Prepositions used with "union"

of, to, for, in or with union?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 34% of cases union of is used

Advantages of union Advantages, advantages.

It's just a poor, made-up imitation of union with God.

After the Act of Union in 1707 unique Scottish coinage came to an end.

With US$575 million in assets, Crown is less than half the size of Union County Savings.

For example, 75 percent of union membership must consent to a strike before it can proceed.

This made New South Wales very suspicious of union, especially if it was proposed by Victoria.

Only 2 per cent of the total labour force and less than 10 per cent of all industrial workers, were members of unions.

The Act of Union between England and Scotland decreed that these standards would hold across the whole of Great Britain.

That deal ought to have increased the holding of Union Global from 65 per cent and reduced that of AMCON from 20 per cent.

Went through all of UnionJ's performances and i got ta say Jaymi does have a great voice, best male one deffo (except Jahmene).

In 15% of cases union to is used

There will be a new south exit to Union Station.

Lee surrendered his army to Union General Ulysses Grant.

This country is being handed willingly to union thugs and bureaucrats.

For this writer on The Way of Chakra Healing words are invitations to union with a higher power.

The obvious things that a league player brings to union are ball carrying, off-loading, tackling.

The percentage of workers belonging to unions fell drastically, causing an internal crisis in the labor movement.

This year the attacks on public workers provided an additional push to unions to use May Day as a vehicle for protest.

Further, countries around the world that have higher rates of workers belonging to unions have less inequality than those that don't.

The cost of WWLRT per Transit City is near 700 M, and almost all of that is slated for the connection from Roncesvalles to Union loop.

A different balloon maker, La Mountain, demonstrated to Union senior officers the advantages of free flight balloon for reconnaissance.

In 10% of cases union for is used

Sushma Suri for Union of India in C.

His hatred for unions was pathological.

To go immediately for union was to risk failure.

Everything else will be framed by your deep love for God, and your desire for union with him.

The same can't be said for Union J who are the blandest of the remaining contestants this time.

The power base of illegal immigrants as victim targets for unions has great appeal to the left.

IL for instance dedicates 20% of it's states budget to pensions and healthcare for unions alone if I'd not mistaken.

The opponents of federation complained that there was one factor always working against them? the sentiment for union.

Australian Natives Association The strength of the sentiment for union registered its first victory when Parkes got his way.

Little ever discuss this? Because he knowspeople are sice of unions putting people in office who only look out for union interests.

In 10% of cases union in is used

In Union of India and Others v.

He is in union with every bishop in.

And then there's the four boys in Union J.

If u r a union u will know tat u hv to fight for the worker's right even they r not in union.

He is in union with every bishop in the United States, defending religious freedom and our faith.

He had to be sure that his future was in union, that he was part of the All Blacks going forwards.

This growing wave of firings is provoking sharp debate in unions, especially those with large immigrant memberships.

The average loan-to-deposit ratio of community banks in Union County Savings ' home state of New Jersey is nearly 90 percent.

They created an independent Confederacy, which led to the beginning of the Civil War, which resulted in Union regaining its unity.

Later he was an anarchist, although he continued to work in union campaigns with members of Solidarity and the International Socialists.

In 8% of cases union with is used

Obama is meeting with Union leaders to fix everything.

It was manned by a rather bored-looking young man and woman with Union Jack flags on their jackets.

With Union controlling Montreal's city council, he will likely become mayor by the end of the week.

It'll be interesting to see how the collaboration with unions and immigrants rights groups pans out.

When we combine these two queries with UNION and then group by the id, we have all the duplicates together.

As a result of the protests, the Portuguese government decided on Saturday night to enter into negotiations with unions and.

It could successfully negotiate cost-cutting concessions with unions and bondholders so it can become viable outside of bankruptcy.

What a feeling that was as First Nations walked in solidarity with unions, environmental groups, NDP, wage earners and many concerned citizens.

The IRB is working with Unions to review the role of independent match-day doctors and define a standard procedure for immediate concussion diagnosis.

In 7% of cases union by is used

His free ride in law school is being paid for by unions: Why doesn't Mr.

Similar calls have been issued by union federations in South Africa, Norway, Ireland and Scotland.

She explains that this followed requests by the workers, backed by unions, that extra payment rather than food be supplied.

Against the target of Rs 40,000 crore set by Union Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal, the two-day bidding process received bids only worth Rs 9,407 crore.

Booth fled on horseback but was tracked down 12 days later to a farm in northern Virginia where he was shot dead by Union soldiers while hiding in a barn.

The slow and inefficient reaction by Government to protect our assets and people, confirms the strong suspicion that this is an ill intended campaign by unions and political parties.

Strike offence by union 88(3) Every union that declares or authorizes a strike contrary to this Act is guilty of an offence and is liable, on summary conviction, to a fine of not more than $1,000.

This view is not shared by unions, which have complained that Mackey prevents unionization among his employees, notably at a store in Madison, Wisconsin, where team members had voted to unionize.

In 7% of cases union from is used

You can get to Hollywood from Union Station by subway.

Hostess did have problems but they did not come from union labor.

Allowing a principal to hire the best candidate (from union teacher rosters) helps students.

Employees from Union and Amandelbult who do not return to work on October 30th would be dismissed, subject to appeal.

We're conveniently located across from Union Station at 100 Front Street West within the financial and entertainment districts.

Steve: Extending the DRL to Dufferin from Union (or wherever it crosses Yonge) would cost well over half a billion, plus the cost of your proposed tunnel to Roncesvalles.

Steve said: Extending the DRL to Dufferin from Union (or wherever it crosses Yonge) would cost well over half a billion, plus the cost of your proposed tunnel to Roncesvalles.

For collectors of outdated TTC signage the local area map at the exit from Union Subway Station to the moat shows that TTC service on Queen's Quay is provided by the 77B and 510 routes.

In 5% of cases union at is used

We finally arrived at Union Station at 3:15pm.

David Gushee, then an ethics professor at Union University in Jackson, TN.

Once a Front Street line reaches University, it meets a substantial problem at Union Station.

We also provide meals at Union County community shelter in Monroe every 4th Sunday of the month.

This Has To Be Funny was recorded over a few nights at Union Hall in Brooklyn, New York last winter.

A Fortune for a Horse! It was at Union Square that I saw a man offering a thousand dollars for a team of horses.

I think we? ve all gotten rather excited about some of the things happening here at Union, and I think that that? s been pretty well across the board.

In April 2009, Michael D'Antuono was forced to cancel unvailing of his portrait, The Truth, depicting Obama appearing much like Jesus Christ on the Cross, at Union Square Park (N.

In 3% of cases union on is used

I thought that was a highly effective hit job on Union J.

It is part of a coordinated attack across North America on unions and wages.

See the subtle difference? Yes I see the difference between our opinions on unions.

Capital insufficiency began in 1982 when Reagan broke PATCO and business declared war on unions.

The director of labor is charged with ruling on union-organizing discrimination complaints, except in EPZs.

Hard-line employers have had their sights on unions since the 1930s, when organized labour in Canada and the U.

In the late 1970s and 1980s, however, large corporations, assisted by the government, intensified their attacks on unions and workers.

It is beneficial to everyone, rich and poor alike, to stop wasting money on union subsidies and tax breaks for unions that do not even use those tax breaks for the benefit of their own members.

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