Prepositions used with "winner"

of, to, behind, for or like winner?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 51% of cases winner of is used
    Names of winners will also be posted on www.
    See here for proper photos and a full list of winners.
    Here's a list of winners from the 13th Annual Ghana Music Awards.
    A full list of winners can be found below or at **29;5559;TOOLONG.
    Check widget for names of winners) Today I have been quilling since morning.
    It's a means of excluding, of separating people into groups of winners and losers.
    Perhaps fittingly, given that the afternoon had already witnessed a torrent of winners, it ended with an ace.
    The Draws will be carried out through the use of electronic means, thereby ensuring that the selection of winners is made randomly and by a transparent procedure.
    But by buying the index, we are INSISTING on buying the loser(s)!? If STI is all we consider, then surely filtering the loser(s) out leaves us with a bag of winners.

    In 9% of cases winner to is used
    Fernando finished second today and only lost seven points to winner Sebastian Vettel.
    If you're brand new to winners Academy, you might be wondering where to start looking for information.
    The verification process shall include a confirmation of the eligibility of the winners in accordance with the terms and conditions herein prior to award of the prizes to winners.

    In 7% of cases winner behind is used
    The Strathmore men's team were runners up last year in Zambia, behind winners Sharkia of Egypt.
    Nigeria finishing third in the 10th All African Games behind winners South Africa and Egypt, despite hiccups, was a commendable feat for the nation.
    In Newcastle's first season in the Premier League, Kevin Keegan led them to an impressive 3rd place finish behind winners Manchester United and second placed Blackburn Rovers.

    In 7% of cases winner for is used
    No deadline has been set for winners to pay, barely one month to the end of the year.
    It was also a great opportunity for winners of Str8Muzik Freestyle for the last three years battled it out on the same stage and the overall best Disco Jokey and Master of Ceremonies were unveiled.

    In 7% of cases winner like is used
    Americans like winners and dislike losers.

    In 6% of cases winner about is used
    The system was, is and always be about winners and losers.

    In 3% of cases winner as is used
    Thus, we must make a new resolution henceforth to look at everything as winners, not as losers.

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