Prepositions used with "brain"

of, to, for, in or with brain?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases brain of is used

Chess is a game which requires lot of brains.

It is sad, it is bereft of brain and it is apparent.

It is an essential component of the growth of brain.

Beauty is not something that can be explained away just as an aspect of brain function.

However, the probability of brain damage because of still ineffective breathing is great.

Exercise reduces stress levels, chance of brain damage, and even creates new brain cells.

Such imaginings, in healthy patients, produce two distinct patterns of brain activity which the scanner can pinpoint.

Advantages to Developmental Incompleteness There are advantages to being born in an early stage of brain development.

After a week of brain washing, I'd convinced Oracle actually invented the cloud and everyone else has just copied them.

We have scanned him several times and his pattern of brain activity shows he is clearly choosing to answer our questions.

In 11% of cases brain to is used

Little did we know as her parents she died on impact due to brain injury.

Several studies made connections that link aspartame to brain cell destruction.

Anytime we speak of watches, the 1st name which comes to brain is faux Rolex watches.

Appealing to brain states isn't akin to discovering some final Truth, or so I'd argue.

That is why a heart transplanted person feels the same as opposed to brain transplanted.

Indeed, any activity we perform repeatedly will lead to brain changes: that's known as learning.

Although the specific cause is unknown in many cases, epilepsy can be related to brain injury, tumors, or infections.

Vaccination -- HiB Japanese encephalitis is a mosquito-borne viral infection which leads to brain swelling and damage.

We have identified a number of genes related to brain growth that operate basically the same way in mice and in humans.

Helmets protect the brain from forces sustained in a collision by lengthening the duration by which the forces are applied to brain tissue.

In 10% of cases brain for is used

The mind is continuously searching for brain events that are interesting for its goals.

And that suggests that even though TREM2 is rare, the way it works in the brain may be important for brain health.

I swear you lot must have rocks for brains if you think that nokia should still release anna in its current form.

Adriana decided that she would confront Karent about the Botox for brains news article and Joanna decided to come to Karent's rescue.

He leaves Zombie wailing for brains and Rich Mommy pities the poor Zombie/Ji Ho/Brain love triangle developing just around the corner.

Paul Byrne, who is also a Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, often refers to cases in which those who had met the criteria for brain death had recovered.

In 10% of cases brain in is used

But in brain work, they are not fertile.

It is when nitrous oxide is illicitly used and abused that results in brain damage and cell loss.

CHOLESTEROL It is the most common steroid found virtually in animal tissues, in blood, in brain and in spinal column.

Many of our best and brightest sought to build safer lives for themselves away from Sri Lanka, resulting in brain drain.

Second, a slew of discoveries in brain science have helped us understand how best to use the new technology and make learning stick.

But we don't need to know that to realise that changes in brain structure and our higher thoughts and feelings are incontrovertibly linked.

That is, except in high-speed crashes where data from racing suggests that there may be an overall increase in brain damage and death from wearing helmets.

Individuals without narcolepsy have around 70,000 hypocretin brain cells, while narcoleptics have have between 3,000 to 10,000 (a significantly lower amount).

So while ASPM may be related to changes in brain size in primates and cetaceans, it is more parsimonious to conclude that positive selection is related to the role in testis.

That is the message from Australian scientific statesman Dr Basil Hetzel more than 40 years after his seminal studies illuminated iodine's essential role in brain development.

In 9% of cases brain with is used

She blogs at Birds with Brains.

Nine years ago his wife was diagnosed with brain cancer.

They have the strength of men and beauty with brain like women.

Remember the milk powder incident in China? Those with brains go and think through lor.

We Sinhala Lions with brain &; bravery will lead our country to prosperity in coming years.

I guess the Left never does learn, does it? People with brains know who put up the sign and why.

In **30;6974;TOOLONG, Watchdog got upset with Brain Training for not being able to understand a word Northerners say.

Unfortunately, after marrying his longtime girlfriend and earning the rank of captain, Michael was diagnosed with brain cancer in 1999.

A nice sightseeing tour with brain coral, elliptical star and green cactus coral, again, plenty of barrel and giant tube sponge in all different colours.

In January 1979 Steve first wife was involved in a fatal car accident and died a few days later with brain damage, now he was alone, and only had her to turn to.

In 7% of cases brain on is used

He's small in physical stature and worldwide fame, but big on brains.

LSD in particular is known to have serious and long lasting effects on brain function, and not all of them negative.

Dr Francisco Sepulveda from University of Essex, UK, gave an interesting keynote talk on Brain Computer Interface Systems.

Why? because alcohol is a drug which is making its effect on brain through its absorption by blood as soon as one consumes it.

Although the limitations exist, this study represents an important extension of previous knowledge of the effects of CogTr on brain aging.

Why? because Alcohol has this effect on brain that almost all inhibitions of a normal person that stops him from breaking social norms - e.

Truly, sometimes the worst daughter in law(extremists) has the best influence on brain wash, and moms end up in dementia, as our mother did with us.

The company commissioned a study about its effects on brain ageing, related to the activity of nerve growth factor, an important target involved in the brain's neuronal activity.

Thus because of the constraints on brain size by a small pelvis human babies are born relatively immature, with a lot of brain growth, development, &; maturation occurring in infancy.

In 5% of cases brain from is used

He died from brain injuries caused by his head hitting the ground.

Novak died on August 18, 2009, due to complications from brain cancer.

The decoded speech representations allowed readout and identification of individual words directly from brain activity during single trial sound presentations.

The results provide insights into higher order neural speech processing and suggest it may be possible to readout intended speech directly from brain activity.

But while genes transmit biological information, memes transmit cultural information (in the form of tunes, ideas, catch-phrases, fashion -- anything that propagates by leaping from brain to brain).

In 4% of cases brain by is used


A couple of nationalities, they are really dressed to stacee styles or maybe by brains because of particular special categories of workers.

Dear Apsara, Please ignore some comments put in here by brain washed Rajapaksa supporters who are continuining false campaign against your father.

In 1% of cases brain as is used

I think it takes knowledge as well as brains to be a good musician.

An infection with Toxoplasma gondii can cause eye and central nervous system infections as well as brain and muscle cysts.

Now comes the creativity, you can use Spaghetti to make intestines, use red food color to give an impression of blood, Cauliflower can act as brain.

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