Prepositions used with "terror"

"of terror" or "on terror"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases terror of is used

Thus ended a reign of terror in the village.

Especially as members of terror organisations.

Cries of terror mingled with the sound of firing.

The new law and order measures are aimed at bringing such purveyors of terror to heel.

Terrorism and the possiblity of terrorist attacks have become a fact of everyday life.

By 1794 the French Revolution was in its ' Reign of Terror ' phase, during which over 16,000 people were guillotined.

To uproot the scourge of terrorism, solution lies in doing away with fundamental problems upon which Darwinism stands.

Suddenly down he dropped: she heard the hiss of his wing, Fled with a scream of terror: oh, would she had dared to rest.

Usually my children stand just behind my back when this happens, or they aren't far off and the moment of terror passes.

In 32% of cases terror on is used

Then, add the ' war on terror '.

It is because there is no such a thing as war on terror.

The 9/11 attacks, and the War on Terror changed all that.

No, what I am arguing against is the collateral damage that arises from the?? War on Terror??

As Washington ramped up its declared war on terror, the spy drones were dispatched worldwide.

It reinforces the belief among Muslims that the Global War on Terror really is a war against them.

So I would stop the War on Terror, and I would start making peace with the peoples of the planet by trying to understand them.

By treating Al Qaida as warriors rather than criminals the War on Terror has reprogrammed our mindset from trusting to fearful.

And it indicates the unwillingness of our administration to think strategically about other countries beyond the war on terror.

This is surely going to affect the war on terror particularly when the Pakistani people received the goodwill gesture from the U.

In 9% of cases terror in is used

Direct involvement in terror operations by U.

The atheist screamed in terror, turned and ran.

Lucia cried out in terror, calling upon Our Lady.

The good news is that Americans no longer need to live in terror of welfare dependency.

People lived in terror that some neighbour or co-worker would denounce them to the NKVD.

Mo screams in terror as angels in horrifying forms approach him carrying large iron nails and hammers.

Nothing that I remember in my life equalled it in terror and uselessness, except the incident recorded in The Jackdaw of Rheims.

And he flung himself down on the ground in a lonesome spot, and wept and groaned in terror, for the time was coming fast when he must die.

In a show conducted in Glasgow in 1818, the corpse of a man hung for murder suddenly sat up, causing members of the audience to flee in terror.

Salil Desai, in fact, choose to describe all authors as pathologically terrified creatures who live in terror of failure at each stage of the creation of the book.

In 5% of cases terror against is used

The War Against Terror continues.

A general war has been proclaimed against terrorism.

If anything, the War against Terror was a very belated response.

The tragedy, however, is that the state is too weak to defend its citizens against terrorism.

No Arab groups popped up on college campuses calling for solidarity with Jews against terror.

Due to war against terror and floods, Pakistan is already facing problems in all crucial areas of development.

By joining the war against terror and negotiating certain agreements with USA, Pakistan has been given reprieve from both types of sanctions.

Your extreme comments about the Government next linking group sex involving rugby players to the war against terror is a common attack in arguments.

Keeping in view the recommendations, Pakistan is no more strategic partner to NATO or US and is out of the frontline alliance of US in the so called war against terror.

This summer, the UN lashed out against US drone policy, and asked Washington to clarify the legal basis for drone strikes against terror suspects rather than trying to capture them.

In 4% of cases terror with is used

Ione sank upon the couch, half dead with terror.

We looked at the driver with terror and awe at what had just happened.

The west is quite acquainted with terrors practiced by Muslims since the fall of Constantinople.

The enemy, struck with terror, fled away from the field but suddenly an accident drew their attention.

Soon after spreading this dreadful rumor the Muslims became struck with terror and drew swords among themselves.

Guerrillas who comply with the rules of warfare have nothing in common with terrorists: they are simply irregular troops.

We love you CFK keep up the good work, ignore the english CIA and mi6 terrorists, label all the nations with terror networks as terrorists.

That? s probably where the two women are most important Like all horror flicks, House is concerned with terror, but the lead-up to the fright fest is longer than usual.

Some scholars appear to have a complacent and sometimes enthusiastic view of the necessity or legitimacy of countering terrorism with terror? a matter discussed further below.

That is why in the international media the word Pakistan has lately become synonymous with terror and lawlessness where the state is incompetent and unable to deal with its problems.

In 3% of cases terror to is used

His reference to terror in his speech was vague.

The League of the Righteous returned to terror activities shortly after the hostage exchange.

Western intelligence officials subsequently linked Rahman to terrorist cells operating out of southern Bangladesh.

Having cornered in the political arena like a wounded tiger, the JVP had to operate as an underground organization and resort to terror.

Concerns over this possibility are plausible given that radioactive substances have proven accessible to terror groups operating within the country.

Those in Asia and Africa still require social security to live in the future whereas developed countries do more for their citizens; thirdly, Islam is not related to terrorism.

In 2% of cases terror for is used

Who deosnt know Islam advocates for terror.

That spreads terror in the civilian population But the VOTED for Terror when they voted Hamas.

I think that in public spaces that are paid for by the public and clearly key potential targets for terror groups, CCTV has its uses and it is pretty silly to get oxidised about it.

He is accepting that hatred is a more powerful ideological and psychological impulse than love and therefore it is entirely possible for a revolution to regress into support for terror.

In 1% of cases terror by is used

I have been helped by terror (in the hearts of enemies).

That means the people were ruled by terror and coercion to conform.

In 1% of cases terror from is used

From mounting an assault on a global menace, the West now wants to merely safeguard itself from terror attacks.

The great man who rid this country from terror had suffered and still suffering under this regime due to her distorted story.

The concrete head was created by Erez Israeli to demonstrate bereavement resulting from terror, wars of survival, religious battles and extreme nationalism.

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