Prepositions used with "event"

of, to, at, for or in event?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 65% of cases event of is used

The chain of events began Sept.

A day of events held to celebrate.

In the normal course of events, Ms.

It took a little doing to put on the brakes and be sensible about the whirl of events.

At least that was Nelson's version of events, which appeared in The Times and The Sun.

There are only a handful of events that can accurately be described as world-changing.

Despite, and perhaps because of, the importance of the fixture, the game itself wasn't the most memorable of events.

Board members were kept informed of events throughout the colony by honorary correspondents and regional committees.

Last year, depth buoyed the men's squad, with multiple swimmers frequently winning across a wide spectrum of events.

After more than 30 years at the centre of events, Henry Kissinger has an excuse for being blas about such excursions.

In 8% of cases event to is used

Thanks to events like the Susan G.

I DREAD going out to events or special occasions.

I barely go to events nor have time to write a post.

I didn't wear it that often since then because I wanted to wear it only when I go to events.

Things to consider are hooking to events which are important to node, it would be possible to.

We should know that, as a nation, we're absolutely at the top when it comes to event management.

I couldn't let this latest communique pass without some reference to events that went down in north London last night.

As you know how in many organisations people put out press releases through press officers to respond quickly to events.

These are heavy machines, great for using air power in an industrial setting but a bit heavy for transporting to events.

Having a different full-time job while maintaining two blogs (and going to events and taking photographs) is a tough work.

In 4% of cases event at is used

Tink is available to speak at events, please contact him or dotMailer.

Other than that I love to speak at events and occasionally write poetry.

Individuals are offered Less than 6 courses in a week and instruction at events.

One older boy could articulate the benefit that can flow from parents being at events.

This year he's speaking at events in more than 10 countries from the US to Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Friends can set me up or I can meet people at events, but cyberspace mingling is out of the question.

When was the last time you got an extra 10 minutes of a movie because you watched it at Event Cinemas instead of Reading.

Carroll, who was David Miller's budget chief, is ubiquitous on Twitter, and appears frequently at events all over the city.

The official Olympics site set up live cameras at events, which quickly gathered hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers.

Now I disagree with Mike all of the time at the best of times (and have been doing so for a decade) when we're looking at events.

In 4% of cases event for is used

Check back here for event updates.

Define an event handler method for event BEFOREUSERCOMMAND.

Frequencies for events reported post-marketing are not known.

If you have any suggestions for events, activities and improvements, please let us know.

His track record for events Cayce predicted has held up pretty well as history has shown.

There are people out there that specialize in obtaining sponsorship for events, like nascar and such.

Recently, I was speaking with an acquaintance who is an avid runner and frequently trains for events such as these.

The bar has been opened for events but remains closed like the giant restaurant that seems to seat like 100 people.

Automatically create Placemarks for events in the lives of individuals and view a path following the movements during their lifetime.

Scotland is the perfect stage for events along with the extension of the European Eventing Chfirmionships to our upcoming portfolio;.

In 4% of cases event in is used

All application-specific function codes can then be queried in event USERCOMMAND.

The one thing I would like to see improve in events is a proper grom class, amateur class /open class, pro class.

However, this period of training is considered crucial to success next summer in events such as the Tour de France.

The fatigue happens when your mind is doing things and involved in events that aren't aligned with your own purpose.

Before being knocked out by the same score by Ryan de Vreede in the second, the teenager went down 4-0 to Lewis in event one.

So many themes that have resonated throughout much of modern Irish history had distant echoes in events culminating from the Flight.

Can they access my computer? There were a lot of errors/warnings in Event viewer- did they put these there? Event Viewer is a log of program activity.

Especially considering some of the other demands: that Olympics wines be sportingly Fairtrade, that they not be bottled in glass (given that they would be on sale in event arenas).

Thanks to this similarity in events, as well as the similarity in sequence, I was able to identify the great possibility for significantly higher silver prices, back in October of 2010.

Michelle holds a Master of Management in Event Management from the University of Technology, Sydney and a Bachelor of Business in Human Resources from the Australian Catholic University.

In 4% of cases event on is used

He also has such rough ideas on events.

It is not just poor organisers that lose money on events.

There's my paid work, my family, attending and following up on events.

It may make sense to you now - looking back on events - why your child changed their behaviour.

Spending money on events is BY FAR the best way to scale out your business and get a great ROI.

The Dealership get involved on event day by providing prizes, a BBQ lunch and gift packs for players.

You can also find up to date information on events and movies on our Kids Events On Now and Kids Movies Out Now zones.

We also have up to date information on events and movies in Ireland in our Kids Events On Now and Kids Movies Out Now zones.

Her experiences with the Young Leaders have been rewarding and fun and she has particularly enjoyed working on events and fundraisers.

The site belonged to someone who loved Somalia so much and wanted to keep the world updated on events there from politics to intertainment.

In 4% of cases event with is used

Keep in touch with events, news and special offers.

Both campaigns have active websites to stay up-to-date with events and progress.

You would be better off working with event organisers in having a friendly cruise.

I have always volunteered not only with events in my children's lives but also something wholly local.

It has an effective means of connecting us together with events and reveals emotion as well as feeling.

The Olympic Park is the main focus with events taking place in all the venues used there for the Olympics.

Most language schools have a social calendar with events, such as dinners, day trips or tickets to the city attractions.

On occurrence of any particular trigger, every plugin routine type that is associated with events is executed in sequence.

Straczynski came up with events that showed Moloch at his lowest even though he was at the top of his own criminal empire.

In 3% of cases event about is used

It's a great place to start and find out about events etc.

There are several findings about events of past in the book.

Unreal conditional sentences can be about events that did not happen.

For what it's worth, here are some of the things that bother me about events in Egypt.

Johnson, who lied about events in the Gulf of Tonkin in the summer of 1964 so that he.

It won't be, it will be much more about events on the Park, such as the cycling festival RideLondon.

You may hear talk about events and characters in the book, the author's craft, or personal experiences related to the story.

It's where you'll find news about events and awareness months; ways to get involved with Macmillan and up-to-date campaigning news from Macmillan HQ.

Of course, part of the success of strategies like this depends on having a reasonable level of communication in place so that children tell parents about events as they happen.

This failure may be due in part to the inability of people to make effective intertemporal choices, which are decisions made about events that will occur at different points in the future.

In 3% of cases event by is used

The mirror imagery was sometimes bizarrely reinvigorated by events? and by the way events were reported.

So to end this commentary on Horsey's 5 practice habits, I will *review* the last 4: Plan practice by event.

Nuclear power will also witness some expansion, although prospects have been affected by events in Fukushima.

Otherwise, when some particularly absurd belief is exploded by events, one may simply forget that one ever held it.

Grids in other countries are prone to the same disruptions, triggered by events such as falling trees and generator breakdowns.

Most Irish people still dislike the idea of abortion to the extent that we never confront it until we are obliged by events to do so.

There was always a likelihood that the potentially fascinating England v South Africa Test series would be overshadowed by events off the pitch.

The economic history of the last century demonstrates time and again that supposed orthodoxies were washed away one after the other by event after event.

In 2% of cases event from is used

I been went out for whole day last night from working to event from event to some surprise stuff.

Lots of snippets from event logs where I found bugs, lots of bits &; pieces as well as ' to do ' items.

Stephen Gray has his own take on A History of the Whoniverse, spanning from Event 1 to the End of Time.

Apart from events we have coming up and offers on private hire etc what kind of things could i write about about.

Here, as common to elite icings, and despite being dated, dead-white-men labels still distract (see comments) and hold us at bay from events unadorned.

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