Prepositions used with "customer"

of, to, for, with or from customer?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 28% of cases customer of is used

They've had a lot of customers.

Moreover, the creation of customer.

Take care of customer complaints personally.

The service are great most of the time, still it depends on the amount of customers.

Coke's mistake was that it insulted a loyal base of customers who loved the product.

He added that, on average, only about 10 per cent of customers use the drive-through.

We want to ensure that you receive the highest level of customer service in all aspects of doing business with us.

If you variable costs go up, your business won't grow, even if sales are up and the number of customers increases.

If you variable costs go up, your business won't grow, even if sales are up and the number of customers increases.

Rather than concentrating on how great your product is, focus on what it can do to solve the problems of customers.

In 24% of cases customer to is used

Our dedication to customer satisfaction.

They may pass on the charge to customers.

Responding to customer feedback both pre.

Always make sure your content is updated and correct before sending it to customers.

Support folks + dev-on-call discuss any questions related to customer support tickets.

I am sure in the coming days all builders will disclose to customers the carpet area.

PRODUCE Aussie Organics Aussie Organics of Australia delivers organic produce to customers in Hong Kong each week.

Education is needed for all stakeholders in wildlife tourism, from guides to accommodation providers to customers.

They design, develop and sell products and components from bulk amorphous alloys to customers in various industries.

You can even provide your own ticket designs! Tickets will be sent to customers as soon as payment has been approved.

In 15% of cases customer for is used

All in all, 10 on 10 for customer service.

I was going to make a difference for customers like me.

The risk here is lost time and no product for customers to provide feedback against.

But most of us lost cell phone service entirely, except for customers of one company.

About the Author Kathryn is a web consultant at Yell, creating Yellsites for customers.

ERG has been designing and manufacturing power supplies for customers in the US and around the world since 1979.

They need to be designed and tested with the target markets to ensure they offer a smooth experience for customers.

Their Osu location is three stories tall; on the bottom floor an armed security guard opens the door for customers.

In terms of overall cost estimate we have, per year for customers including all charges, it will not be more than 0.

In 13% of cases customer with is used

It's very important to stay in touch with customers.

Staff not overly concerned with customer satisfaction.

Interacts with customers in a positive and professional manner.

Using the Twitter website is a fantastic way to have casual chats with customers.

Cloud service provider signs SLA with customer and delivers his offering remotely.

Heavy regional travel required -- expect 70% on-site work with customers and partners.

Some truly household names are associated with having really bad reputations in association with customer service.

Finally Krishna De from BizGrowthNews stressed the importance of interacting with customers through social media.

I would go to bed and dream of pic ' n ' mix, Chad Valley and my next depressing day dealing with customer returns.

A situation like this is often resolved by the owner hiring a clerk who is able to communicate with customers in French.

In 6% of cases customer from is used

Also include recommendations from customers, clients and colleagues.

This influences them to take money from customers and any source possible.

This will ensure that I have deducted all advances from customers as well.

Moves from customer services/creative sector to administration happen quite often.

Solicit reviews and feedback from customers who have just bought something from you.

Spoken to customer care got same kind of rubbish answer expected from customer care department.

The feedback we receive from customers suggests increasing demand for mooring integrity management in the future.

If this is not surplus cash and is actually advances from customers, then it should show up in current liabilities.

It will also be opening its stores an hour earlier on Thursday morning to accommodate the huge demand from customers.

You can also receive an opt-in offline by verbally requesting email addresses from customers and potential customers.

In 4% of cases customer in is used

We are industry leading in customer advocacy.

This is particularly true in customer service.

Nokia's trust value in customers is not very high.

Lara Brown has 15 years of experience in customer acquisition marketing to nonprofits.

Gallup often sees significant differences in customers ' emotional drivers at the local level.

Gallup often sees significant differences in customers ' emotional drivers at the local level.

The moral of the story, anyone who wants to work in customer service needs to manage their customer's expectations.

Monitor your payments Regularly monitoring your payments will help you spot any changes in customer payment patterns.

It's only when worms/viruses started exploding in customer's face and threatening MSFT's revenues that we got the serious effort of SP2.

In 4% of cases customer on is used

In fact, the organization has topped surveys that focused on customer service.

To do this we have kept a tight focus on customer services and response times.

They place a greater emphasis on customer acquisition, activation and referrals.

HDNL must have masses of information on customers we have had problems delivering to.

HDNL must have masses of information on customers we have had problems delivering to.

Who could possibly do that calmly and safely and keep an eye on customer satisfaction.

Early on our focus was primarily on customer comments in survey open ends; this is still a key area for most of our clients.

Now you know that it's a marketing firm focused on customer engagement led by CEO Don Whitbeck and Partners Wilson and Fiorella.

Ignoring the lessons of economics they have instigated a radical change to profitability and totally dropping the focus on Customer Experience.

In 3% of cases customer by is used

Instruments quoted by Customer price request 3.

Instruments quoted by Customer price request 4.

Many of the sites will have reviews by customers on there too.

In addition, some major shops will have phones for use by customers, including many 7-Elevens.

Utility holding service provider flows the program supplied by customers concerning a providers.

Intellectual property was the prime target, followed by customer information, the survey revealed.

Ensure suitability of products One of the major issues faced by customers is the lack of quality products and services.

Similarly, many of the artisans in Suame Magazine are unaware of the standards of quality control expected by customers.

We do not control the Content posted by Customers and we do not guarantee the accuracy, integrity or quality of the Content.

We have already managed to resolve a very large number of difficulties experienced by customers through our branches and call centres.

In 2% of cases customer about is used

They just don't seem to bother about customer care.

You can't only be about customer experience while you're launching.

Like you, we at Saba Communications are concerned about customer privacy.

Let's say you have a program that displays information about customers from a database.

You can tell interesting stories about customers who have used your product or service and who have had great results.

The use of cookies is to allow Away to Go to track information about Customers ' use of the site and provide appropriate content.

The artists get nothing here! Meanwhile, these brainless RIAA lawyers go crazy about customers who buy their products and rip them to their IPODs.

This point about customers being internal as well as external is crucial: Staff are among the internal customers of modern right-minded organisations.

Report Comment Reason * Please enter the code shown on the image Information about customers and markets, the more sellers gather, the more sales sellers get.

In 1% of cases customer as is used

I feel so disheartened at the we as customers are treated.

Surely the upkeep is much cheaper for providers as well as customers.

They commented that the price was not $50 but more as customer has to pay the carrier monthly.

Facebook fan pages give clients as well as customers a place to give feedback that anyone can view.

Some areas restrict certain activities, such as customer pickups, outside storage or signage, according to business.

Some think that students should not be regarded as customers -- regardless of whether they have paid a six-figure sum to the university.

Common milestones are financially-related -- revenue, gross margin, earnings, and so on, or customer-related such as customer retention or renewal post-acquisition.

In particular it will help delegates get to grips with those issues of ever-increasing importance, such as customer satisfaction, continual improvement and the management of processes.

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