Prepositions used with "therapy"

"of therapy" or "to therapy"?

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In 44% of cases therapy of is used

Tip #8: Do not shop as a form of therapy.

At the very least, it's a form of therapy.

Shelby introduced a new form of therapy earlier today.

This can include; dual diagnosis, detox, EEG biofeedback among other forms of therapies.

These may include; dual diagnosis, detox, EEG biofeedback among other forms of therapies.

Regular dietary counselling should be the first line of therapy for newly diagnosed diabetics.

This process encompasses everything from the simple improvement of communication to the implementation of therapies.

What do you understand by all of this? You become a source of therapy for her, you provide her with answers to her problems.

This type of therapy is highly acknowledged like a hair beauty revival because it makes your hair healthier, livelier and stronger.

But I can say that my thoughts are that the goal of therapy is to gradually help a person cope better and differently with these things.

In 18% of cases therapy to is used

Especially pleased with the non-medical approach to therapy.

Should I go to therapy with him or is it just more wasted time.

Just because someone goes to therapy doesn't mean they plan to change.

Flush indeed! How about when he wants us to go to therapy and work things out.

If you are responding to therapy after one year, you can have your implant replaced to continue treatment.

The problem is that if you both go to therapy and there IS change, neither of you will want the other because.

The discontinuation of therapy with ACEIs and supportive management are the recommended approaches to therapy and to prevent unfavourable outcomes.

At time of the last evaluation, 5 patients in the 2-week treatment group had no apparent response to therapy, compared with none in the 4-week group (P =.

After Transfer Factor therapy, 134 patient with various ocular herpes infections had only one-third of the number of recurrences as they did prior to therapy.

Often by the time a person has come to therapy the stories they have for themselves and their lives become completely dominated by problems that work to oppress them.

In 16% of cases therapy in is used

And you couldn't process this stuff in therapy groups either.

In therapy they showed me how to lift myself and dress myself.

It is usually this misery that we are trying to work with in therapy.

I then found out that he had been continuing to cheat the ENTIRE time we were in therapy.

So why couldn't I allow this to happen? In therapy today I was brave enough to ask about it.

Their experience dictates that the description of details of a trauma comes much later in therapy.

It appears evident that training and practice in therapy should probably precede training in the field of diagnosis.

The woman who had been in therapy for a long time, experienced immediate relief, being able to put her feet in water for the first time with ease.

I'd say it could take upwards of a year and that is if they are doing active work in therapy and really making an effort because they WANT to change.

I have never seen an adult in therapy who said that they were irrevocably damaged due to a mother who fumbled her words when talking about something hard.

In 9% of cases therapy for is used

The PITAHC will train the locals on therapeutic massage and the use of herbs for therapy.

If you are looking for therapy, I would look into mindfulness, yoga and simple meditation.

Thereafter if the person is a candidate for therapy, it is usually a 6 to 12 months long treatment costing around Rs 2.

The children in her class who have been trained to accept or see the need for therapy are not being made strong, but sick.

Where do shopaholics go for therapy The Magnificent Mile Shopping Festival 2012 will celebrate the amazing retail offerings of Chicago's iconic Magnificent Mile.

But we have not known or recognized that in most if not all individuals there exist growth forces, tendencies toward self-actualization, which may act as the sole motivation for therapy.

Delivery systems Two other points worth considering at this stage are testosterone delivery systems and the clinical criteria now applied when assessing a potential candidate for therapy.

In 3% of cases therapy after is used

So a better strategy may be to have people take a nap after therapy.

Good luck either way, whatever you choose after therapy, you gain! I agree.

Previous research has shown that when people are deprived of REM sleep, they are unable to form fear extinction memories after therapy.

In 3% of cases therapy on is used

He said: ' The money I spent on therapy was the best couple of grand I've ever spent.

In 3% of cases therapy without is used

Mild hyperthyroidism is usually monitored closely without therapy as long as both the mother and the fetus are not symptomatic.

In 2% of cases therapy by is used

Many people are helped by therapy and/or antidepressant medication.

In 2% of cases therapy into is used

Please let me walk into therapy one day and see Morgan Matthews II waiting there to advise me.

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