Prepositions used with "violence"

of, to, for, in or on violence?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 63% of cases violence of is used

To offer it the show of violence.

This has been a summer of violence.

The goal of violence is to destroy.

It is true that most women who are the victims of violence suffer domestic assaults.

I feel as though I can't even go to the mall anymore, without that fear of violence.

The Agreement held out the prospect of an end to violence and the threat of violence.

Foreign Service, and I hope that my unique background will help me to prevent this type of violence in the future.

Bus burnings were part of a wave of violence that left 31 dead over the weekend in Sao Paulo, according to police.

He urged parents to advise their children against engaging in any form of violence ahead of this year's elections.

If one complains then you are in danger of violence that these fanatics often hide not too deep under the surface.

In 11% of cases violence to is used

Hair-trigger resort to violence.

Soldiers get habituated to violence.

Kenyans should also say no to violence.

The Agreement held out the prospect of an end to violence and the threat of violence.

If the basics of life-requirement are not met, you have not bid farewell to violence at all.

A fourth faction also still committed to violence, the Continuity IRA, has declined to merge.

If you merely say anything that's derogatory about Islam, then they immediately go to violence, which I've experienced.

Badria said her brother's wife had lost her father and brother to violence in Afghanistan, and her mother had lost both hands.

In June 1990, in the middle of peace talks with the Government, the LTTE unilaterally broke the ceasefire and returned to violence.

In 5% of cases violence for is used

They are already spoiling for violence.

A word for violence directed against a minority group.

His taste for violence marked by almost wicked dictatorship are all there.

She said: ' Your record is terrible for violence given that you are 26 years of age.

There was no link, however, between Palestinians ' support for violence and how often they prayed at home.

GS: Do you take those calls for violence in the music seriously? JP: Yes we do, because people have been killed.

A lot of people must find time to engage themselves properly so that you will have little or no time for violence.

NATO, leading a force of 16,000 troops in Kosovo, is now braced for violence if frustrated Albanians lose patience and take matters into their own hands.

Therefore, it is not one variable, such as a diagnosis, but a complex interplay of environmental stresses that also combine to increase risk for violence.

In 4% of cases violence in is used

That doesn't end up in violence.

We are seeing a rise in violence prompted by hate speech.

He wasn't crucified or the US or the Christian world didn't erupt in violence.

Often, the military are called upon to support the police in violence and crime control.

Followers of Sheikh Ahmed have been accused of involving themselves in violence in the past.

It means any opposition to those rights may more easily result in violence against minorities.

Our number one thing is to make the community safer so we target areas that are experiencing an increase in violence, shootings.

Fayemi explained that Saraki never believed in violence in his political activities and used persuasion in spreading his political ideology.

Too afraid to come out as an openly gay man, all-too-often Brendan's frustration manifested itself in violence towards the person he claimed that he loved.

In 4% of cases violence on is used

END FGM has recorded a YouTube video question on violence against women.

Yet our faith and ethics on violence only make sense if Christ was crucified and rose from the dead.

In a civilized society Application of law is the only effective deterrent to minds hell bent on violence.

However, one could argue that Fisk's entire career is based on an excessive focus on violence by westerners, instead of violence by non-westerners.

The Canadian Panel on Violence Against Women in 1993 found rural women are particularly vulnerable to domestic violence because of their isolation.

One three-year study of the fly-in, fly-out phenomenon found that work camps have a profound impact upon the patterns on violence in host communities.

The question Glenn posed is whether Christians may properly support the father stepping in and assuming the state's monopoly on violence in response to criminal actions.

On violence against women, particularly racialized women, I would recommend Bannerji, Andrea Smith, Incite! Women of Color Against Violence, Sherene Razack, and Leti Volpp.

The first being a study on harmful traditional practices and the second being a feasibility study on whether legislation on violence against women across the EU can be harmonised.

The Committee also proposed that the UN Secretary General should be requested, through the General Assembly, to conduct an in-depth international study on violence against children.

In 4% of cases violence with is used

Reacting with violence has made the.

He even threatens them with violence.

People started to throw water bottles at me and threatened me with violence.

I thought to myself that no 17-year-old should be so familiar with violence and death.

Our beloved country suffered so long with violence and now is the time to put a full stop.

And if you've alologised while you bent his finger he has no reason to retaliate with violence.

But with violence we do not eliminate the problem of war-mongering and abuse of people in order to maintain power.

It's the kids who already have problems with violence or depression who perhaps should be kept away from Death Metal.

Bess, how has that affected your family personally? Bess Nungarrayi Price: With violence, we're constantly surrounded by it.

With violence escalating in the Sunni belt, many residents (read Sunnis) will opt not to cast their votes because of anger at the U.

In 3% of cases violence by is used

Violence can never be ended by violence.

This country was convulsed by violence and terror.

In other words, the death was not provoked by violence.

This mindset easily justified carnage since Spain was wracked by violence even before war.

Security, too, is a major issue with aid workers in conflict areas sometimes targeted by violence.

Once the Romans lost their republic, there was no one to lead them and they were ruled by violence.

Macapagal-Arroyo was elected president in her own right in May, 2004, but the balloting was marred by violence and irregularities as well as a.

CREATA strive to remain truthful to its call in the service of the poor and those afflicted by violence to address all forms of social injustices.

John the Baptist, like Jesus, enters into dialogue with them: ' Rob no one by violence or by false accusation and be content with your wages ' (Lk.

In 2% of cases violence about is used

It is all about violence and hatred.

Humans are rather ambivalent about violence.

Let me be more honest: I don't want to think about violence.

What is said about violence in general is applicable to sexual violence.

And you talk about violence against muslim women like domestic violence doesn't exist in Australia.

However, if we only talk about violence we reinforce stereotypes of women as passive and powerless.

You can fill your brains with all sorts of muck about violence and killings or you can learn more about yourself and the world so that.

When we think about violence, we often think about conflict, and when we think about conflict, we often think about wars or international disputes.

Parents are so concerned about violence in the media, but religionist-parents don't give a damm about the violence in their own holy texts, and its related elements.

However, I believe that most fraternities are not all about violence (which is the stereotype) but more on leadership, friendship and life-long commitment among its members.

In 2% of cases violence against is used

We have taken a very strong stand against terrorism and against violence.

SpongeBob then gives his fellow students a speech against violence, raising his fist for emphasis.

On the one hand, we are made in the image of God, so there is something in us that revolts against violence.

The media agency notes the fraud convictions and cases pending against people associated with the ' We Against Violence Trust '.

Hasina, survivor of an acid attack, takes part in a rally against violence on International Women's Day in Dhaka on March 8th, 2012.

The finely honed festive policing plan has drawn on experiences over the past three years since the force launched its Campaign Against Violence in 2008.

On violence against women, particularly racialized women, I would recommend Bannerji, Andrea Smith, Incite! Women of Color Against Violence, Sherene Razack, and Leti Volpp.

When these people and their values are held up as standards for their own children to follow, then we are facing a losing battle in the case against violence (of all sorts).

Safe and healthy environments, including good quality housing, clean water and adequate sanitation facilities, safe neighbourhoods, and protection against violence, are all essential.

In 2% of cases violence into is used

They, like the youth all over Nigeria, are easily manipulated into violence.

Lincoln) fortunately this war is of philosophy and has NOT yet degenerated into violence.

Disputes between the two unions escalated into violence earlier this year at another mine.

Israeli-Palestinian tensions often flare into violence and large-scale armed confrontations.

Chik claimed he and his wife had numerous arguments before, some of which had escalated into violence.

They drift through mundane jobs fuelled by booze and pot and, occasionally, they explode into violence: graphic, unflinching violence.

Any civil conflict or political crisis that degenerated into violence was thought to have corrupted or misled youths associated with it.

Authorities in Djibouti have arrested three top opposition leaders the day after a rally to demand regime change that erupted into violence.

However, tensions between the two have frequently erupted into violence, most notably in the Thousand Days War (1899?? 1902) and La Violencia, beginning in 1948.

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