Prepositions used with "member"

of, to, by, for or with member?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 30% of cases member of is used

Each group consists of members.

Neobux alone has millions of members.

Admission of Members, Dues and Fees 4.

The returning officer must count only the votes of members whose dues are up to date.

The polite mannerisms of members of the British government can be quite media-friendly.

Recall, in the macrocosm of member advertising there is no such thing as the ideal system.

Their treatment of members of Militant Tendency (themselves no favourable bunch) is just one demonstration of this.

Unfortunately, it has become necessary to take a strong stand against the large number of members who dump and run.

In 2003, an overwhelming majority of members of the European Parliament agreed to ban animal testing for cosmetics.

The election of members of the House of Representatives will be based on the system of Proportional Representation.

In 18% of cases member to is used

Such holes can cause injury to stock and to members of the public.

Certificates of Origin are endorsed at a moderate cost to members.

Limited seating will be available to members of the general public.

Research assistance Library staff provide limited assistance to members of the public.

Social Media success comes from delivering some sort of value to members and followers.

The AfDB envisages that this US$ 22 billion investment will only be offered to member states.

To member's customers, ADS signifies a network of professionals dedicated to the achievement of high-caliber service.

More than 500 tech start-ups have sprouted in sprawling Los Angeles and its environs, according to members of the L.

And given the move towards social networking technologies, which lend themselves very well to member profiles, you can.

In 16% of cases member by is used

David Petraeus by members of the U.

The action is prompted by members of his court.

A guard of honour was created by members of the local G.

Such cases usually involved statements considered offensive by members of the public.

The economy is highly dependent on money sent home by members of the Somaliland Diaspora.

Dramani was accompanied by members of his family and some members of the media from Ghana.

When questioned about these issues by members of his sports council Ismail had no answers and resigned as chairperson.

The stately structures were commissioned by members of the members of the Putia Raj Family, the zamindars of the area.

If I set it to allow by member group then everyone in that member group or name, it seems it (The one thats pre-set with.

Miraculously, 30 people survived after a very heroic rescue by members of the various emergency services in both countries.

In 11% of cases member for is used

Provide referral opportunities for members.

Provide referral opportunities for members.

As for members supporting the site, that is true.

They vote for members of the Electoral College, who are representatives from states.

Likewise, political parties, NGOs, community and religious groups compete for members.

It is also not uncommon for members to vote for a collective pay cut in order to spare jobs.

What is the Code of Conduct for Members enumerated by the Committee on Ethics adopted by the Rajya Sabha? Ans: Yes.

All the facilities are still there for members to enjoy -- the pool table, table tennis, table soccer, darts and more.

A mobile website is an inexpensive way to make sure you are found by prospects and is a great retention tool for members.

It also arranges visits for members of the foreign media wanting to learn about the country's industries and innovations.

In 9% of cases member with is used

He demanded that she stop speaking even with members of her family.

The day started out on a good note with members of the Holy Name Society of St.

Pointman, I have a little blog with members that would love to read your wise words.

The historic Courthouse section of Janesville is still thick with members of the Ryan clan.

Google partnered with members of the Open Handset Alliance to develop and release Android worldwide.

The researchers conducted interviews with members of policing agencies as part of their methodology.

Bob works with members companies on policy and technical issues relating to environmental regulations.

The IAB meets with members of Komatsu's top management to discuss relevant issues and to exchange views.

Chaos ensued, with member pages frequently breaking or proving unreadable to a number of browsers and users.

Daniel medina as the vice-chair, with members July Go, Simplicia neri, ABC President Reynaldo Parojinog, Sr.

In 6% of cases member from is used

Funds come from member churches,.

Credits can be made from member countries of I.

Addressing the audience from members of diplomatic.

She has been collecting all sorts of memories like those from members past and present.

In recent years there has been massive interest from Member Associations in nominating participants.

He added: ' There has been some interest in these from member states for border-surveillance purposes.

Any members who have this problem please create a ticket from members cabinet to get the funds back to his account balance.

During the past year, the Council has enjoyed outstanding support from members and from many benefactors, patrons and sponsors.

Increased risk-taking behaviour from members of this group may lead to sexually transmissible infections or blood-borne viruses.

WOW! does this through education and awareness raising, advocacy and involvement activities and financial donations from members.

In 3% of cases member among is used

Casual vacancies among members 11.

Facilitate communication and exchange of resources among members.

Internalized oppression occurs among members of the same cultural group.

It is modelled upon Alcoholics Anonymous, promoting the use of Twelve Steps among members.

If you have a large body of material to master you could benefit from dividing it up among members of a study group.

The feeling then among members of the church was that some gossip mongers might have whispered stories to the priest.

In other words, it involves practice (see praxis ): ways of doing and approaching things that are shared to some significant extent among members.

Several approaches will likely need to be tested, and discussions among members of the research team and related clinicians will be conducted to address the possible options.

In 3% of cases member between is used

Divergence between Member States, and now potential fragmentation within Member States.

Play is very important in social animals, strengthening the bond between members of the group.

Others again seem to be summaries of arguments that originally took place between members of the Academy.

The greater mobility of M? ori people also gave rise to more intermarriage between members of different tribes.

We also need to remove all the obstacles in the way of effective law enforcement cooperation between Member States.

Moreover, the European Union needs to base its work on solidarity between Member States and make full use of Article 222 TFEU.

This problem poses a significant challenge in that buyer-seller relationships will need to form between members of different generations.

The aim of the regional conference was to promote communication between members of the different regions and the General Authorities of the Church.

In order to guarantee equality between members, the corporation has adopted measures to ensure that top-paid workers in management positions can only earn up to 6.

In 3% of cases member on is used

Just a few of them, really? Quite sparse on member information.

But what is considerably unusual is for the Chief Executive to look down on members of the judiciary in public.

It has been unable to resist the temptation to aggrandise its jurisdiction and to impose uniform rules on Member States.

For licensing purposes, the proposal calls on Member States to enable universities to choose an agency from the Register.

It has over the years changed things in ways that consistently favor increased sharing, putting the onus on members to opt out.

Third, in the wake of the matatu explosion, there have been retaliatory attacks on members of the Somali community in Eastleigh.

Contacting Rajya Sabha Where do I get more information on members of Rajya Sabha? Ans: The Rajya Sabha Website: http: //rajyasabha.

The programme depends on members of the public to upload records of bumblebees they've found using Bee Watch's identification tool.

We call on member states to recognise and respect the non-proliferation regimes established under the Treaties of Pelindaba, Bangkok and Rarotonga.

Hezekia began writing song lyrics to capture the essence of this experience, and he called on members of the community to push the music initiative forward.

In 2% of cases member as is used

We have as members, the unemployed, students and entrepreneurs.

Entered politics in 1992 and won a seat as Member of Parliament for Agona East.

We as members of that community have a duty to help those that require it where we can.

His second chance of fame came in 1992-93 as member of one of the top rap groups from London, England.

They are present in decision-making positions such as members of a legislature, mayors, councilors, directors and managers of large companies.

The show had some great writers such as members of the Python team, Barry Cryer, and John Sullivan who went on to create Only Fools and Horses.

It is used to better serve the local community, as well as a useful area of apportionment for selecting certain representative offices, such as Members of Parliament, in rotation.

We have seen the lives of members of our security forces brutally taken as well as members of the security forces committing police excesses in the treatment of our nation? s citizens.

The honour of carrying the torch has fallen to 41 runners, including former and current athletes, as well as members of the public who have been nominated for their inspirational life stories.

Page 126, line 13 shekels silver coins dating from Biblical times and here used instead of? money? or perhaps? loot? as members of his family take advantage of his position for their own profit.

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