Prepositions used with "reduction"

of, to, for, with or by reduction?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 27% of cases reduction of is used
    The right of reduction must be provable.
    The amount of reduction is gearing * increase in capital.
    Hopes of reduction of traffic jams are high amongst drivers and road users.
    We felt like slapped in the face and immediately cancelled the booking at a cost of reduction of 25%.
    No one in 2015 can have a full understanding of what sort of reductions will be possible so many years in advance.
    If each person reduced waste by only 1 pound each week, the amount of reduction statewide would total 312,000 tons a year.
    It can come about as a result of reduction in the toddlers ' intake of breast or formula milk leading to the deficiency of this nutrient.
    Fortunately (yes fortunately, not only for the NDC but for the whole country in the name of reduction of the tension ), the NDP was disqualified.
    In 1999 UNDP came up with a voter education programme for 9 districts in the promotion of good governance for the purpose of reduction of poverty.
    Sure, Hometrack state regularly that vendors achieve between 90-95% asking price but said asking price may have seen a couple of reductions before achieving a sale.

    In 17% of cases reduction to is used
    The key to reduction of healthcare costs it to reduce the incidence of disease.
    Drops in heart rate relate to reductions in pace and easier (downhill) parts of the run.
    As of now we would suggest you to try to settle the matter with respect to reduction in cost with the builder through negotiation.
    Several other studies link more time spent in nature to reduction of depression, faster healing, and less need for pain medication.
    REDD aims to provide payments to countries which reduce carbon emissions by mitigating activities which lead to reductions in forest biomass.
    ICBU will also be accorded various tax incentives and privileges that lead to reduction in the cost of doing business and expedient market entry in foreign currency Islamic finance business.

    In 15% of cases reduction for is used
    Will that help? The call has to do with the demand for reduction in cost of governance.
    It?? s also our responsibility to make efforts for reduction of CO 2 emission and less energy consumption.
    Answers: Insurance providers usually are not while in the home business of spending for reduction prevention.
    Second, a reader might imply that the lack of sidewalks is the cause for reduction in walking relative to prior generations.
    It makes no sense to be calling for reductions in oil and gas usage, yet not protesting about drilling more out of the ground.
    Soon after his descent from the peak, Iceman called for reduction of human activities on Mount Kilimanjaro to avoid depletion of snow on.
    The IMF? s mania for reductions of government spending in times of crisis has been rationalised by the claim that balanced budgets are the foundation of long-term economic stability and growth.

    In 10% of cases reduction with is used
    I designed a 5 section coaching chart that is specific to dealing with reduction of excess weight and type 2 diabetes in tandem.
    Yes, I know it isn't quite that simple, with reductions for good behaviour and sanctions for offences in gaol, but these are details that can be agreed.
    A review of 26 studies of the effect of smoke-free workplaces concluded that totally smoke-free workplaces are associated with reduction in prevalence of about 4%.

    In 9% of cases reduction by is used
    Microspore mother cells divide to form microspores by reduction divisions.
    These increases were partially offset by reductions in purchases of durable (-0.
    Don't punish them, but make them feel welcome by reduction of govt oppression and reduction of taxes owed.
    A research conducted in December 2006, on 50 IT professionals in Bangalore, India found a significant reduction in stress levels as shown by reduction in cortisol levels in saliva.

    In 7% of cases reduction in is used
    Considering all the experimental islands in developing a model for the pattern in reduction, the diversity change fit a log-log relationship (i.
    Protocol data is always subjective and time consuming in reduction, but usually gives insight into where more detailed studies need to be performed.

    In 5% of cases reduction including is used
    Such an erosion of reputation of banks could have multiple chain effect including reduction of deposit in the concerned bank and fall of share prices of the whole banking sector.

    In 4% of cases reduction through is used
    A breakthrough hinges on coming up with 10 billion euros ($13 billion) through reductions in interest rates charged by creditors and a debt buyback financed by bailout funding.

    In 3% of cases reduction as is used
    In the developing world, Corsaro detects some promising signs such as reductions in child mortality, some diseases, and malnutrition.

    In 3% of cases reduction towards is used
    As a result, citizens, businesses, governments, and non-profit groups worldwide are calling for and working towards reductions in CO2 emissions to halt further change.

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