Prepositions used with "father"

of, to, by, for or with father?

Word Frequency
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In 33% of cases father of is used

Average age of fathers in Australia now 32.

A don does not get to be one by following the ways of Father Hollung.

Here is a snapshot of fathers in Singapore from the 1910s to present day.

Ranvi is explaining Ratan that he will be Veera's mother as Ratan works in place of father.

Where there is visitation, almost 80% of fathers pay all their support on time, and in full.

These lyrics speak to a demographic of fathers often demonised in the media because they're not around.

Or maybe the warm, happy vibe of Father's Day and the new bottle of scotch my kids gave me had me feeling all mushy.

How do u support that fact on traveling with a stranger? We'v heard cases of Father molesting his own flesh &; blood.

In the old Confucian family there had been the easy traditional relationship of father and son, or of elder and younger brother.

He did not lift his eyes till it paused opposite the place where he sat, and with a soft voice addressed him by the name of Father.

In 13% of cases father to is used

We call him to father of modern photography.

Husbands should not be compared to fathers and brothers.

Children's wishes with regards to fathers followed a different pattern.

Further, around 6,489 children a year are born to fathers aged fifty-plus.

Further, around 6,489 children a year are born to fathers aged fifty-plus.

Below you will find the message of Our Lord and King given to Father Melvin.

Below you will find the message of Our Blessed Mother given to Father Melvin.

Come again? I am worried that these men are allowed to father so many children.

He stayed in the cottage behind the church, right next to Father Allen's house.

The perjurer lies and solemnly asks God to father his lie! Surely God is patient.

In 12% of cases father by is used

The order was started in 1981 by Father Richard Ho.

The school at Goshenhoppen was begun by Father Schneider, S.

Meanwhile Radar had been found by Father Macully who took him back to Radars office.

There are indications to this effect in a letter of 1708, written by Father Gaulin (1708: 250v).

As regards Benediction, perhaps I should point out that it was ' staffed ' by Father and one server.

The monastery has been founded by Father Zacharie Bukuru, who was principal of Buta at the time of the massacre.

The curriculum was once arranged in the 1930s by Father Timothy Corcoran SJ of UCD, who could not speak the language himself.

The most detailed description of such Mi'kmaq decorative practices is provided by Father Chrestien Leclercq in 1691 (Ganong 1910: 95-98, 269).

While you wait, you can hear a number of stories from domestic violence to distilling illegal alcohol to practicing incest by fathers on daughters.

Such an interpretation is reinforced by Father Biard's declaration a decade later that the Mi'kmaq referred to Newfoundland as Praesentis (Thwaites 1959, II: 67).

In 12% of cases father for is used

The voting was unanimous -- everyone's vote was for Father Colin.

Well, Peter scrambled out of that grave and bolted for Father Allen's.

It is not unusual for fathers and sons to work together in the coal mines.

The period 2009- 2012 can be reckoned as years of utter regret for Father of the Party.

Even for fathers who maintain regular contact, the pattern of father-child relationships changes.

Restoration of the tax allowance for fathers for so long as Child Benefit is being paid to mothers.

Working in partnership with Pre-school Learning Alliance, the services arranged for a group to be set up on Saturday mornings for fathers and their children.

Sorry if it's a little lame but I am trying to win a Smart TV for my dad for Father's Day yo! I think he's gon na be so excited if I can actually give this to him.

Search for a present for Father's day then pass your laptop to your dad to access his email and he'll see adverts probably showing the exact product you searched for, ruining the surprise.

If you do decide to keep the baby and are still unsure about your relationship don't put his name under the birth certificate for father because you don't want him to take your child away from you.

In 9% of cases father with is used

American writer best known for his autobiographical Life with Father (1935) and Life with Mother (published 1937).

I always grew up with Father Christmas! Glad Bella loved the show too, it was a lot of fun! Hello Angela and thanks for getting in touch.

She grew up in a nuclear home with father Henry McDonald Messam, a lawyer, mother Sadie, an educator, and two older brothers, John and Locksley.

Comparative study of children in mother sole custody, father sole custody, joint custody with mother primary, joint custody with father primary.

Father Hoffmann as their pastor, with Father Freygang as assistant; but, led by designing men, they would not co-operate with those sent to minister to them.

Mothers and fathers also cope differently with emotional distress, with fathers typically suppressing their feelings, often at the cost of anger (Gray, 2003).

Rodrigue, Morgan and Geffken (1992) compared fathers with children with autism with fathers with a child with Down syndrome and found few significant differences.

The fact that the children in Galinsky's sample were more likely to indicate a wish to spend more time with fathers most likely reflects the fact that so many more men worked full-time.

In 6% of cases father from is used

Nana was a product of the times; property handed from father to husband.

Question: Father and uncles from father of manik Posari are three brothers.

Putting in words and policy is not going to day to day preachings and practices that are passed down from father to son.

The Fetus and its Environment Fetal genetic problems may arise in three ways: they can be passed from father or mother, may occur as a result of damage to the egg or sperm or because.

In necessariis unitas, in dubiis libertas, in omnibus caritas - for the moment, I am inclined to the second part, but I do think that the caritas part is missing from Father Michael's article.

In 4% of cases father between is used

Brooke was a stunning bride and we'll never forget the moments had between father and daughter on their special day.

The country has maintained a thin democratic faade, holding regular elections, but between father and son, the family has not relinquished power in four decades.

In 4% of cases father like is used

Spending our hard earned money like father Xmas and bragging about.

Without you, I probably would have gone on and become another Death Eater, just like Father.

Again we say like father like son - Mills sat down for irresponsible appointees to plunged the nation into the present economic situation.

Grant has held down roles in such plays as Shebada Comes to Town, Like Father Like Son, Below the Waist, Serious Business, Ghett Out, and Double Dose.

Casting a clown as a demonic villain backfired during production: It was felt that Werich looked too much like Father Christmas to be menacing and he was released after a week's shooting.

In 4% of cases father on is used

He is such a hands on father and a caring husband.

For some reason, Portland Pride, always falls on Fathers Day weekend.

When he had ascertained the treachery practised upon Father Ephraim at St.

On Father's Day, President Obama gave a speech about the role of fathers to a predominantly black crowd.

On Father's Day, we spoke to father-son duos where one of them has donated an organ to the other to save his life.

Jan Jenson It's WONDERFUL to see these old photos saved and now SHARED! My great-grandparents on father's side homesteaded in North Dakota in 1883.

Matt Talbot Prayer Group Monday, October 3, 2011 6:00-7:00 pm FATHER JIM 'S NEW CHAUSIBLE On Father's Day we presented Father Jim with a new chausible.

Together wit the Canadiens and the Alouettes, the Montreal Impact takes part in the Walk of Courage, a major popular gathering held on Father's Day every year.

Thom; as soon therefore as he heard of the evil trick which the Portuguese had played on Father Ephraim he sent an order to Mir Jumla, the General of his troops, to lay siege to St.

In 2% of cases father as is used

He is mother as well as father.

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