Prepositions used with "war"

of, to, at, in or for war?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 54% of cases war of is used

Food has its own share of wars.

Secretary of War William Eustis.

That is the ideology of war films.

They often come from countries that have been on the frontline of war and armed conflict.

Prisoners of war or alleged terrorists, foreign and domestic, must be given a fair trial.

James gives us the root of all evil, and even the cause of war: it is greed and jealousy.

This is the campaign of war being drummed in Hargeysa by the secessionists, and we need the world to watch and witness.

In fact, the modestly-priced ticket of Rs 150 also throws open a treasure trove of war history for an eager enthusiast.

My Impressions After A Couple Of Wars I this topic i will be giving my point of view of the Episode 2 Beta War Testing.

These people aren't soldiers, but must live with the reality of war in their homes, on their streets and in their lives.

In 14% of cases war to is used

This is the only solution to war.

Pride of place goes to war veterans.

If we go to war, no one can contain us.

Both recruit for the enemy, and encourage violent young men to go to war against the West.

If we ca n't, it would be best if we could beat them using strategies without going to war.

They would obviously not mention that robots are going to war, it would be done in secret not letting the enemies know.

The United States under Richard Nixon supported Pakistan, and mooted a UN resolution warning India against going to war.

If Somalia and Somaliland do not come to a negotiated settlement, it is more than probable that they may go to war again.

P? keh? women first went to war as nurses -- 35 New Zealand women went to the South African War (1899 -- 1902) as nurses.

In 8% of cases war at is used

The nation might soon be at war.

This state is at war within itself.

The Mexican drug cartels are at war.

The treatment meted out to Pakistan gives the impression that USA is at war with Pakistan.

And at war with their own madness, lying incessantly and coming to believe their own lies.

There is no point to all this, since a country incessantly at war has little use for poets.

The Thunderbirds are back in action next weekend when they take on the Alberta Pandas November 2-3 at War Memorial Gym.

With love and money being the main themes at war with each other, this is a novel that has relevance to every generation.

The ceremonies that are held at war memorials up and down New Zealand, or in places overseas where New Zealanders gather,.

Hitherto there has been a certain proportion between the utmost exertion of a nation at war and the rest of its activities.

In 8% of cases war in is used

Firilio is required reading in war colleges.

Sailors who are lost at sea, or people in war.

He has been in wars with nearly all Kenyan bloggers.

In war conditions munitions factories attempted to recruit large numbers of additional workers.

To the woes of defeat in war were now added those of violent domestic revolution and civil conflict.

He thought it odd that people comparatively so rich (and white) as the Yugoslavs were engaged in war.

In place of the single European power center there now existed three, and in warfare there developed a third dimension.

And when I see the casualness with which some of these folks talk about war, I am reminded of the costs involved in war.

During the Second World War, ANZAC Day became a day on which the lives of all Australians lost in war time were remembered.

I realize they didn't want to toot their own horn and that it was uncomfortable to talk about what they experienced in war.

In 7% of cases war for is used

In times of peace, prepare for war.

I'd advocating no war, no justification for war.

They deserve to be tried for war crimes in the Hague.

He prepared for war against Saladin, but he died on May 15, leaving his 11 year old son as heir.

Now we have Israel effectively demanding we set a date for War, when they themselves won't do it.

This DS says that there are certain elements coming after him for war crimes and he doesn't care.

The United States of America blamed Muslims for the 9/11 incident which was made the reason for war against terrorism.

During the crisis Maori and pakeha both prepared for war, though no one but a few of the most hostile Hauhaus wanted it.

Because the kings are gathered for war in both sections (16:16; 19:19 ), these two sections must refer to the same event.

The problem is that an overemphasis on economic incentives for war can oversimplify the motivations behind modern conflicts.

In 2% of cases war by is used

Another country that has been ravaged by war is Chad4.

War Child believes children should never be affected by war.

This could be accompanied by war with Iran and/or collapse of the US dollar.

I am told that it made war real to them because it speaks about common people changed by war.

The position so carefully retrieved by Li Hung-chang was to be suddenly destroyed by war with Japan.

We work in more than 60 villages with people whose lives have been blighted by war, drought and poverty.

Article 38 War and armed conflicts Governments must do everything they can to protect and care for children affected by war.

Play31's mission is to use the unifying power of football (soccer) to bring together people who have been torn apart by war.

Having worked a lot with War Child more and more rape is being used as a tool of war and children are increasingly affected by war.

WWII was financed in part by war bonds; regular people bought them and the government paid them back with interest after a fixed term.

In 2% of cases war from is used

DISPATCHES FROM WAR It is a cold morning at Tabda.

You have the right to protection and freedom from war.

Practically anyone can recognize and understand PTSD from war, but what Dr.

We have progressed from War on Blacks to War on Latinos to war on Women to War on Gay's.

At the young age of seven, with her family in tow, she immigrated to Australia from war torn Iran.

Troops will be called home from wars that need to be terminated quickly, safely, and effectively.

December 26, 2008 (in this case, it wasn't the opposing party, it was the economic collapse from war spending This makes no sense.

I usually stay away from war dramas too (but would make some exceptions) because of the heavy controversy behind (for obvious reasons).

I belong to the International Group of Battle Guides, there are some 550 world wide of us who have interests ranging from wars that took place B.

VI:13 The druids usually hold aloof from war, and do not pay war-taxes with the rest; they are excused from military service and exempt from all liabilities.

In 1% of cases war about is used

There are two main viewpoints about war play.

Instead, the fighting now is about war pensions.

I'd not talking about war, I know our capabilities.

Every time I watch a video or hear a song about war it brings tears to my eyes.

We can not protest about war crimes against civilians one minute and cheer for sports teams from that state next.

The authors cut through the official static to show the truth about war, torture, and government control of the media.

And when I see the casualness with which some of these folks talk about war, I am reminded of the costs involved in war.

I am sure Pakistani people have been fed on poisonous potions like this about India and about wars with India demonising India.

There are more than 100 videos in my channel about war (I invested my time I should have spent for my studies shedding lights to people like you).

When we think about violence, we often think about conflict, and when we think about conflict, we often think about wars or international disputes.

In 1% of cases war on is used

Liddell Hart wrote several books on War.

Even if it's done on war footing, each page would take three minutes.

Brereton immediately placed MacArthur's only powerful offensive weapon on war alert.

Wars, no problem spending on wars, just a problem by not budgeting for them or paying for them.

The war soon took Littlewood away on war duty but Hardy remained in Cambridge to work with Ramanujan.

It is a groundbreaking meditation on war, memory, imagination, and the redemptive power of storytelling.

Me Wow! I don't believe I read anything in the article which would even hint at the University's stance on war or child abuse.

Pages Tuesday, June 28, 2011 US warns Sri Lanka on war crime charges The above is one of the headlines of The Straits Times today.

His insider Israeli source claims the Shabak, Israel's secret police service, used Flame to spy on war minister Ehud Barak's chief of staff.

I'll leave the environmental arguments out and just focus on war crimes: It was different during the Vietnam era: then the country was deeply split.

In 1% of cases war with is used

In short, the war in Somalia can only end with war.

Obviously, the Republican Party is in love with war.

Here many questions to do with wars found an answer.

With war looming, the Drysdales returned to Australia in June 1939.

This would seem to be to show the Knight as obsessed with war and its appendages, ceremony and pageantry.

Chifley was determined this effort would not leave Australia burdened with war debt as in the first world war.

The intransigent LTTE continued with war and ultimately paid the price with the entire world backing the Sri Lankan Government.

Having worked a lot with War Child more and more rape is being used as a tool of war and children are increasingly affected by war.

With war, civil war and political unrest, many African governments don't have AIDS education and awareness high on their priority list.

Obama has shown that a left wing Democrat can be happy with war abroad and with a growing police state at home, so long as he's in charge of it.

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