Prepositions used with "ticket"

"of ticket" or "For ticket"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases ticket of is used

Online sales of tickets to print at home 5.

Limited number of tickets are still available.

We're giving away a pair of tickets to each night.

Ends Definitions: Sales revenue is the value of ticket bookings made during the period.

Intuition? Given the number of tickets sold it would be unusual NOT to see this occurrence.

The Dolphins said Thursday they guaranteed the sale of an undisclosed number of tickets required to avert a blackout.

To win a pair of tickets to Stoke v Manchester and FIFA 13 answer the following question: Who scored the wonder goal.

Hope to see you all there! Parents you will all be receiving 2 books of tickets per family for the Autumn Fair raffle.

In 19% of cases ticket For is used

For tickets, see more information.

For tickets, call (414) 273-7206 or go to www.

For ticket information please visit **26;323;TOOLONG.

It was packed to the rafters and the typical last minute scramble for tickets was abound.

Prices are expected to drop after school starts in late August, especially for tickets to Europe.

Passengers these days are paying extortionate prices for tickets to be crammed in to a metal tube.

People wait five to ten years for tickets to the Wagner Opera Festival, but try your luck by turning up on the day.

Five minutes after someone buys an airline ticket, start bombarding them with ads for tickets on every website they go to.

It's the semi finals of the World Cup, a few minutes research, some prior planning and you don't need to fork out 20k a pop for tickets.

There was a huge crowd blocking the entrance and I guess they were people scalping for tickets or trying to plead their case to get inside.

In 11% of cases ticket per is used

Only one additional email address and one transfer is allowed per ticket.

When applicable, AAdvantage charges are applied per ticket not per one-way award.

Cancellation charges of 500 JPMiles per ticket, per passenger (guest) and Transaction Fee of Rs.

However, any change will attract a processing fee of an additional 500 JPMiles per ticket, per passenger/guest.

On the day of the raffle, 100 farmers showed up and paid $50 per ticket, giving Kenny boy $5,000 to put in his pocket.

At USD and Canada, a charge of USD 25/- (at US ticketing offices) and CAD 25/- (at Canada ticketing offices) will be charged per ticket, per passenger, per transaction.

In 7% of cases ticket with is used

With tickets costing only 5, it's a value packed few hours.

They began with ticket draws, but found many other groups in town were doing the same thing.

The full, impressive schedule, along with ticket information, can be found at the Cinema St.

All Metra will have to do is accept Ventra cards for payment, perhaps with ticket machines at each station.

The final hurrah is locked in for Saturday February 2 at the Sydney Showground, with tickets for the big show about to go on sale.

Somehow they must ensure that the fans with tickets can gain entry to the ground and those without are controlled but not subjugated.

Dreamworld is ok, and Movieworld etc, you've done Disney so it's never going to quite live up (that's why we've not bothered with tickets for a while).

The other thing to look at is the cost of a monthly pass in terms of single trip tickets? A regular Ottawa pass costs 37 single trips, if paid for with tickets.

I'd pretty sure it's not just me whose indifference has turned to Olympic obsession and I'd feeling rather jealous of people with tickets and tweeting from the venues.

In 5% of cases ticket by is used

Admission is strictly by ticket only.

Entry is by ticket only so you'll have to be quick.

Entry to the Eden Project and the event will be free during the evening but by ticket only.

Yet I believe half the problem with fare evasion is the stigma created by ticket inspectors.

The film industry is not benefitted by tickets purchased in black, and you end up paying more.

The payment, by ticket for a modesty vest (the inset used by ladies wearing v-necked dresses and blouses) was 11/-.

This church has for decades been in the forefront of bringing classical music to the masses- free lunch-time concerts and evening performances of chamber music (admission by ticket).

In 5% of cases ticket on is used

AECT members receive discounts on tickets and participation fees.

Spend the $US80 on tickets to a baseball game, or a puzzle, or college tuition.

There is little room for manoeuvre on ticket prices; so it is essential that we find a solution to get more people to games.

How much importance do you put on ticket sales versus recorded music sales? I think my music's strong, otherwise I wouldn't put it out.

In 4% of cases ticket to is used

Why should he come to ticket counter? There was no news of he being in Lanka too.

For example, if somebody on your committee enjoys working with money, task them to ticket sales.

Choosing where to buy tickets Back to ticket buying, I'll assume that you are based in Singapore.

Thus, MPD is reluctant to ticket motorists when the agency adjudicating the tickets has deemed such a ticket invalid.

To put an end to ticketing woes, ministry of railways has planned to increase the capacity of its ticket booking website.

In my view its quite obvious you can't camp on a street for 20 weeks!, the council had every right to ticket her and when she didn't pay, they reposesed the only thing she owned.

In 3% of cases ticket from is used

Revenue from ticket sales at Leicester's Curve totalled 2.

Most of the money comes from ticket sales and traders but they would love sponsorship of some sort.

Tickets available from Tickets Oxford January 9: Workshop on The Mathematical Legacy of Alan Turing.

In 3% of cases ticket in is used

In Salman's view, with the increasing number of theatres and the rise in ticket prices, Rs.

In 2% of cases ticket about is used

We feel no bad thing about ticket prices.

Nonsense, has every Wexford man 4 kids and an inability to make a sandwhich? Youo'd get sick of hearing about ticket prices and fuel etc.

Originally posted by ollscoil: Nonsense, has every Wexford man 4 kids and an inability to make a sandwhich? Youo'd get sick of hearing about ticket prices and fuel etc.

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