Prepositions used with "executive"

of, to, by, for or in executive?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 44% of cases executive of is used

I suspect that the same is true of executive posts too.

There should be periodical assessment of the responsibility of executives.

Obama's past as a critic of executive unilateralism, his transformation is remarkable.

Mackey, an outspoken critic of executive overcompensation, pays himself a dollar a year.

The Committee concluded that there was no intentional violation of Executive Order 12333.

Obama's use of executive power to advance domestic policies that could not pass Congress was not new historically.

Idowu has held the position of Executive Director of Aircom Nigeria Limited, a Panasonic Import Syndicate partner.

The management board is composed of executive directors and responsible for running daily operations of the business.

This last year must have been so hard! Yoo is on the right of the right, at least on the issue of executive authority.

In 13% of cases executive to is used

State practice is not limited either to executive statements or action.

The accuser first brought his allegations to executives at the Sesame Workshop in June, when he was 23.

Senior Committees Senior Committees report to Executive Council and manage the industry issues assigned to them by Executive Council.

Parts of the brain devoted to executive functioning shrivel under persistent stress while those concerned with habit formation increase in size.

Smith and Caughey's in central Auckland backs on to Elliott St and, according to executive director Terry Cornelius, it has definitely had an impact.

In 1991 he was promoted to Executive Editor and in 1994 received the Zimbabwe Editor of the Year award and the MISA Zimbabwe Press Freedom Award in 2012.

I think, frankly, an unelected Commission that doesn't of itself go before public democratic legitimation when it moves from technical to executive functions is a serious problem.

These services range from packages for corporate clients through to executive products and services specifically designed to satisfy the needs of personal, small and medium size enterprises.

In 9% of cases executive by is used

Enter the ACPU The Anti-Corruption Police Unit (ACPU) was created by Executive Order in August 2001.

But there are several MPs in a district and this scheme also broke down for it was not based on law but by executive fiat.

Senior Committees Senior Committees report to Executive Council and manage the industry issues assigned to them by Executive Council.

IBM offers mentoring teleconferences, panel discussions led by executives, and even? speed mentoring? sessions, similar to speed dating.

The evening will commence with an official conference opening by Executive Dean of the Creative Industries Faculty, Professor Rod Wissler.

The National Air Traffic Controllers Association is represented on Secretary LaHood's Federal Advisory Committee by Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert.

Easily find and be found by executive search recruiters, so when the day comes in which you are actively searching for a new role, you're not wasting time trying to get noticed.

The fresh students, numbering about 600, from the Unity and University Halls, were said to have been instigated by executives of the Halls to boycott the programme for unexplained reasons.

In 9% of cases executive for is used

Is this programme only for executives working in Asia? No.

One of them still goes to campus for executive programs and recruitment events.

For Executive Pension Plans the tax relief is given to you through the PAYE system.

It also reduces by 100,000 the salary cap for executives of banks that have received state help, to 500,000 per annum.

However, interactions- in a form of consumer reviews, feedback, ratings, among others- can not be wholly and substantively used for executive decisions.

In 8% of cases executive in is used

Executive officers, in addition, must participate in Executive meetings.

Nor are national level MPs expected to be involved in Executive decision-making at the grassroots level.

Aquino III's directive laid down in Executive Order Number 79 designed to harmonize mining policies and regulations in the country.

Noor recently obtained as a BA in Development Studies at Arusha Tanzania and a Masters in Executive Management development from USIU.

Research by the Center for Creative Leadership has found that the primary causes of derailment in executives involve deficits in emotional competence.

Pressure from shareholders is creating a ' domino effect ', says Mercer, pushing regulators and legislators into faster and deeper involvement in executive remuneration issues.

In 7% of cases executive on is used

The government will also have to impose caps on executives ' bonuses.

So let me take a few moments to give you our position on executive development and succession planning.

In a two-tier system data on non-executives refer to members of the supervisory board and data on executives to members of the executive/management board.

The consultancy, which advises remuneration committees on executive pay issues, has identified it as the single biggest executive remuneration trend in 2012.

Similarly, 79% said it was important that parties elect more young people to senior leadership positions on executive boards and committees whereas 15 % said it was not important.

Last week, in the case of Williams v Commonwealth, the High Court held that the Commonwealth Government could not rely on executive power alone to support the funding of the chaplaincy program.

In 4% of cases executive with is used

He also held symposiums with executive managers of these enterprises to discuss their problems.

We work with some of the best musicians in the world, along with executives from Fortune 500 companies.

Goldman Sachs, along with executives at AT &T; and General Electric, are now putting most of their campaign contributions behind Mitt Romney.

In 3% of cases executive from is used

Relays oral messages and instructions from executives to other staff.

To keep them on board, Jobs eliminated most cash bonuses from executive compensation and started handing out stock options instead.

Instead of being the ultimate guardians of our liberty from executive tyranny, the judiciary is then transformed into principals in the destruction of the very process it was entrusted to protect.

In 2% of cases executive between is used

The most unequal society in the developed world is the US, where the growing disparity is notably sharp between executives and the average worker.

In 1% of cases executive at is used

If you want a shot at Executive Chef at a big time restaurant, you better have something like that on your CV.

So the direct link between electorate and representative, even at executive level doesn't operate in that context.

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