Prepositions used with "employer"

of, to, for, by or with employer?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 27% of cases employer of is used

Just need to do a change of employer.

Right of employer to suspend, discharge, etc.

See also Division 2 for duty of employer to consult employees.

I left one PSU in 1998 and am getting pension in lieu of employer's PF contirbution.

The autocratic model prevailed initially where employees were under the mercy of employers.

Recruitment processes vary according to the type and size of employer you are interested in.

Yi-man has worked in human resources for many years, and is extremely aware of the rising expectations of employers.

I don't see why work permits and a Wall and audits of employers with heavy penalties for cheating won't do the trick.

We would need a more precise breakdown of employer health costs before we can assess any signficance to the Kaiser data.

In 17% of cases employer to is used

Bring your CV along to present to employers recruiting on the day.

Always include a cover letter when sending your CV out to employers.

Avoid jargon, clichs and abbreviations that might be unfamiliar to employers.

Financial support is already available to employers when reservists are called up for deployment.

From the employer's perspective, and as you say, the charge to employer's NIC is of course anything but minor.

Friend the Member for North East Hampshire has hit the nail on the head in talking about the benefits to employers.

Using a PPO network allows members to choose their providers while still offering substantial cost savings to employers.

All pre-registered visitors will receive an e-mail matching your profile and preferred sectors to employers at the event.

In 16% of cases employer for is used

These changes are crucial for employers.

So, all in all, for employers, it's a a no-brainer.

Gentleman asked about specific support for employers.

For Employers with a job vacancy or candidates in search of an employment opportunity.

In some jurisdictions, safety training or certification is required by law for employer and worker members.

There is still time for employers to do the right thing and give staff a day's paid leave on Tuesday 5 June.

That reality convinced the AFL-CIO in 1999 to reject the federation's former support for employer sanctions and call for repeal.

German experience has shown that better enforcement and high penalties for employers are the most effective ways to reduce illegal working 1.

FOR EMPLOYERS Free to create a Profile and Post Jobs Your Company Profile supplies access to multiple recruiters specializing in numerous fields.

Same goes for employer contributions to Social Security for federal employees, which also boost the program's bottom line but not the government's.

In 13% of cases employer by is used

Sponsorship fees and transfers will be paid by employer.

A good qualification in maths is demanded by employers.

Our graduates are highly valued by employers in New Zealand and overseas.

It will make you become the sort after worker/labor by employers of labor worldwide.

Students today need to feel confident that when graduate they'll be wanted by employers.

Better choice than what's provided by employers, and the potential for seamless portability.

Indeed, mechanical engineering graduates have many transferable skills which are highly valued by employers in a range of sectors.

I can see one component as Gratuity in my CTC, and it is in addition to 12 % of basic that is deposited by Employer and Employee in EPF.

Payment to expatriate employees, including wages, salaries and other benefits paid by employers in terms of their employment contracts.

Hamilton is more concerned about the far-reaching impact of the subtle discrimination still being practised by employers and policymakers.

In 8% of cases employer with is used

NB: The main Responsibility for Safety is with Employers.

I often work with employers to assist them in obtaining LMOs.

I welcome the statement, and in particular the comments about additional engagement with employers.

Network and Work Directly with Employers Job Bank Japan helps increase your network with Employers and other Recruiters.

Yeah, they could probably take advantage of you if they were devious about it, but I guess I've been lucky with employers.

For instance, you could put in front and center, information about the best achievements you have to your name working with employers in the past.

The physically-challenged young woman pleaded with employers to stop linking a person's capability to their disability, as has been done over the years.

In 6% of cases employer between is used

The fact that it's a social network means there's a lot of interaction between employers and employees.

Mobility between employers or industries may be limited by seniority provisions of collective agreements.

The Lockout left a deep legacy of bitterness between employers and workers, and between workers and police.

Another conference took place between employers, workers, and English trade unionists, but ended in failure.

The health service was established on a local basis, with the cost divided between employers and the employed.

A conference was held between employers, workers, and English trade unionists to try to resolve the dispute, without success.

The 12-month period applies where there has been an agreement approved by the Labour Court between employers and employees to that effect.

Contracts of Employment A contract of employment is an agreement between employer and employee and is the basis of the employment relationship.

A conversation between employer and employee, for example, is not the same as one between friends, even if the subject matter under discussion is the same.

If a priest breaks the rules of his employer (the pope) and he gets the push (or defrocked as the church would typically call it!!!!!!) that's a matter between employer and employed.

In 6% of cases employer on is used

CLINTON: I will crack down on employers.

For instance, people may depend on employers, ghosts, good luck omens, or guardian angels.

Secondly, you've got to crack down on employers, because people wouldn't come if there weren't a job waiting for them.

It found 37 per cent of 15 to 24 year olds had received no health and safety training, despite a clear legal duty on employers.

It not only depends upon your profile, but also on employer's and the offered project/client and employer-employee relationship.

Todd Wheatland will lead a track on Employer Branding Paul is in the business of helping employers become stars on the social web.

The additional days will be delivered through weekend and evening training sessions, to minimise any additional burden on employers.

Furthermore, taxes on employers are very high -- at least a 50 percent of each worker's annual salary, which means that if someone is paid 20.

That is part of the principle of comprehensive reform, that we're going to crack down on employers who are hiring them and taking advantage of them.

In 5% of cases employer from is used

Far from employers selfishly sticking it to their workers.

I would be interested to know what feedback you have had from employers.

Information on earnings and hours is obtained from employers and treated confidentially.

Witness said that he could produce dozens of seven days notices received from employers.

The cost of these is covered by social insurance contributions (PRSI) from employers and employees.

What is required from employers is that the worker is certified for the job that he is required to do.

The ITGWU's success in winning concessions from employers was mainly because of the use of sympathetic strikes.

Support from employers is vital, and we therefore welcome the approach outlined, in particular the consideration of a kitemark.

Employee engagement is a three-way process and requires responsibility, accountability and ownership from employer, employees and the organization.

But numbers from employer branding firm Universum tell a story that, if reinforced, might help to deliver the first blow in the battle to correct the pay gap.

In 1% of cases employer as is used

It does give more flexibility, like the hourly model, to advise on assets such as employer 401(k), pensions, etc.

In 1% of cases employer in is used

IT people work 24/7! maid works 24/7 lock in employers home.

Offering and alternative -- I'd go for 2p though -- or a cut in employer taxes too.

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