leads to claims that if the government runs a budget deficit then it has to issue bonds to avoid causing hyperinflation.
    Users have no rights to claims because of this; however, stereich Werbung will work towards the fast elimination of the disruption.
    At first Ruto had some meetings with the pm which many thought could bear fruits, only to claim that the Pm should be the one backing him.
    Gonzales and Tabion have not replied to any communication from the court, meaning the justice system can not proceed as to claims against them.
    Along Fantastic Free Bonus! Inside To claim Your Bonus, Simply Sign Up Today Name: Email: This life, this world is not just about money, politics, relationships.

    In 8% of cases claim for is used
    Stamped receipts provided for claim purposes.
    ACE Travel Insurance provides e-filing for claims which is very convenient and easy to use.
    Health Insurance, by design, is a community fund, where the healthy pay for claims of the sick, through premium.
    If the Buyers do not push for claims for the loss suffered resulting from the lengthy investigation, the cost of delay is at buyers expense.
    The Weathertight Homes Tribunal supported by the Ministry of Justice, is a judicially independent Tribunal that provides adjudication for claims.
    I was originally quite dubious as to how useful it would be having read some comments on internet forums about companies not paying out for claims etc.
    Interest: Even though the time limit for claim submission may be extended beyond 36 months, the Regulations do not provide for payment of interest beyond the 24-month period as described in 6.

    In 6% of cases claim with is used
    We launched our products with claim for our T21 only.
    The investors would take their place in line as unsecured creditors with claims in equity for actual damages.
    The Georgian actions in South Ossetia in 2008 allowed Russia to combine ethnic nationalism with claims of promoting democracy and self-determination.
    This is an argument that has been all over the place for years with claims that violence in video games turns people into psychopathic killers and the like.
    This letter has nothing to do with claims against Biwott in relation to kickbacks, rival companies, high-level corruption as Elderkin would have you believe.
    The reality, the Court said, was that the Defendants had retained Knowles not as barristers, but as an organisation to provide them with claims and project handling services.

    In 5% of cases claim on is used
    IHR sued and won a multimillion-dollar judgment on claims that Mr.
    The current furore is focussed on claims of the rape and abuse of detainees.
    He had been on ice since July on claims of embezzlement and abuse of office.
    We, the West chose to help one side based on claims that the Serbs where suppressing the Albanians.
    This is the same review procedure that applies to ACC decisions on claims, and is explained in How to challenge a denial of ACC.
    There's more: The source further informs IP2P that the inquiry is focused on claims made within a recently-released book written by two Chicago Tribune reporters.
    If health insurers spend less on claims than those target amounts, known as the medical loss ratio (MLR ), they must rebate to policyholders the difference -- a total of about $1.

    In 4% of cases claim amid is used
    His body was burnt beyond recognition amid claims that his hands and feet were bound by a rope.
    Greening, who is due to visit India shortly, will outline how the payments could be reduced amid claims that India is too rich to need handouts.
    After Mrs Collier's murder, detectives probed the couple's relationship amid claims her husband ' bought ' his bride on the internet, and she had undergone a sex change.
    It's been reported today that darts ace and I'd A Celebrity contestant Eric Bristow could be axed from the ITV show amid claims he's bullying fellow celeb Helen Flanagan.
    It is believed that some schools in local authorities including Leeds and Bradford are also considering legal action against exam boards amid claims that pupils from poor backgrounds.
    Instead, the 28-year-old beauty said she would have been happy to use that time to start a family with then-husband Ashley Cole, who she divorced in 2010 amid claims he cheated on her.

    In 4% of cases claim despite is used
    The Somali people feel humiliation despite claims of international generosity towards the Somali people.
    Despite claims that they are stalling or lying, in fact Saddam's officials appear to be complying with every request from U.
    Rowling has finally made up with his once-estranged daughter, despite claims she partly based a ' vile ' character on him in her new novel, The Casual Vacancy.

    In 4% of cases claim in is used
    The increase in claims increased costs to insurers to the tune of approximately 400 million in 2011.
    Adverts in there tend to be of the ' we are specialists in claims against donkeys, please send us all of your claims against donkeys ' or ' Wanted! Lawyer to specialise in pseudopod claims ' type.

    In 3% of cases claim about is used
    The tales used to be about claim jumpers and pirates, but lately they were all about the bugs.
    The revelations came as police confirmed Savile was questioned in 2007 about claims of sexual assault.

    In 3% of cases claim by is used
    We believe this rise goes with unprecedented activity by claims management companies.
    Why? Because he'll likely never be bankrupted by claims against him or lawyers fees like Landis or Hamilton.
    He arrived in a cowboy-style hat to be hit by claims News of the World reporters hacked the phones of 9/11 victims.
    But Mr Bin Hammam's candidacy has also been tarnished by claims separate to Triesman 's, which alleged that Fifa members Issa Hayatou and Jacques Anouma were paid 900,000 to vote for Qatar 2022.

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