Prepositions used with "doctor"

of, to, by, for or in doctor?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases doctor of is used

Cemeteries are full of doctors ' mistakes.

Awarded an Honorary Degree of Doctorate of Letters (D.

This is, in many ways, the joyous trick of Doctor Who.

Awarded a Degree of Doctor of Social Science, honoris causa by the Yale University, U.

Awarded the degree of Doctor of Social Science, honoris causa by the Yale University, U.

Awarded a Degree of Doctor of Civil Law, Honoris Causa by the University of the South, U.

BELGIUM Awarded the degree of Doctor Honoris Cause by the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium in February, 1998.

I don't know where I picked up some of the stereotypes of doctor's wives I have, but I know where I didn't get them.

You can't construct in the same way, some of the elements that have become fundamental parts of Doctor Who Folklore.

But with such a large number of doctors and hospitals, it has also been a challenge to find the right doctor for me.

In 15% of cases doctor to is used

What has happened to Doctor Who?

You also go along with them and speak to doctor.

We returned to the base to talk to Doctor Stapleton.

I have four more children than I should have been able to have, according to doctors.

Like Aries, you detest sickness and whenever you fall ill, you immediate rush to doctor.

If holes was under and impaired mental state during the shooting but could a notebook he sent to doctor.

Recently, the GMC is reported to be proposing controversial amendments to its guidelines to doctors on ' good patient care.

Carpool with a friend or loved one to doctor's offices, especially if you are undergoing chemo or other treatment for cancer.

They are already being paid heavy salaries by our taxes and earning higher salaries as compared to doctors in other provinces.

She said they are hospital staff and they are to be sent to doctor's room on priority/out of turn as per directions of higher ups.

In 12% of cases doctor by is used

Required by doctor for clinical studies.

I suggest that Vitamins prescribed by Doctor is the best.

The whole city's contruction is a project lead by doctor Nambu.

The infant was only saved from possible brain damage or death by doctors at St Thomas's hospital, London.

But since 2 years, her husband is restricted by Doctor to take Handia as he is suffering from tuberculosis.

Less than half of those who meet diagnostic criteria for psychological disorders are identified by doctors.

The controversy surfaced when Melissa Redmond revealed that she had been mistakenly told by doctors that she had miscarried.

Maybe in future people will track their healthcare through various apps and that data will be accessed through the cloud by doctors.

There's something call BMI, that is what is used by doctors or anyone for that matter to determine what their actual weight should be.

Just as poisonous mercury was once prescribed as a cure by doctors, the vibrator was initially seen as nothing but an antiseptic medical device.

In 11% of cases doctor for is used

I used to work for doctors in the early 1980s.

That is part of everyday work for doctors and toxicologists.

As I said when you had flu, empathy training is good for doctors.

It may happen when patients do not turn for doctor's help and exercise self-treatment.

It should be possible for doctors in a sense to make common sense judgments in these cases.

That's the rule to follow for Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars or any other multi-medium franchise.

Reportable events clinical leader David Sage said the cases demonstrated how important it was for doctors to follow up.

Grania Brigden, TB adviser for Doctors Without Borders, said the report reinforces that MDR- TB is an escalating public health emergency.

She is the go-to person for doctors, physical therapists, students and other teachers who want to know more about using yoga therapeutically.

In 2003, the legislature capped noneconomic damages at $500,000 for doctors and $750,000 for hospitals to reduce medical malpractice expenses.

In 6% of cases doctor in is used

I'd like that hat in Doctor Who '.

Bipolar illness is an important illness in doctors.

In the end, Amy Pond's farewell in Doctor Who (BBC One) was a low-key affair.

They started off well by answering how many episodes Colin Baker had stared in Doctor Who.

This is very boring and, in my humble opinion, one of the most pointless scenes in Doctor Who ever.

But did the family put their faith in doctors, bank managers and counsellors? No, they turned to UCKG instead.

This is one of the reasons why we see many kids in doctors ' families opting medicine and students from families having many engineers opting for engineering course.

The production team may have tried to imitate the same success with Colin Baker's costume, which dramatically backfired and turned out to be one of the most criticized features in Doctor Who history.

In 4% of cases doctor with is used

It is manufactured in accordance with doctors ' recommendations.

At least with Doctor Who, you can airily wave your hand and utter the Doctor's own catch all.

In my opinion, you need to discuss stats with doctor as to what is the recovery chances in such cases.

In what world does my family live on the same street with doctors? They didn't have big fancy houses.

They are constantly working with doctors and striving to improve and do the right things for their illness.

Just be happy the courts aren't as filled up with cases as it should be with doctors making mistakes doing just that.

Many individuals do not feel comfortable to discuss sexually transmitted infections with anybody, not even with doctors.

Effective Healthcare Collaboration with Doctor As you know the diseases that can affect you, consulting your doctor about some specific medication.

Conversely, sometimes doctors are not allowed to be patients, with doctor colleagues finding it difficult to relate to the ill doctor as a patient.

It's difficult to follow, even for someone fairly familiar with Doctor Who, and its colour code sometimes proves more confusing than clarifying, but it is extremely thorough.

In 3% of cases doctor as is used

These machines also afforded more dignity to gentlemen such as doctors and clergymen.

So highly educated professionals, such as doctors and engineers, will continue to face hurdles.

It can also be important to have evidence such as doctor reports, letters from social workers and photos with you as evidence.

In addition, it's high time we saw some confessions from Team Managers and other non-riding staff such as doctors and soigneurs.

Groups, centred around legal offices, also met regularly and included other professionals such as doctors, army officers and squires up from the country on business.

In fairness, there are jobs that actually do require a degree, such as doctors, lawyers, nurses, Certified Public Accountants, engineers, and most teaching positions.

There were many others as well, including the presidents of numerous organizations such as Doctors for Life, Lawyers for Life, a representative of the Pro-Athletes for Life.

According to the research, the numbers of professionals such as doctors, engineers and senior company executives who are leaving the country has risen sharply in the past two decades.

In 3% of cases doctor from is used

One Internet site provides frequently asked medical questions with answers from doctors.

But rumours she may have been using aliases to get prescriptions from doctors were scotched.

Speier puts politicians directly between patients and the care they are seeking from doctors.

I definitely think they have the right to die and should get as much assistance from doctors as possible.

Sagarika Ghose: There has been a lot of criticism of your show on medical malpractices especially from doctors.

Many people go from doctor to doctor and undergo a horrific array of tests and medications before they find out it is Lyme disease.

I understand the discomfort of handling the truth, but it is necessary with politicos for all the same reasons it is demanded from doctors.

Interestingly though Cushing himself didn't consider his Doctor to be outwith of continuity as this quote from Doctor Who Interviews illustrates.

Cher is someday going to turn into Cassandra from Doctor Who, the last Human, nothing but a skin trampoline, and as Rose said, a bitchy one at that.

In 1997 the National Poisons Information Service in England received 597 inquiries from doctors seeking advice about problems related to crowd control.

In 3% of cases doctor on is used

A common trait for the villains on Doctor Who.

There could not be a single official event on Doctor Who.

There were 57,830 assaults on doctors, nurses, paramedics and ambulance crews last year.

For example, if a company is looking for information on doctors including their emails, telephone, location, etc.

There's even speculation Slender Man was an inspiration for a series of creatures on Doctor Who called The Silence.

While this is going on doctors are screaming at the BBC to report it to the masses so everyone can be suitably angry.

With a tall Scotch and Perrier he settled himself deep in the wing chair to study Amelia's paper on Doctor Dee and Edward Kelley: The Skryer's Stone.

Just fyi on doctors and why I do not aspire to become one after hearing what my uncle (who is a specialist doctor) and some career seminar in my JC last time.

Monday, 04 April 2011 Shame on doctors for holding strikes Dear Editor, It is very astonishing to see this unjustified, unwarranted strike by our young doctors.

And as the number of validated interventions has grown, so has the pressure on doctors to remind their patients of all the now-standard advice in the course of a 15-minute office visit.

In 1% of cases doctor like is used

Very few people just like Doctor Who.

If our fundamental paradigm is inaccurate, just like doctors in the 1850s, we are bound to make drastic errors.

Lacking any confidence that they will enjoy solidarity from their colleagues, professionals like doctors buy security from blame.

However whilst you will have those who dislike Doctor Who for whatever reason, I think there is more often than not a common ground to find.

The fact is that a lot of people with AIDS in Africa are modern professionals, people like doctors, engineers, and others in the newly formed African middle class.

And whilst an SF Fan may not like Doctor Who they may like Douglas Adams or Neil Gaiman or Paul Cornell too; but from a different point of view, be it H2G2, Sandman or work for DC/Marvel Comics.

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