Prepositions used with "pilot"

of, to, by, for or with pilot?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 31% of cases pilot of is used
    He was in the first group of pilots to convert to Hunters.
    For example, a large number of pilots were shot down while carrying supplies to China over the Himalayas.
    Mr McRae was one of a group of pilots who gained their licences in a period of transition between different licensing regimes.
    An additional theme of this book is Aviation Safety, particularly regarding the current front and center issue of pilot fatigue.
    Why is there a limit of only 200 adventurers? This was the strict cap set by Tanzanian authorities (for the team of pilots, passengers and climbers).
    In South Africa a number of pilot projects across sectors are on the go, including examples of enterprise resource planning taking place in the cloud.

    In 15% of cases pilot to is used
    His main duty was to give detailed pre-flight briefings to pilots.

    In 14% of cases pilot by is used
    Janice was weird even by pilot standards.
    It's a call sign used by pilots when a plane is in trouble.
    Despite requests by pilot projects to achieve a resolution of this issue, neither Defra nor BT Openreach has sought a way to do so.
    Four were shot down, the first flown by pilot Officer William Murphy (23 ), the son of William and Katherine Murphy, of Mitchelstown Co Cork.

    In 10% of cases pilot for is used
    For pilots, friends and family who are interested in staying pre, during or post event, please email **28;4138;TOOLONG who will be looking after all bookings for the WOK team at the hotel.

    In 10% of cases pilot with is used
    We were a mixed bunch, with pilots also from Poland, America, Canada and Australia.
    For all the pain I'd in now I don't regret any of the time I got to spend with pilot, I was very lucky to have him in my life.
    Another advises us to become pally with pilots for low-cost jaunts abroad (try this with Ryanair crews and see how far you get) or wear flip-flops year-round to save money on socks.

    In 7% of cases pilot as is used
    Fate is the hunter and we as pilots seek to maintain our situational awareness in a hostile environment.
    If it was possible to divine the future, you might expect those at the sharp end, such as pilots, to have the most finely tuned instincts of all.
    Supply contracts for the supply of new marine craft to include a Tugboat, Security Patrol and Rescue boat as well as pilot launch, all costing over US$10million.

    In 3% of cases pilot from is used
    The National Aeronautics and Space Administration collects reports from pilots of incidents related to electronic devices.
    Throughout the aviation industry, employers are finding it difficult to attract and retain qualified employees, from pilots and flight attendants to air traffic controllers and engineers.

    In 3% of cases pilot without is used
    Now more than 40 per cent fly without pilots on board.
    Is this normal? Is it best to just use without pilot light and light burners/oven manually? Probably the oven is a pain to light with a long stick with a fire on the end.

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