Prepositions used with "thread"

"of thread", "in thread" or "with thread"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases thread of is used

Yes, stereotypes are the main problem of this kind of thread.

Lisa--pieces of yarn and pieces of thread, yes, but I've been missing the hair.

Sorry for the swearing but I am heartily and totally sick of threads like this.

I have looked through 100's of threads on helping me out and finding fixing all to no avail yet.

At Skeptical Science, thousands of threads exist dealing with virtually everything to do with climate science.

Men's Sherwani is accessible in several lighter additionally as darker color tones self-praise of nice presence of thread and Zari work.

I have found two shuttles I like very much, but never use - I have many from LaCossette! - a couple of thread samples, a few findings and Bob's your uncle.

There are a lot of threads here about finding dive buddies, but local dive clubs, internet forums (like here! ), and dive shop referrals are three ways to do it.

In 13% of cases thread in is used

He wasn't content to rant pseudonymously and vent in threads.

Very good outline by Nick Thornsby, and some well considered comments in thread.

SITE NEWS We've added a selection of scroll type icons for use in thread creation to add a bit of style to your threads, we've also added a few rank icons which can be used by using the.

In 11% of cases thread with is used

It is usually tied with threads and played by a Puppeteer.

I used a small L shaped cup-hook with threads designed to screw into wood.

If you like straightforward beats with threads of variation alongside, give this a try.

The wind was so strong that a perfectly green shrub was now just a shrub with thread like wood pieces stuck to form one big.

Naturally, with thread name like the one you chose, its bound to happen, people assuming that you are bragging about tactic/results using the best team in the world.

In 9% of cases thread on is used

It's not just on threads you start though is it? It's on ones you've posted on as well I think.

Given the amount of time, passion and dedication they put into reading and commenting on threads about the club.

Petrina: 18 Jun 2011 8:44:10pm (( Bridesmaids) ) 8 I don't usually make comments on threads like this, but I have to say after years of watching ' at the movies '.

In 7% of cases thread to is used

How should we respond to threads trying to stir things all the time.

Keep the ' we hate Bankers and the Government ' to threads that actually relate.

As many newbies of this site have problems in starting threads and replying to threads (as i heard from them ), I thought of adding a tutorial.

In 5% of cases thread by is used

The sections can then be held together by thread at their fourth edge.

Connections to our past that had been heedlessly severed needed to be rewoven, thread by thread, stronger than ever before.

In 5% of cases thread into is used

The longer the fibers, the more durable and smooth the cotton becomes when it's twisted into thread and woven.

So one thing Branch does is separates those 40-50 conversations into threads of their own, giving them the space that they deserve.

Raw material for linen sheets is derived from the flax plant, making it harder to spin into threads, thus linen sheets are typically more expensive than cotton ones.

Raw material for linen sheets is derived from the flax plant, making it harder to spin into threads, thus linen sheets are typically more expensive than cotton ones.

In 4% of cases thread about is used

Random discussions about thread on the floor and a quilt in the hoop are good things.

In 4% of cases thread from is used

Man made fibre textile Mulberry Bag Outlet can be a real textile which in turn is constructed from threads in fact it is unique with the man made fibre caterpillars.

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